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New channel on telegram, prayer of wealth for you, happy Yule days and new moon !

Dernière mise à jour : 24 déc. 2022

Blog post n°96


I hope you are doing well.

Happy annual festival of Yule, to all, that of the Eternal Light, concomitant with the new moon of winter solstice.

On this occasion, I am pleased to announce that I am launching a new channel on the Telegram media.

I have also prepared a prayer, a universal invocation, of abundance, health and wealth for you. You can find it here and watch the video on your tube


"Oh almighty Mother Earth, Oh my almighty guides, Glory to you,

I authorize you to guide me every day and to intervene in my daily life here and now, as often as you deem useful, in the interest of your community, the human community and mine.

Thank you for your love and protection, for your guidance and teachings to accompany me towards the best version of myself, towards the most aligned actions, words and thoughts, in relation to you,

Thank you for your interventions so that I attract and manifest every day, here and now, a continuous flow of wealth and abundance, all abundance that I need, food, love, joy, confidence, security, gratitude, perfect health and healing.

For me and everyone around me.

Oh almighty primordial Fire, oh almighty Mother Earth, thank you for absorbing all my negative, traumatic, polluting, debilitating, immobilizing energies, whether conscious or unconscious, and transforming them into positive and regenerative energies.

With Joy, I will also radiate them around me.

Thank you for the suppression in me, of all that is useless, dissonant, discordant, all that no longer has any place to be.

Thank you for the epigenetic activation in my DNA of what strengthens me, and the deactivation of what weakens me.

Thank you for the protective energy bubbles you are helping to build around me, in my subtle energy shields, and around my home. Instantly they will transmute any impacting external energies.

Thank you for cleansing, aligning, stimulating my kundalini, aura and astral body, and my chakras, thank you for spinning them at optimum speed.

Thanks thanks thanks,

So be it, so be it, so be it,

Thank you for the signs and the intuition that you send me every day, here and now, which shows me that in the name of the Eternal Truth, it is already accomplished, it is already accomplished, it is already accomplished. "

Human beings are far more powerful than most of us think.

Everything is vibratory, including in this inverted world, and most often unconsciously, through dissonant words, thoughts and actions, one weakens oneself.

Most people unconsciously use their free will, the power of words, epigenetics, in impactful ways.

By falling into the trap of division, provocations, conflicts, polarized discussions, they reinforce the energetic egregores of their adversaries.

The worst being the fears which, due to the consequences of cortisol, over time, unbalance the functioning of the prefrontal cortex, the immune and hormonal systems.

However, at every moment, we have the choice and to strengthen ourselves by:

-the natural energies that surround us, those of Mother Earth to which we can anchor ourselves

- the cosmic energies that we can channel. - the vibrations of music that soothes, sounds that heal


-proximity to animals, stones, crystals, plants and trees (from March 21 to around September 21, between the equinoxes).

-the forces of intention, and of our positively focused attention.

-by the power of positive words, prayers, meditation,visualizing.

- by the basics of the law of hormesis: intermittent intense physical activity HIIT, intermittent hypoxia, food restriction, temporary, intermittent fasting, purges, reinforcement by choice and heat.

- the power of the emotional etheric energy that we produce through the heart chakra which radiates very widely around our physical bodies.

- the power of spiritual faith

- the positive energy of contemplation, as proven by the Native American tradition of the Native American Hozho and today the art therapy which is developing.

- the epigenetic choices we make on a daily basis: balanced nutrition, physical activity, good stress management, quality of social ties, pleasures and joy of life.

( kundalini)


( inner fire . vital energy)

-the creation of new positive neural circuits: prayer, meditation, visualizations, contemplation, artistic creativity, in particular when theta waves flood our brain, in a state of self-hypnosis, during the states already mentioned or during the few minutes of drowsiness before fall asleep and during gradual awakening.

We can regenerate and strengthen each day, provided we act with faith and perseverance on a daily basis.

Moreover, allow your guides to help you and to intervene, because THEY and THEY respect the law of free will.

These are acts of individual but also collective and altruistic development, because we are all connected and interconnected.

The day when more humans will become aware of this, take back their responsibilities and their inner sovereignty, that they will bring their emotional energies to positive egregores instead of negative egregores and fear, division, the changes underway towards a new world will be acceded exponentially.

Thank you.


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