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natural recommendations in aromatherapy against long covid, covid, flue, parkinson, alzheimer ...

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023

Hello I hope you're doing well. The naturopath aromatherapist Dr. Jean Pierre Willem has just given a very interesting new interview where he details the results recently obtained with certain essential oils (EO), to block neuronal inflammatory viral infections and degenerative disorders such as long covid, parkinson, demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, or against the effects of depression and reduce their effects and sequelae. According to some research, it is essential oils of the phenol and monophenol type and in particular those rich in carvacrol molecule that are the most effective. Depending on the sub-species and ecosystems of each plant, the carvacrol content can vary greatly: for example, the varieties of thyme contain from 5 to 75%, those of savory from 1 to 45%...

The plants and varieties whose essential oils are the richest in carvacrol are: Aleppo pine PINUS HALEPENSIS Mountain savory SATUREJA MONTANA Spanish oregano CORYDOTHYMUS CAPITATUS Wild thyme THYMUS SERPYLLUM carvacrol thyme THYMUS VULGARIS CARVACROLIFERUM Marjoram is not mentioned but it is also part of it. It is a question of choosing two from this list and massaging your wrists and chest with two drops twice a day. Or by inhalation, when these essential oils can be diffused. To be checked on the notices of the EO chosen.

He also recalls which protocol in aromatherapy and olfactotherapy he advocated in one of his recent books against Alzheimer's and to restore the sense of smell and taste and the links, according to him, with the part of the nutrition of raw and cooked foods.

With rosemary essential oil to sniff 1 minute 4 times a day, for 3 weeks.

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS CINEOLIFERUM or with the EO of ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS VERBENONIFERUM in massage on the wrists. This plant has components that gradually restore acetylcholine, which promotes the production of neuromediators such as dopamine and serotonin. It also recalls the means of blocking and treating influenza or covid viral infections, at their different stages, with its "living embalming" protocol. With friction for 5 days, in case of emergency, of 10 drops of each of these 4 powerful antiviral essential oils: eucalyptus radiata to block the viral spread to the nose, eucalyptus globulus which blocks the spread to the lungs, the RAVINTSARA and the noble laurel LAURUS NOBILIS.

I put at your disposal other publications where I summarize certain other natural tools and protocols for prevention and care and the previous interviews of Jean Pierre Willem and other naturopaths for two years, as well as summaries of food supplements natural and medicinal plant information.

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Thank you for your attention. Good protection and regeneration, good strengthening to all as we approach the crucial period of the autumnal equinox. I specify here again that I have no conflict of interest I'm just sharing information and experiences. All links on my site are bilingual french english. satnam Namaste

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