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Happy celebrations of Yule, happy new solar year to you all !

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Happy Holidays from Yule! Happy solar new year to all!

In serenity, confidence, faith in this new solar cycle, reinforced by the new Moon and the exponential spiral of new human emotional energies.

We are only at the beginning of the new world and the new Abundance: of #love, of joy, of peace, of gratitude, of sharing, of harmony with our Mother-Earth and our brothers and sisters of the other kingdoms of the Living, of tolerance, of universal spiritual communion, of balance, of perfect physical and psychic health regained, of healing of our transgenerational and community karmic memories, of money and sober and happy growth, of sublimation of human capacities and Intelligences Extraordinary natural sciences, integrative medicine, science in consciousness….

The turbulence will be all the stronger and more destabilizing if we are not prepared, if we accept to deny our values ​​and what unites us, if we refuse to change, to make room, to leave our comfort zones. respective roles, to regenerate ourselves, to abandon what no longer needs to be, what is dissonant, discordant, what has an impact on the natural balances inside us and above all on the natural ecosystems.

A great solar year begins.

Millions of human beings everywhere are awakening from a long amnesia, every day, and through the darkness, find the path to their divine spark and the Path to the Rebirth of their magical powers.

Glory and thank you to all the Lightworkers who awaken and open awareness. And to the Ascended Masters who accompany us.

Glory, strength and honor to you, because as this beautiful song of the native american traditions say :

" we are the ones we were waiting for", we are all those we need to move forward.

We have decided to embrace this exciting time of challenge and regeneration, so let's do the right thing.

Let us bring our emotional energies, our forces of attention and intention to the construction of the new world, use our free will with the right discernment, strengthen ourselves thanks to the principles of the law of hormesis and positive epigenetics , in consciousness. Let's learn to use the powers of water, vibrations and our inner fire.

thank you


Sat nam.

Aum Namah Shivaya

Aum Svaha Shivaya

Aum Ast, Aum Bast, Aum Shakti,

Aoum Ea-Enki-Shiva-Ptah-Satya-Wakan Tanka-Wotan-Dyonisos

Aum Amon Ra Namah


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