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new welcome fengshui vidéo at my home

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I hope you're doing well.

In view of the external turbulences, it is vital today to build around oneself a high vibratory energy bubble and the traditions of Fengshui-loshu can contribute to this energy increase and protection, just like the spiritual symbols.

Feng Shui and the 9 rectangles of Loshu are an ancestral science, for millennia in China and Asia, complex and complete, formerly reserved for the entourage of the imperial family.

I am happy to share here the new vidéo recorded yesterday at my life and professional place in Paris rue de Folie mericourt

You can find on the topic Feng Shui-Loshu on my site more pictures and explanations about this fascinating tradition.

Caroline Bright on the sites and on the youtube channel "danse l abondance" gives a lot of exciting information on which I based myself in large part.

We have a specific chakra which constantly absorbs, night and day, the vibrations and energies of what surrounds us, transforms them and transmits them to our vital organs, strengthens or weakens our auric shield and our astral body of protection.

More than 99% of the energy exchanges take place without our being aware of it in the fields and our subtle bodies. On a path of regeneration and energy transformation, we should therefore start by adapting our place of life, a fortiori, if it is also our place of work, which is increasingly the case today.

For my part, I love to paint in particular and I have always been impressed, how one can change the vibratory energy of a room in a few minutes.

All topics on my site are bilingual french english :

Awakening, path of life

Grouding, channelling



professional site in english

To understand how the energies of our bodies, chakras, nadis work and how we are in permanent interconnection with the vibrations of our environment, I suggest you read this book by Serge-Reiver Nazare available in pdf: in french only though.

Thanks to Serge Reiver Nazare and Caroline Bright from youtube @danselbondon9469

thank you and beautiful energies of stimulation and protection to all. Namaste satnam

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