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All my best wishes for this powerful new moon in taurus

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I hope you are doing well.

I send you my best wishes for this new moon in Taurus starting on May 19.

For my part, I was looking forward to this period, because Capricorns, along with Taurus, Cancers, Virgos and Pisces, are among the signs favored by this lunation.

The main facts are:

- a powerful astrological heap in the sign of Taurus, since Jupiter has just passed into Taurus, for about a year.

What will influence all of us in "the material domains, the structures, the "forms" of things and emotional life". With changes in habits in perspective.

- mercury came out of its retrograde period on May 15, on the other hand, pluto has been retrograde since the beginning of May, which has financial and geopolitical consequences in particular.

- Venus and Mars are in Cancer which supports the signs of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. But Mars will turn into Leo tomorrow, soon followed by Venus.

We are all called upon to remain patient, to strengthen ourselves, to regenerate, and to connect to natural positive energies, to avoid ruminations, bloodshed and hasty acts, because tensions, frustrations, desires for freedom and change are still very strong.

For my part, I have just changed a large part of my professional presentation,

focused precisely on energy. It also contains a lot of useful information concerning vibrational sciences, well-being, the properties of water, emotional balance...

As well as the first page of my site,

which now merges with my blog, nearly 130 links in French and 80 in English, classified by theme:


-Well-being, emotional, immune system, human physiology



-Water properties




-Magnetism-Feng shui

-Sound therapy


-Nutrition, supplements


On Tiktok there are also more than 400 short videos, 80 on Youtube and more than 160 posts on my blog.

I share some of the main knowledge and experiences, which have allowed me to move forward since 2019. When you receive vital knowledge, you must also transmit it. The channel must remain active.

I am sure they will be useful for those who also want to follow a Path of regeneration and holistic transformation.

What I have achieved on my side is within everyone's reach, with perseverance and willpower. And I continue to learn every week and update these files.

Our bodily and cognitive abilities are so much more powerful than what we are aware of.

Let's stay open, curious, in constructive action.

Everyone is free to experiment in turn.

thanks to the astrologers Fabien Klymenko and Roland Legrand

In French

In english





Some interesting links for you in energetics:


Inner fire


The secrets of water

Most people don't know how everything vibrational in and around them influences them, because water registers the vibrations of sounds, words, emotions, food, light, telluric and human energies....

Masaru EMOTO world :

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