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Pour vous, près de 170 publications sur mon blog :

Pour vous, plus de 400 vidéos sur Tiktok, 120 sur youtube

Vous êtes les bienvenus, à Paris, je propos 13 outils en Energétique holistique:

Pour mieux me connaitre:étiseur-énergéticien-novembre-2023

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Namaste : "la Lumière sacrée en moi salue la Lumière sacrée en vous !"

"The sacred Light inside of me is greeting the Light inside of you"


My name is Olivier Clamaron,

Welcome to you all,

Are you doing well?

Don't be surprised if there are some inconsistencies on my site currently. I'm updating it, the best way i can. Thanks

I share on this site some of my passions and a free, complete and effective “toolbox”.

It allowed me to bounce back powerfully after a period of painful separation, followed by depression and burnout.

in 2017-2019.

I want to deliver here a message of courage and hope for those who are also concerned and i know that in France only , they are millions.

With hindsight, I analyze it as a necessary and beneficial period of introspection, a transition, an initiation which allowed me

also to understand and free myself from the consequences of 4 generations of violent transgenerational disorders in my family.

It also allowed me to completely realign myself, to find great inner power, to awaken and engage 

in spirituality, which is now a great force for stability.

These tools, in particular the techniques of anchoring, energy channeling, prayer and meditation, "sacred breathing" and

energetic stimulations associated with daily natural protocols, sport, walking, allow me to stay

balanced, at best, here and now

For several years, humans have in fact been "bludgeoned" by information and energies that are anxiety-provoking, impactful, weakening,

staggering, "tetanizing", inflammatory, and the phenomenon is only becoming more widespread and accentuated.

They act, in fact, like “psychic” attacks on human beings, the specificity of which we know in terms of creation.

of emotional energies. Just as powerfully transcendent if they are emotions of compassion, empathy, faith, joy,

of passion, which they can destroy and self-destruct through fear, anger, hatred.

Just the fear hormone, cortisol, on a daily basis, over a long period of time, has major inflammatory and destructive capacities,

which often lead to immune and hormonal collapse, in addition to an unconscious imbalance of cervical functions of the

prefrontal cortex, essential for correct reasoning, discernment and intuitive ability.

We must be aware of this and act consciously to regenerate, protect, strengthen and rebalance.

Individually and in fact, collectively through the phenomena of energetic mimicry of “thought-forms” and morphic fields,

described by Rupert Sheldrake, Corine Sombrun, Philippe Bobola, Erwin Laszlo.

A tremendous leverage effect, provided that we make sure to exchange more thoughts and positive energies.

Today, this is not yet the case, and certain studies indicate that currently, in France, approximately 15% of children are

in great psychological distress, just like 20% of employees who are burned out.

Before 2020, we were already the world champions in the consumption of anxiolytics and antidepressants. It would be time to

ask for what reasons and get out of this involutionary spiral.

What I have achieved on my part is within the reach of everyone, us, and the natural forces around us,

We are so much more powerful than we are aware of.

Through daily epigenetic and energetic work on oneself, even most so-called genetic, chronic predispositions and disorders

can be rebalanced.

Whatever the stage of your life path, the essential thing, once you have understood your family history, your weak points, your strengths

, what brings us joy, is to make space, to concentrate on the essentials, to regenerate in a holistic way,

and to experiment for better and better, here and now.

Faced with adversity, since childhood, I have always continued to learn, and that is why, despite complicated phases, today

I am stronger than ever.

I can only encourage you to do the same, because there is nothing worse than passivity and resignation.

Some studies indicate that in Western countries on average half of the population suffers from so-called "chronic" disorders,

that others sometimes call "civilization": allergies, diabetes, and self-impact with legal addictive products: sugar, alcohol,

cigarette, junk food, or not.

It is therefore high time to support the population, as best as possible, to evolve our civilization and change the paradigm.

To know better:

-human physiology, the functioning of our bodies and cells

- the power of epigenetics, when managed, in the “right place”

-the laws of hormesis and homeostasis which govern all living things, including humans. Our cells, our bodies, nature knows

perfectly rebalance and regenerate by themselves, provided that we do not interfere negatively with blockages and


To learn to better hear and analyze the permanent messages sent by our cells and our body, before these

become more impactful. Let's give them what they need. And let's interact positively together.

To relearn relative slowness, inner peace, harmony, outside of any illusion of performance, of connection,

permanent activity.

In a few months, for my part, the last physical scars of this past dark period will no longer be visible.

However, I wanted to address this important point here, so that people understand how the human body works,

in case of survival. This is also the process of diseases.

Because, if, in fact, they have impacted my life, for 5 years, they have also been useful to me, as a trigger, to break the vicious circle,

in which I found myself. They put me up against the wall, to see the truth, and to act.

