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Let this profile and all of us be under the protection of beings of Light and Divine love.

Shall the Nata Raja who dances life and its creation guide us towards a new world of love, joy, peace and rediscovered harmony. 


Happy Holidays from Yule! Happy solar new year to all!

In serenity, confidence, faith in this new solar cycle, reinforced by the new Moon and the exponential spiral of new human emotional energies.

We are only at the beginning of the new world and the new Abundance: of love, of joy, of peace, of gratitude, of sharing, of harmony with our Mother-Earth and our brothers and sisters of the other kingdoms of the Living, of tolerance, of universal spiritual communion, of balance, of perfect physical and psychic health regained, of healing of our transgenerational and community karmic memories, of money and sober and happy growth, of sublimation of human capacities and Intelligences Extraordinary natural sciences, integrative medicine, science in consciousness….

The turbulence will be all the stronger and more destabilizing if we are not prepared, if we accept to deny our values ​​and what unites us, if we refuse to change, to make room, to leave our comfort zones. respective roles, to regenerate ourselves, to abandon what no longer needs to be, what is dissonant, discordant, what has an impact on the natural balances inside us and above all on the natural ecosystems.

A great solar year begins.

Millions of human beings everywhere are awakening from a long amnesia, every day, and through the darkness, find the path to their divine spark and the Path to the Rebirth of their magical powers.

Glory and thank you to all the Lightworkers who awaken and open awareness. And to the Ascended Masters who accompany us.

Glory, strength and honor to you, because as this beautiful song of the native american traditions say :

" we are the ones we were waiting for", we are all those we need to move forward.

We have decided to embrace this exciting time of challenge and regeneration, so let's do the right thing.

Let us bring our emotional energies, our forces of attention and intention to the construction of the new world, use our free will with the right discernment, strengthen ourselves thanks to the principles of the law of hormesis and positive epigenetics , in consciousness. Let's learn to use the powers of water, vibrations and our inner fire.

thank you


Sat nam.

Aum Namah Shivaya

Aum Svaha Shivaya

Aum Amon Ra Namah

+++++++++++ ​ 

Olivier 22 rue de la Folie Mericourt - 75011 PARIS

Metro Saint-Ambroise

tel +33-613992283 ​

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I hope you're doing well.

Everyone is welcome, Whatever your age, gender, physical appearance, sexuality, origin, spirituality, ​


Aur is a Welsh word, one of the languages ​​closest to ancient Celtic culture, which I feel particularly close to.

It means gold, the universal Divine Light to which healers and alchemists have referred since ancient Egypt, under different names: "Christic" energy, sacred crystalline Light of Love, QI in China, Prana in Ayurveda...


It also corresponds to our divine spark, our higher Self, "buried "in all of us. ​

This ability to penetrate and diffuse this Light, to awaken our Divine spark is one of the main keys to well-being, to eliminate crystallizations that block the physical body and psychorigidities and make us reborn to our true identity.

Humanity is now collectively going through the first spiritual and energetic alchemical phase the nigredo.


Massages, energy treatments, anchoring, channeling, meditations, prayers contribute to this regeneration and luminous reintegration. ​


Give yourself a moment of well-being, relaxation, reduction of your muscular tensions and areas of energy blockages, sharing of magnetism. Come and recharge your batteries, unblock, soothe, harmonize and strengthen your vital energy, increase your vibrational level, open and align your chakras, stimulate your immune system and your protective energy shield of the aura and the Ka (astral body), awaken your " sacred energy of the dragon/kundalini". ​


Let's meet up!

I also travel sometimes, in Paris, with a supplement depending on the address and the time.


