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A "holly" and powerful plant : holy


I hope you are doing well.

i am happy to share a new publication and video about a sacred, holly, and mighty medicinal plant : holy.

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In the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, we can read: "Used in defensive hedges, holly can live up to 300 years. I

It has medicinal virtues, once used in the pharmacopoeia. Its hard wood is sought after in marquetry or for making tools. The foliage was used to sweep chimneys.

The red berries are poisonous, but not to birds that eat them in winter." ​

Like the mistletoe, which it closely resembles, it was a sacred plant for many ancient cultures: a symbol of happiness and luck, worn as a crown for Roman newlyweds; symbol of benevolence, protection, during the Celtic and Odinic festival of Yule at the time of the winter equinox.

Native Americans also saw it as a symbol of good luck.

Obviously, It 's interesting to notice its name in English : Holly, sounds like holy "sacred".Holistic or holly stick ?

When one know that It often adorned the staves of druids. We can appreciate here some good examples of the alchimic "language of the birds" in english. The art of language, whith double meaning, the sound and music of words which resonate to our soul, our subconscious and conscience.

It is one of Edward Bach's 38 plant elixirs and he recommends it, "for those who have a susceptible, jealous, envious attitude; It helps understanding, forgiveness". ​ For the ancients, planting a hedge of holly around their house kept malevolent spirits out, largely because of their sharp-pointed leaves. They used its essence, its flesh, its wood in the construction of weapons, but also in their protection rituals involving protection magic. ​

Holly leaves are used in herbal teas for their tonic, diuretic, laxative, antispasmodic, febrifuge principles and to fight against bronchial or pulmonary inflammation: in the event of a cold snap, the onset of flu, or a bronchopulmonary disease.

Medicinal plants, and connections with natural magnetism and positive energies are some of my main passions.

Each day going by, i am amazed by the generosity of nature, of Mother Earth and of the other living species.

Each day, i am amazed by the might of nature, and plants, which are transmuting sun light into vital energy.

Many medicinal plants have so many different active principles that they act as polytherapy with high curing and healing potential.

On my site, more than 200 different plants are described in french alphabetical order, in bilingual french english text. You are welcome to discover these files and share together.

Thanks. Namaste





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