When we hear more reason, it is often the bias that the body and the unconscious take to bring us back to full Consciousness.

It is only by agreeing to face one's darkness that one can find the Truth and the sacred Light, as explained by

alchemy and many spiritualities.

Let us therefore thank adversity, because it often opens the way to awakening and brings us back to reality, when consciously or not,

in a way, we sometimes behave, to the point of what we call a refusal of incarnation, with procrastination, sabotage,

and self-destruction.

For my part, I was lucky to have a strong character, a long-standing sporting condition, and nutrition that was already largely

cleaned up, great curiosity, thirst to learn, to be helped and to already know powerful tools,

particularly energetic, such as anchoring, purges, cleaning of gallstones, moxibustion of T.M.C.

which I applied on myself, repeatedly, as often as necessary.

It gave me back the inner fire, the will and the strength for self-healing, which I needed.

Please stay vigilant and take action.

Don't let yourself be crushed by this deleterious and even deadly period, as I have unfortunately seen some loved ones do.

Without me being able to intervene effectively.


I therefore write and share, today, with joy, my successful experience and the best of the Knowledge, which I have and which I have

experienced, according to the precepts of the "Satya Yuga", the Hindu era of the "Universal Eternal Truth" and the commitment

that I took at the end of 2019.

During the phase that began in March 2020, I was again realigned, prepared and protected vibrationally and spiritually.

And today, I am sure that this information will be useful for those who also want to embark on this Path.

At every moment, we are free to choose, as best we can, and to experiment, in turn, according to our needs.

On my professional page, I also offer 13 other tools for those who need support

on this Way in Paris.

Along with many other free tips.

With a global holistic body-mind energy approach, to be adapted depending on the stage you are at.

are and according to your personalized needs

Since 2012, I have been a Chinese energy practitioner and well-being masseur.

I live and work in one of the historic buildings, from the care center, built by Nicolas de Blegny in 1687 in Paris, rue

de la Folie Mericourt in the 11th arrondissement.

From 2019, I also completely adapted my living and professional space, according to Feng shui-Loshu.
Some basics of feng shui. Loshu

The initiation that I experienced can be compared to what some texts call the “dark night of the soul”.

Collectively, the earth and humanity are going through a similar process of revelations, “cleansing,”

rebalancing and harmonization.

We must have the courage to face it, to accept our incarnations and to resolve as best as possible, sometimes problems which are karmic and

transgenerational, .

The etymology of the word alchemy comes from Arabic, and ancient Egyptian, "Al" which designates what is sacred and Divine, and Kem, name

from ancient Egypt: it is an introspective and initiatory process, which consists of seeking the Divine Light in us, through

our “inner darkness”.

In the putrefaction of black silt there is also fertility and fecundity, the rebirth of our identity, of our divine DNA.

This is the first alchemical phase called nigredo, which we are collectively going through now.

Djalâl ad-Dîn Rumi:

“Yesterday I was smart and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and I change myself.

“Gnothi Seauton”: Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods”: “temple of Apollo Delphi.

Nikola Tesla: “To understand the secrets of the universe, we must think in terms of energy, frequency,

of information and vibration.

Dolores Cannon: “the Earth is a school where we learn to use energies”.

The books and conferences of the hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon have enlightened me a lot in this area.

She explains in particular how we emerge more powerful from the resolution of transgenerational disorders, sometimes,

simply through awareness, followed by stopping recurring dissonance.

Let us mention this quote from  Nietzche: “what does not kill us, strengthens us”.

That's exactly it, but you still have to survive and not impact your descendants with "weakened" DNA.

Most families in this country are affected, more or less violently. Often unconsciously.

Just by the consequences of the last world wars, in Indochina, in Algeria, of colonization and decolonization and also

of the social and human consequences of the rural exodus and the violent oppression of disadvantaged people in the 19th century and at the beginning

of the 20th century.

This takes us back to a period, not so old, when horses were considered with more respect than women, that 10% of the population

Parisian population was made up of prostitutes of different levels, which many men themselves, according to

their social and educational level, their race, their religion were violently oppressed and considered simply as a force

of work.

According to healer Sandrine Muller Bohard, trauma replicates over the next 7 generations and traumatic emotions

experiences modify the DNA. Both by creating weakening predispositions on the one hand, but also by strengthening character.

In all cases, it is silence which favors the propagation, from one generation to another, in the most different forms.

impactful: violence, rape, heart or degenerative diseases, depression...

Like in my family.

So whatever happens, never give up and communicate.

On this page you will find more than 130 main links in French, classified by section. They refer to certain sources

external, to my site or my blog.

​On Tiktok there are more than 400 short videos, 80 on Youtube and more than 160 publications on my blog.