However, I invite you to come and discover and enjoy the colorful and high vibrational bubble, which I have built in my home: vibrant chakric or Feng Shui / Loshu colors, solar and protection spiritual symbols, runes, incense and palo santo wood, natural moisturizing and antioxidant cold and hot massage oil based on grape seeds, numerous essential oils, soothing mantras, vibrational stimulating music - Tibetan bowls - bijas mantras -, soothing and exotic shamanic music. ​

In this video on you tube, recorded in April 2022, you will discover my apartment and its many energetic references -Feng Shui, sacred geometry, runes, flowers of life-, and spiritual ones:
and about changes made in september 2022


You will find later on this page even more details on each protocol ​




1 AYURVEDA-TUINA- table MASSAGE (50eur.) hot grapeseed oil ​


It allows to reduce muscle contractures, to relax, to unblock energies, to replace energies of tension with new energies, to awaken and stimulate the chakras, thanks to the golden energy visualized and the magnetism transmitted ​


2 AYURVEDA-TUINA-TANTRA MASSAGE on bed (70 eur.) hot grapeseed oil ​


It helps to reduce muscle contractures, relax, unblock energies, replace energies of tension with new energies, awaken and stimulate the chakras, awaken kundalini, thanks to the golden energy visualized and the magnetism transmitted.


The heat of the body in body contact and the bodies intertwined in a benevolent way, during the second half of the massage, promote powerful energy and magnetic transfers.

We have at least 7 main chakras, secondary chakras, marma points and reflex zones, which are vital to unblock, cleanse, align and re-energize.


By remaining blocked in the 1st and sometimes the 2nd chakra, in particular in men, the vital energy does not irrigate very little the solar plexus - connected to the energy shield of the aura, to emotional management, in parallel to the chakra from the heart-, the throat chakra -essential for communication, expression; the 3rd eye -essential for receiving good intuitions and guidance, communicating with one's guides-, and finally the crown chakra which receives cosmic energies.

​ I specify that I practice tantrism with ethics and therefore without any act that involves touching the genital and sexual areas. Apart from a few quick pressures of the perineum, in a benevolent and external way, because of its link with the root chakra.


I also practice naturism, only for Ayurveda-tantra massage, and only when the massaged person also wishes, with the same ethics, with the sole aim of letting go and bodily freedom, without any sexual connotation. ​

3 MASSAGE of "AFRICAN-HAWAIAN" tradition with warm grapeseed oil and SHEA BUTTER


which melts thanks to HEATED STONES in basalt (50eur). ​ Shea butter is renowned for its moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components.

The application and gentle pressure with volcanic stone pebbles on sensitive or painful areas promote relaxation of muscle contractures. ​




4 FEET REFLEXOLOGY (25 eur. for 30 minutes)

7000 nerve endings have been highlighted at the level of the feet and 200 different reflex points which allow, thanks to the touch, the pressures and dispersions of acupressure and reflexology, to drain toxins from a distance, to reactivate, re-energize, nervous energy and vital energy, as well as accelerating blood flow.


The beneficial molecules of essential oils are also diffused in a few minutes to the whole body. It is one of the techniques of T.C.M. Fastest and most effective traditional Chinese medicine.


5 Chinese CUPPING :  on the back on the Shu acupuncture points along the spine (45 eur.). ​


6 SHEN ZEN TCHONG MO treatment - SHEN School Paris.

The deepest, most powerful of my practices, its effects are much more lasting than those of the other services: I realize it on myself in self-care once a year, as a preventive measure.


It is taken from the M.T.C. : Traditional Chinese Medicine and designed to create the conditions for a rebalancing of the most disturbed or depressive psychic and emotional states and to strengthen the energy shield of the aura.


Based on the "wonderful" Tchong mo meridian, the body's energy conductor, the stimulation of around thirty acupuncture points by friction and digitopuncture; as well as by the stimulation by heat of moxas in dried and compacted artemisia, of 6 acupuncture points including the first 3 chakras.

Price:40 euros. per session. The protocol consists of 3 sessions over 21 days.


​ +++++++++++ ​


+++++++++++ ​

For all massages and treatments, I use organic grapeseed oil: It is neutral in terms of smell, contains essential fatty acids, a polyphenol, resveratrol and twice as much vitamin E as olive oil: antioxidants with many properties, anti-inflammatory, preventive of cardiovascular disorders. This oil also relieves varicose veins, promotes dermal healing, reduces skin aging, acne, blood cholesterol levels and sebum production. It would also have protective properties against air toxins and makes hair more resistant, hydrated and repaired. ​


7 a DRY BRUSHING of about 5 minutes on the whole body is possible, before all massages and treatments (5 eur. ). It opens the pores of the skin and promotes the natural elimination of toxins through the skin and the body's emunctories. ​


8 FOOT BATH/TREATMENT of one hour with BAKING SODA, according to the naturopathic protocol of healer Luc Bodin to allow a powerful detoxification of the body. It will be accompanied by dry brushing, a massage of the skull, cervical, shoulders (50 eur. in total) with baking soda or green clay. Baking soda is also a natural exfoliant particularly suitable for combination and oily skin.

