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News august 2022

Dernière mise à jour : 8 août 2022


I hope you're doing well. We met a few years ago for a massage in paris, or sometimes while i was visiting your town.

In this period of turbulences, the main thing is to strengthen ourselves, reconnect, unite and create some positive networks of sharing, wherever we live.

I have done this publication here to link again in a benevolent way and to share some positive knowledge, tell about the regeneration, realignment and spiritual awakening processes i have been through in the last 3 years.

I am sure this will be helpful to some of you who are going through a similar path of life and evolution.

I am happy to humbly contribute to the positive changes underway, with new communication tools put in place, sometimes on new social networks for me, in order to better share all the knowledge, the most useful, i experienced.

In January: a website that I continue to update and complete with more than 30 topics today in english and french.

Fengshui, naturopathy, nutrition, pharmacopea, natural complements, chakras, energetics, epigenetics, shamanism, spirituality, mantras, Tibetan sacred breaths, ...

In May

In June ​

In July

I am really happy with the good reception received, and I thank all the new people with whom I have communicated, who have sent me positive feedback and have been indulgent with these first videos. .

I share on the website in particular what I learned in dowsing with Alain Bouchet, in magnetism, energetics, shamanism of water and fire, opening of the 3rd eye, anchoring, energy channels, reinforcement of energy shields, alignment and opening of the chakras, with Olivier Madelrieux, Sandrine Muller Bohard, Caroline Bright from the site, Sylvere caron. In naturopathy, nutrition and epigenetics with Joel de Rosnay, Irene Grosjean, Gregoire Jauvais, Thierry Casanovas, Jean-Pierre Willem. Vibratory sciences with Masuro Emoto, Lauterwasser, in personal development with Don Miguel Ruiz.

When all energies are integrated and circulate in the right way, it is extremely powerful and emphasize the extraordinary potential of selfhealing of the human body, mind and nature.

Jean-Dominique Michel, Ariane Bilheran, Philippe Bobola, Sandrine Muller Bohard, and many other ethnologists and healers, explain that to emerge positively out of the current crises, it is necessary to transmute fears, to rediscover the path of community sense, solidarity, sharing and universal spirituality, to strengthen oneself, avoid reliving the traumatic energies experienced since 2020, by recounting them constantly.

On my side, I have just updated the presentation section on my site, according to the new experiments of the seven first months of this decisive and rich year.

( path of life, awakening, naturopathy: like all my website, file is in french and english)

I invite you to discover some of the latest publications. Most of them regard natural and integrative health, naturopathy, selfcare, nutrition, regeneration, spirituality, energetics, shamanism.

video about my protocol of anchoring, meditation and guided channeling

Visit of my home with its Fengshui references, spiritual, protection and energetical symbols.

Energetics english french

Monique Mathieu: “Many of them interact with us invisibly. On the other hand, we are interconnected and many of us are currently co-creating and uplifting.

The shift is underway, inexorable and exponential".

As La Boetie wrote, and as Gandhi did with the Satyagraha: let us unite, let us mobilize nonviolently, embody with faith the will and the nonviolent deterrent force.

We often experience painful crises, but as Mother Mirra Alfassa and Satprem said, these are "evolutionary necessities", which, in parallel with numerous revelations, lead us out of the illusion, put us back on the path of common sense and of our inner divinity.

Let's continue to co-create the world we want, let's strengthen ourselves individually and collectively.

Since this spring, the increase in my magnetism has accelerated, my kundalini has awakened and rises gradually. And i 've got a very good response from regular customers.

It has convinced me to continue to make evolve my professional activity, with new services as a magnetizer, sophrologist and wellness coach.

They are detailed here:

Thank you and good natural regeneration to you all

Let's listen, experiment, share, and stay united!

See you soon if you happen to travel to Paris.




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