Let us also be optimistic, because the quantum, vibrational and epigenetic revolution is accelerating. She will change the world.

In the production of electrical energy, almost "free", health, transport and ecology.

As one of the world's leading researchers in this field, Nassim Haramein, has been explaining for several months. He comes

to move from California to Savoie and French-speaking Switzerland, a large part of its teams and its publications are historical.

So let's stay open, curious, and constructive.

The era of Satya Yuga is just beginning and is accelerating exponentially.

This is why so many of us have chosen to incarnate at this moment of transition and revelation.



Let us put Human and Natural Intelligence and the Knowledge of Satya back at the heart of our lives and

our actions.

It is also an opportunity to reconnect with the Earth, with all living things in us and around us, with the universal roots of


To better understand human physiology.

Let us determine the right Intentions, concentrate our Attention, our thoughts and our creative Mind on a spiral of actions

and positive and creative energies in us, around us and together.

Let us regenerate ourselves, strengthen ourselves as best we can. In order, as epi geneticist Joel de Rosnay says, to improve our adaptive strength and

our ability to best manage "controlled imbalance".


This period of profound collective and individual transformation invites us to understand what dissonances we create, often

unconsciously, in relation to our body and our environment, to cleanse ourselves, to rebalance them and avoid creating new ones,

to gradually increase our vibration level, to reopen our 3rd eye, our chakras, to receive intuitions again

just and cosmo-telluric energies, and reconnect us to "bigger than us", as well as to Mother Earth and other species

of the Living, to restore the sacred energy circuits, the Nadis or meridians of traditional Asian medicines, Ayurveda, M.T.C.

to align and stimulate our chakras, to unblock and elevate our sacred Kundalini.

A higher vibrational level, Faith and persevering determination, on a daily basis, are great strengths.

Our guides, if we allow them to intervene, are also there to support us.

They will soon be more and more present in the Astral. They are waiting for the best time to do it.


Many mediums, alchemists, hypnotherapists have already multiplied the revelations and brought them back to the surface.

ancient knowledge: Don Miguel Ruiz, Edgar Cayce, Dolores Cannon, Serge Reiver well as

many independent researchers and scientists, such as Marc Luykx Guisi, Roy Martina, Nassim Haramein...

Fortunately the guardian peoples of the earth, the "first nations", across all continents, strong in their powerful faith,

of their philosophy, their ancestral traditional knowledge, their connection with the Earth and their Brothers and Sisters of the

other living species around them, such as the Hozho of the Navajos, have survived, and are there today to guide us and


The people in and around France, linked with many others, also have an important role to play.

We are the descendants of what the Native Americans call the peoples of the era of the 3rd sun, the previous golden age.

Even if some oral knowledge has disappeared, some still exists and reappears.

All this is not a utopia.

It is up to us, today, through our choices and actions to build again, as best we can.

We find ourselves, in one of the last zones, where the "Goddesses and Gods", Ascended Masters, lived and then inspired, humans,

particularly within Kelto-Odinic cultures, often matriarchal.

These are the regions where the legions of Isis-Aset, Belisama, Epona, Freya, of Lug, Taranis, Teutates, Kernunnos, of Marduk,

of Ea-Enki-Odin-Wotan have long fought to maintain their freedom and sovereignty.

Then we resisted clandestinely.

A few thousand years ago, hundreds of independent and interrelated peoples and communities still lived,

from the Atlas, to the Atlantic, Scandinavian and Mediterranean coasts, from the center of Europe, to the Black Sea, Anatolia and even the

Middle East. With numerous exchanges, with other more distant civilizations.

With in common, an organization, a respect for the "great Yin", of the sacred Feminine, in harmony with the sacred Masculine, of beliefs,

a spirituality, a way of life in harmony with Nature.


Regarding our interactions with Mother Earth.

Naturopaths say that humans are ecosystems that function according to the same rules of life, in particular that

terrestrial soils, thanks to microorganisms.

We are in fact conglomerates made up in molecular terms of 99% water, according to the work of Marc Henry,

and 10 times more bacteria and microorganisms than human cells.

They all communicate and interact with each other constantly, most often without us being aware of it.

And yet water is one of the elements whose properties are the least known and understood.

We should therefore consider, as a priority, what these microorganisms need to flourish.

Hear the messages they send.

As geobiologist Frédéric Buisson explains.

To maintain or regain physical and psychological balance, harmony and good health, and above all to obtain effects

lasting, protect yourself from negative external energies, it is therefore essential to also act on your subtle and energetic bodies,

on the aura.

I am in the process of summarizing all my protocols for anchoring, energy channeling, vibrational stimulation, in a

publication, on which I am still working:


How many know the extraordinary prevention, regeneration and health potential of epigenetics, including for

transgenerational disorders?