9 FACE AND/OR BACK SCRUB with Cattier green clay or baking soda (30 eur for approximately 30 minutes). Green clay absorbs impurities, toxins, excess sebum, soothes and repairs the skin, promotes cell renewal. It has a draining and cleansing action. For dry or weakened skin, you can proceed to a nourishing scrub with green clay and grape seed oil. ​ +++++++++++


10 SOPHROLOGY session (40 eur. 1H) ​


11 Session as MAGNETIZER (25 eur. per 30 minutes) ​


21 WELLNESS COACHING session (40 eur.): ​ It will allow me to share with you, according to your needs, my knowledge and experiments in anchoring, energy channels, Tibetan breaths, guided meditation, kundalini awakening, balancing and stimulation of the chakras, strengthening of the aura, of the Ka (astral body), nutrition, purges, fasts, aromatherapy, detox of gallbladder and liver stones according to the Andreas Moritz protocol, naturopathic regeneration, recovery from depressive states and addictions...

+++++++++++ ​

My performances draw on my many years of professional experiences and personal self-experimentation, since 2012, and in particular since my process of realignment, regeneration and complete spiritual awakening since 2019.


To the lessons learned from my training, to the powers of vibrational energies, as much human, natural and telluric, as spiritual and mental, of faith and self-confidence, to the extraordinary bodily, energetic and cognitive capacities, which all humans have, and which only ask to be awakened, channeled and stimulated, in a benevolent and constructive way.


Today, I am happy to share the guidance and knowledge that have allowed me to move forward on my path of transformation and to accompany, in turn, those who wish. ​


These services in no way replace the professional practice of doctors and physiotherapists, but everyone is free to come and experience them in turn, to draw inspiration from them, to apply them according to their free will and according to what resonates with them. more in him/her, according to his/her personal needs and journey.​


We are much stronger and more powerful than we think.

Provided you have an open mind, listen, accept change and persevere. According to the universal laws of cause and effect, vibrational sciences, homeostasis and hormesis. We can even perform wonders on "genetic" and transgenerational disorders, thanks in particular to epigenetics, applied "on the spot".


​ As many therapists and healers explain, today, the priority is to emerge from the top of the current crises, to share, to restore the sense of community, to strengthen solidarity and spiritual connections and to increase one's vibrational level! Finally apply epigenetics in a positive way. ​ I structured my profiles, site, youtube channel and tik tok, blog with this in mind of sharing and exchange.

On the site, you have access to more than 20 headings; on the channels, to dozens of videos and publications in free access: energy, epigenetics, a file for each of the 8 main chakras and kundalini, anchoring, shamanism of fire and water, liver detox, nutrition, food supplements, 6 files with more than 200 medicinal plants, spirituality, philosophy, sleep, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory natural care... ​




I am based, at 22 rue de la Folie Méricourt, metro saint-Ambroise, Paris 11°, metro Saint Ambroise, Richard lenoir or Parmentier, in the old buildings of one of the first private care centers in Paris, built by Nicolas de Blegny in 1687, an atypical doctor, journalist, who treated here with plants grown in the neighboring gardens, in the hamlet of Popincourt at the time. Among other things, he also participated in the distribution of quinine in France.

In this other youtube video, and article on my blog, I explain my protocol for grounding, channeling telluric and celestial energies, stimulation of the aura, the chakras, the astral body the ka and the subtle bodies, kundalini awakening.​ It is powerful and is getting stronger every day. When the chakras are open, aligned, cleansed, vibrate at the right frequency, the sacred gold energy also allows the awakening and gradual elevation of Kundalini, the opening of the third eye and the reception of good intuitions and guidance. ​ ​


It is particularly adapted to the current period, where it is vital to anchor oneself, to strengthen one's immune system, magnetism and vibration level to no longer be affected and to "surf" on external turbulence and hazards. It is based on the aor, which I mentioned at the beginning. You can find all the details for each protocol below.

thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you very soon.

