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I am happy to share some positive astrologic forecasts for 2023

Dernière mise à jour : 12 août 2022


I hope you are doing well and that it will get even better after this post.

From march 2023, 5 solar system's planets will send us positive and harmony vibes, which will definitely influences humanity and the Mother Earth as they will all be all 5 at the same time in "water signs" or in harmony with them. This is a major change in the cosmic energies.

I think it's important to inform people with a view to helping to transmute negative human vibes into optimistic ones and hope. It should be a priority for all to unite with good vibes and solidarity, go out of fears.

Gratitude to Roland Legrand for his forecasts and his foresight for the last 3 years when he impressed me with his 2020 astrologic forecasts.

He just announced his predictions for 2023 and for the first time since I've been following him, they're very optimistic!

It should comfort us all and allow us to have a motivating target in mind, which will be more buoyant, positive and benevolent from March of next year.

It is also an incentive to continue to strengthen oneself today, to regenerate and prepare, to start taking action, with a view to being ready to seize the new opportunities that will arise.

Because even dreams that seem utopian today could become much more tangible from this period, in his words.

It is also an invitation to awaken to holistic #health, to benevolent #spirituality because these are other powerful levers to better "surf " life, without being destabilized by the turbulences that will continue for a few more months.

And to stay out of the traps of fear and anger which are always destructive emotional factors.

In March, therefore, Saturn will pass into Pisces and come back in #harmony with Uranus and with Neptune, which was already in Pisces since 2012.

Pluto, for the first time since 2008, will change signs and move into Aquarius. Another sign, in harmony with water and the 3 previous other planets. The sign of the people, symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

Pluto has not been there since 1775. A historical year for humanity, and the #USA in particular with what happened the year after.

Mars will pass into Cancer in March, another water sign.

It is therefore a major planetary and energetic accumulation of 5 planets, just like in the spring of 2020, but this time, harmonious.

As for Jupiter, who is currently in Aries, a sign of fire, with all the harmful influence that this has on the #weather and the ongoing human extreme slippages. It will turn into bull, in May 2023 too, another sign of evolution and amplification in support.

Good news that will help us get through the next 8 months by focusing on the positive and Co-creating in the right direction.



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