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"A sunny and spiritual tribute to ...Serge Gainsbourg- Jane Birkin -"

Publication n° 151


I hope you are doing fine,

Switch off Tv, listen to Music, sing, enjoy....

A tribute and gratitude to Jane Birkin, one of those like Véronique Samson, whom I listen to, when I want to sing a little, in my own way.


One of my favorite albums, in any case, which I recommend to you.

Beautiful and Powerful lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg, his unique rhymes and stylistic effects, sometimes complex and sophisticated, even for french speaking people....

But they still ring so true, and emotional with current energies and events.

An exceptional lover and practitioner of the French language

"Fleeing happiness lest it run away,

To say to oneself, that there is over the rainbow,

Ever higher the sun above,

Radiant, ( Ra-Dieu in french = Ra=Dieu= God)

Believe in the heavens, believe in the gods,

Even when all seem odious to us,

That our heart is set to blood and fire,

Sometimes wanting to cry let flee

The ones who can, know to the bottom of things "

" Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve,

Se dire, qu'il y a over the rainbow,

Toujours plus haut le soleil above,


Croire aux cieux, croire aux Dieux,

Même quand tous nous semblent odieux,

Que notre cœur est mis à sang et à feu,

Avoir parfois envie de crier sauve,

Qui peut savoir jusqu'au fond des choses"


"AOm Amon-Ra Namah "

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