+++++++++++ ​

My trainings:

-2012: Shen Paris School - Chinese energy: Tuina, plantar reflexology, suction cups, moxibustion, acupressure. .

-2017: at the APMA initiation to Ayurvedic massage.

-2019- initiation in geobiology and dowsing

-2020: hygienist naturopathy. nutrition, physiology, homeostasis, hormesis, detox

-2021-2022: sophrology. chakras. Magnetism (Olivier Madelrieux- Caroline Bright - Tibetan breaths- ​ +++++++++++


THE PROTOCOLS Further information

+++++++++++ ​







Duration: up to 1h30-Price: 50 euros per hour

Tuina is a technique derived from M.T.C. It quickly reduces muscle tension. This massage is basic in its positions but very complete and effective. I use tuina and acupressure to remove contractures, Ayurvedic and shamanic techniques to drive out bad energies and visualizations to replace them with gold energy, to awaken and harmonize the chakras, rebalance the body and circulate energy at best. I also include some basic foot reflexology manipulations. ​ I have a rather strong pressure, in depth. But I can adapt it on request. I end with a stimulation of the 3 upper chakras and a forehead massage to soothe the mind, chase away negative energies and limiting thoughts and replace them with benevolent energies. ​ 





Duration: up to 3 hours. Price: 70 euros per hour. ​


Tantrism is a multi-millennial energy and spiritual approach, a path of transformation that goes through the body, the 5 senses, with the ultimate goal of sublimating and circulating in all the chakras, in the physical and subtle bodies, in the energy shield. of the aura of vital energy, to create the conditions necessary for the release of the sacred YIN-Kundalini energy, which we all have within us, and for its rise, naturally, gently, so that it can irrigate with more power, up to the highest chakras. ​


Hindu spirituality and the Tao explain that harmony is achieved when Yang, the masculine Shiva energy, conscious, pacified and inactive, in welcoming, balances itself through the creative action of Yin, the feminine energy. Shakti which activates and must take the upper hand slightly, in a benevolent way. ​


It is therefore a much purer set of practices than most people think, based on respect, patience, benevolence, and for men in particular, restraint with regard to sexual reflexes and instincts, transcendence of physical desire. ​


My tantra massage is a mixture of enveloping relaxation, naturist or not according to your wish, of intuitive intimate sensory communion, on bed, which aims at the same time, to reduce muscular tensions, to unblock vital energy, to strengthen the aura , thanks to touch, friction, but also to transfer thanks to benevolent bodily contact, magnetism and the cosmo-telluric energies, to which I connect during my anchoring-channeling protocol and which I ask my guides to radiate. ​


This Tantra-Tuina has 4 original positions: on the side, on the 2 sides, then during the 3° and 4° position, in "body/contact", one above then one in front of the other.

To better understand the functioning of the human body, chakras, nadis, meridians, and Kundalini, also called dragon energy, I invite you to read this pdf book by Serge-Reiver Nazare: ​ He describes the tantric principle very well on page 80 with 2 possibilities:

either stimulates the sacral chakra and pushes the energy upwards, or, preferably, stimulates the solar chakra so that it attracts the energy of the chakras to itself. lower.


In most humans, Kundalini remains sealed, the energy accumulates below the 1st chakra, with temporary inroads into the sacral chakra. ​By remaining blocked in the 1st and sometimes the 2nd chakra, in particular in men, the vital energy does not irrigate very little the solar plexus - connected to the energy shield of the aura, to emotional management, in parallel to the chakra from the heart-, the throat chakra -essential for communication, expression; the 3rd eye -essential for receiving good intuitions and guidance, communicating with one's guides-, and finally the crown chakra which receives cosmic energies.

