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A powerful protocol : chakras,anchoring, protection, channeling of gold energy, Kundalini awakening

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juil. 2022

Aura and Ka strengthening, regeneration, alignment and boost of chakric extensions, chakras stimulating, guided meditation.



I hope you're doing well.

I am happy, in this new video on youtube, to share with you this extremely powerful, stimulating and protecting protocol, which includes different techniques, both at the physical, energetic, psychic and spiritual level. in french

in english

It is particularly suitable for the current transition and initiation period, during which we really need to anchor ourselves deeply and increase our magnetism, vibratory level, strenghten our aura, natural immune system, so that we are no longer impacted and affected by the various turbulences and negative energies and emotions.

It has the advantages of being free, achievable by everyone, effective within some few minutes, to increase one's vibratory level and to enable to connect, absorb and integrate benevolent and positive energies, both telluric and divine, essential for a good mood and psyche.

Moreover, it gains in power, with a daily practice, over time, as for meditation and other energetics and spiritual processes.

At first sight, it can be disconcerting, because we have largely forgotten our physical, psychic and white magic capacities, but you will quickly create new automatisms, new habits, new reflexes, new neural circuits, which will change little by little your daily life.

Over time, you will create the conditions for the awakening and rise of the sacred energy of water and fire, the dragon's energy, also called kundalini.

You will then contribute to create thought forms, fields of collective forms of positive energies, positive egregores which will help humanity to cleanse itself, to change and above all to move forward in a constructive way.

You will gradually cleanse yourself of negative energies, limiting thoughts, links to past bad experiences and traumas, conscious or unconscious, sometimes even transgenerational, present in your internal morphic fields.

You will strengthen your aura and your subtle bodies, including the astral/warrior body, -what the old Egyptians called the Ka-.

You will align and stimulate your chakras, receive more and more signs from your guides, the right intuitions by opening your third eye.

I would like to thank Alain Bouchet, the geobiologist and expert in medical dowsing, who was the first to teach me this channeling technique, through visualization and connections using silver and gold ropes.

Then Sandrine Muller Bohard, another famous healer in France, whose protocol I practiced during 18 months, before i adapted it at the beginning of 2022, to my new spirituality, with my commitment to Ea-Enki-Shiva-Ptah-Satya, and his community of goddesses and gods, avatars of multifaceted universal spirituality, around the great goddess and Mother earth.

I continued to make it evolve, according to the information transmitted by Caroline Bright on the site : focus to the golden energy, the cross structure of the chakras and the directions of the energy within the chakras and the body.

As explained in my video, apparently, each chakra has a pyramid-prism structure, in which energy moves counter clockwise at high frequency, with a central point and 4 extensions. At each extension, so that energy circulates well, we have to visualize a triangle with its tip directed inside the body. See the designs and video of Caroline Bright.

Energy moves upwards for the first 4 chakras up to the heart chakra, in which telluric and cosmic energies gather.

the cosmic energies entering the body highest 3 chakras, with triangles downwards, in the central point and still dowards the interior at the extensions .

see the explanations in the links below. Thanks so much to Caroline Bright for her teachings and work.

Each chakra, seen from above, has like a cross structure.

It is also through the rear extensions, along the spine, that most of the energy enters the body ( apart from feet and head's ropes) . One's has to insist on the rear extensions too to awaken kundalini.

With time, many practicing, cleansing of the chakras and chanelling canals, the kundalini will raise naturally.

The entrance to the heart chakra is found slightly to the left of the spine below the shoulder blade. What the ancient Egyptians already represented by the symbol of the "leaning Djed".

During the protocol , i am using bija mantras. Some sacred monosyllabic sounds which stimulate, heal and make chakras vibrate.

"Lam, vam, ram, yam, hum, aoum, ha or so hum"

Listen this very nice video by Gaia meditation including all the bijas mantras. thanks to them.

Energy follows the attention.

At the start, as soon as conscience and attention are focused on the toes, on each foot heel, then when one visualize the foot print left on the ground, one gets anchored.

You can also ask with gratitude to Mother earth to anchor you, and to the "ruby flame" to anchor you.

For each leg and foot, then you visualize some silver buds growing below the foot, intertwining together, creating filaments, roots and then finally a silver rope, through which one will then absorb and integrate the flows of energy moving up , until each chakra, when breathing in, then being absorbed inside, when breath is hold, circulating through triangles upwards, tip unside , and round each chakra, counterclockwise.

A golden rope is then visualized from the top of the head, through which gold energy and light will be absorbed down inside the 3 lighest chakras up to heart chakra .

1 root muladhara chakra - colour ruby red. from feet to perineum and pubis. related to safety, self confidence, abundance, fulfillment of needs.

2- sacred chakra svadisthana - colour orange. 2-3 fingers below navel. related to desires fulfilment, creativity, harmony with self identity, good balance of emotions.

3- manipura solar plexus chakra- sun yellow. "i am a solar and light beeing, in harmony with all beings around me, i dare to assert who i am ".

4- anahata- heart chakra- sacred grail . colors emerald green, red and pink . related to "empathy, balance of giving and receiving "

5. vishudha throat chakra. connected to Akasha memories and to the etheric infinite energies.

"i allow my guides, the great Goddess, the Godesses and Gods, to speak through me. what should i say and to whom"

6. Ajna third eye pineal Gland . purple.

you can be thankful for the spiritual connections, the signs received for guidance, the receipt of good vibes, the intuitions. you should allow your guides to interfere in your life, to guide so that you understand how to behave, what to do, to be the most helpful for the Gods and Goddesses community, and the same to be the most helpful for human community.

7. sahasrara crown chakra. gold.

At the end of the protocol, you can reinforce protocol power with some strong Word:

"I always feel my guides, the Great Goddess and Gods inside of me and with me ; whatever i do, whereever i am, i am protected by them".

"my chakras are now regenerated in depth and turn, vibrate at the optimal frequency and speed.

My aura is an alive sun, I am always fulfilled with golden Light,

The golden energy circulates with fluidity inside of me in all dimensions of my bodies here and now.

With each breath i fill myself with a gold energy of love, compassion , abundance, strength, protection, and healing.

I allow my inside fire, my inside sun to burn , dissolve all which is dissonant, discordant ".

May this purification, regeneration, stimulation, protection, connetion process automatically renew with each sip of water, each shower, each ray of light, each move on the earth, each breath. thank you ( 3 times) and so be it ( 3 times) .its done ( 3 times).

thanks for your attention. please experiment and share these informations around you in your family of souls.

Don"t hesitate to contact me for other details. ( kundalini) ( interior fire)

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