3 Traditional "AFRICAN-HAWAIAN" MASSAGE with warm grapeseed oil and SHEA BUTTER that melts thanks to HEATED STONES in basalt (50 eur). ​ The polished stones, of different sizes, allow deep relaxation and stimulate, by their heat, certain areas connected to acupuncture points and chakras. They are associated with unrefined organic shea butter which melts with the heat of the stones, to reinforce the feelings of well-being. Shea butter, obtained from the almonds of this tree in equatorial Africa, is renowned for its moisturizing, skin softening (allantoin), anti-inflammatory (eczema, psoriasis), antioxidant properties, its high vitamin C and E content. ​




 +++++++++++ ​



It is also one of the most effective Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques because the intervention on the feet (called in TCM a reflex zone) acts positively on the whole body, thanks to the energy networks (meridians) and the network of nervous ramifications. It provides rapid relief of tension and energy rebalancing. You can end the one-hour session with a massage of the skull, back for example. PRICE 25 euros for approximately 30 minutes.

+++++++++++ ​ '


5 CHINESE CUPPING BACK: An ancestral thermotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, very powerful, which uses Shu acupuncture points to unblock energies, decongest the blood system and reduce tension. It is particularly suitable for throbbing and old pains. 45 euros for 1 hour.

​ +++++++++++

+++++++++++ ​



It is the most powerful and protective energy practice I have mastered.

Still little known in the West, moxibustion has been used by Chinese healers for millennia.


It acts on the TCHONG-MO meridian which is considered as the conductor of the energy body, "the Sea of ​​the five viscera, the six entrails and the twelve meridians" because it branches out in many places. It has its source in the kidney and is also connected to the stomach (food and especially emotional digestion) and diffuses its QI (energy) throughout the body at the level of protective energy, especially in the abdomen and chest. ​


Guy Monjo: "This treatment acts on the body of course, but also on the endorphins, which manage the illusion, the hope, the projection in the future, which allows to exist well and to see the tomorrows with better prospects, with more hope and comfort.


The TchongMo manages and conveys ancestral energy, it consolidates Yin and Yang; controls the circulation and the energy of the blood throughout the body and on the psychological, energetic, psychosomatic or even spiritual planes. ​ I intervene on about thirty powerful acupuncture points, often trigger points of meridian energy, or at the intersection of several meridians, and I use two thermal techniques, moxibustion: close contact of certain acupuncture points and chakras, about 2cm away, with moxas = incandescent mugwort sticks and digitopuncture (quick rubbing and manual pressure). Mugwort, artemisia, is an ancestral medicinal plant in China with many medicinal properties.


This practice will strengthen your immune system, your vital energy and vibrational level, your psyche and your "WEI" energy - protective - of the body. It will consolidate your aura, confidence in yourself and in the future, your libido. ​ As shamans explain, the energy of the sun is vital for humans. It is the most powerful energy on Earth along with human etheric emotional energy.


A state of fatigue or illness is, in fact, often indicative of a lack of solar energy and it is advisable to tone the organism by re-entering the energy of the fire in the kidneys and the belly. ​

The protocol was designed, registered and tested for 30 years by Guy Monjo and the practitioners trained at the Shen Paris School, to enable them to best deal with the most impacting psychological situations: fatigue, anxieties, anxiety, doubts, addictions, pessimism, depression.


It consists of 3 treatments in the space of 21 days, the optimal frequency and timing for the body to fully integrate the effects of the treatments in depth and durably.


It is requested not to shower and, for men, not to ejaculate during the 24 hours following each treatment, so that energy integration is optimal. ​ After the first session, we already have a glimpse of the final powerful effect, so I suggest you come and test this protocol at least for one session!

PRICE 40 euros per session. ​



+++++++++++ ​


7 DRY BRUSHING: 5eur. I use 3 brushes of different sizes to circulate the energy and drain it towards the emunctories, in order to open the pores of the skin, clean them and prepare them as well as possible to receive massage oils and new energies. ​ ​


9-SOPHROLOGY: Tibetan breaths and positive affirmations, channeling aor telluric energy (40) session: 35 euros per hour. ​


11 INTERVENTION AS MAGNETIZER (25° 25euros per 30 minutes well-being and increase in vibrational level through the transfer of magnetis

21 COACHING ACCOMPANIMENT GUIDANCE (40: Face-to-face or remote guidance, to learn and share energies and knowledge according to your needs -: ​ -the sacred Tibetan breaths -the cosmo-telluric energy pipelines -anchoring - the opening and alignment of the chakras - the awakening of kundalini and the creation of the conditions for its progressive elevation - the strengthening of the aura and the ka astral body of protection. - naturopathic regeneration: purges, fasts, nutrition, cleaning of gallstones - process of coming out of depressive states and addictions. ​ In this other youtube video, and article on my blog, I explain my protocol for grounding, channeling telluric and celestial energies, stimulation of the aura, the chakras, the astral body the ka and the subtle bodies, kundalini awakening. It is powerful and gains in power, if one perseveres and practices daily, over time. On my tiktok account, there are also many videos where I share in detail in many areas. ​ When the chakras are open, aligned, cleansed, vibrate at the right frequency, gold energy also allows the awakening and gradual elevation of the telluric energy of the water and fire dragon, Kundalini. ​ I offer it in sophrology sessions and I can also accompany you to learn in coaching sessions. ​

I stimulate the gold-red energy of the 1st chakra: anchoring to Mother Earth, emotions of security, protection, self-confidence. Then the gold-orange energy of the sacral chakra: emotion of joy of life, creativity, identity, sexual energy. It is essential, must be channeled to irrigate the higher chakras, in particular the solar and heart chakras of relational, emotional and loving management, towards oneself and others, connected to the ego, to balanced empathy (giving and receive) and the energy shield of the aura. At the center of the body, the energy of the 3rd and 4th chakras are connected and radiate into the sacred grail, which contains the soul. Their beneficial effects make it possible to assert oneself, to protect and strengthen oneself, to balance the mind, the physical body, as well as the "subtle" bodies. I also stimulate the throat chakra which allows you to free and aim for the right and impeccable expression, as Don Miguel Ruiz explains, but also to develop your capacities for creation and connection to the Akasha, as much for Knowledge Universal only for the Akasha-Source the Ether, the Prana, the Qi which is everywhere. Finally, I stimulate the 6th and 7th chakras which promote good intuition, guidance and connections with cosmic, spiritual and divine energies.





+++++++++++ ​


Everything is vibrational energy, many physicists, like Nikola Tesla, have explained The vibratory energies are omnipresent, whether through the resonance of the practitioner's benevolent emotions, the positive emotions provided by the touch and warmth of the hands, those of the massage oil and the essential oils it contains, those of sunlight and energized water, or hot mate tea, incense, Feng Shui-aligned decoration colors, sounds of mantras and music, gold color visualizations and chakras or lights made during the massage, those of positive affirmations, thoughts, prayers, incantations, made during anchoring meditation or in sophrology. ​


Masaru Emoto demonstrated concretely the effects in matter of these waves, usually invisible, in a beautiful way with his crystallizations of frozen water and the experience of rice seeds in jars, subjected to different emotions, sounds, words or thoughts.


I invite you to consult his site:

the world of Hado ​


Also to see absolutely: this impressive video on the work of Alexander Lauterwasser on cymatics: sound vibrations create forms in nature, in sand, in water and even in the external appearance of living beings (morphogenesis) , which seem to be the manifestations of the internal frequencies in every living being, which had already been explained by Chaldni.


Lauterwasser shows that water changes its structure and shape constantly and instantaneously depending on the vibrations that resonate in it. Thanks to these scientists, and to those like Pr Marc Henri who have demonstrated that in quantum, molecular terms, humans are made up of 99% water molecules, we can imagine how much vibrations influence us in depth, constantly and that they must therefore be managed consciously as best as possible in order to achieve health and harmony. ​ Don Miguel Ruiz, in the Toltec agreements, also explains certain tools to best control these emotional energies and those of language, of the Word, as the ancients said.

Similarly, recent experience, somesthesia and physiology have clearly demonstrated to us how essential touch is, even vital, for our physical and psychic balance.


The skin, the network of fascias and the Pacini corpuscles it contains (tiny egg-shaped pressure centers), contribute to a third of our immune system, capture and transform light photons, eliminate many of our toxins, detect touch and act as transmitter receptors that communicate through the nervous system with the brain, trigger various hormonal reactions: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, essential for self-esteem, motivation. They are natural tranquilizers that decrease stress, anxiety and cortisol levels, alleviate pain and sadness. ​


A study carried out at Carnegie-Mellon University of Pittsburg in the USA revealed that the gentle pressure on the sternum and the resulting emotional charge, activates the solar plexus chakra, stimulates the thymus, which regulates the production of white blood cells and so the immune system. ​

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