Since 90% of our DNA can be "rewritten, activated or deactivated", depending on our daily choices, by messenger RNA,

in a natural way.

Today most, more or less unconsciously, are weakening because its principles are used in reverse.

Joel de Rosnay, announced, at the time he published his book, in April 2019, "the symphony of life",

that epigenetics would change our lives. We know what has happened in the meanwhile. 

How many know the characteristics of the laws of hormesis and homeostasis? See below.

Quantum scientists have demonstrated that the visible material plane is only a few percent of the totality.

As Don Miguel Ruiz writes in “Beyond Fear”:

-"The space between atoms is greater than the mass of the atoms.

The universe is filled with ether. It allows the transport of information.

Light provides energy and information to create life in the form of matter and condensed light.

Energy never disappears, it transforms.

-The mind, emotions are energies.

-The specificity of human beings is to have brains that transform light into etheric emotional energy

extremely powerful, which nourishes our psyche. ".


In another area, that of manual contact, which we have lacked so much, from 2020 to 2022, somesthesis demonstrates to what extent

touch is essential.

The skin and the fascia network contribute to a third of our immune system; they capture, transform and transmit

light photons and touch, eliminate some of the toxins, and communicate with the nervous system, which trigger

various hormonal reactions: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, important for well-being, self-esteem and motivation.

They are natural tranquilizers that reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels, alleviate pain and sadness.


​A study carried out at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in the USA also revealed that gentle pressure on the sternum and

resulting emotional charge, activates the solar plexus chakra, stimulates the thymus, which regulates the production of white blood cells

and therefore the immune system.


How many know our powerful creative (or destructive) power through words, the strength of intention and attention, through

repetitive meditative and vibrational practices?

How many know our chakra below the navel which constantly interacts with the energies around us?

Hence the importance of feng shui-Loshu.

How many know the therapeutic properties of sounds, music, contemplation?

How many are aware of the fascinating properties of water?

Most people are dehydrated and unaware of how everything vibrational within and around them influences them,

because water, through its crystalline structure, records the vibrations of sounds, words, emotions, food, light,

telluric and human energies....

How many know how to re-energize water, for example, with ionized water - water that is simply boiled for 20 minutes.

Or using photons of sunlight, vortices, flowers of life or simply the force of intention and human magnetism.

How many know the vibrational power of walking to stimulate the heart and nervous system?

Or connect and merge with the energy of the trees from the end of March to the end of September.

How many human beings know:

-what is Kundalini, the double sacred serpent, the winged dragon, present in so many ancient cultures?

Blocked in most humans, under the root chakra.

Only a very small trickle of telluric energy irrigates the other chakras and the aura, the energy shield.

-How does energy circulate in their body?

How many know how to unblock, cleanse, align and stimulate their chakras, their pineal gland?



Economy, sociology.




The secrets of water

Chakras-Energétics- Epigenetics

Sacred Tibetan breaths

Root chakra

Sacred chakra

Solar plexus chakra

Heart chakra

Ajna -3rd eye chakra

Crown chakra


Inner fire


Medicinal plants

9 files with about 300 medicinal plants, classified in french alphabetical order 

"Western plants"

Pharmacopée Aa-al



Letters B-D

Letters E-L

Letters M-Q

Letters R-Z

"Equatorial-Tropical-International  plants"




Magnétism-Massages- Sophrology



T.T.M. Traditional Tibetan  Medicine

« Aging healthy »

Nutrition & complements


History, prophecy of the 6th sun

Water . Cymatics

The secrets of water 

Most people are dehydrated and don't know how everything vibrational in and around them influences them, because water registers

the vibrations of sounds, words, emotions, food, light, telluric and human energies....

Masaru EMOTO world :

Wellness-human physiology


Thanks see you soon. 

I wish you the best energies.

May this site and all of us be protected and accompanied by the guides around the Divine of Love and Light and Ki, Mother Earth.




  Merci à-THANKS to : 

   Peter J. d' Adamo, Jacques Antonin, Cyrille /Arche du savoir, Jeremy Bec, Jacques Benveniste, Philippe Bobola, Luc Bodin, 

Sandrine Muller Bohard , Alain et Pascal Bouchet, Jacqueline Bousset, Gregg Braden, Caroline Bright, Frédéric Buisson,

Patrick Burensteinas, Rhonda Byme, Elisabeth de Caligny, Dolores et Julia Cannon, Sylvere Caron,  Thierry Casasnovas,

Carlos Castaneda, Guilhem Cayzac, Ana Chalimar, Theo Charalambos, Didier Coilhac, Jacques Collin, Patricia Darré, Paul Degryse,

Michel Deseille, Sylvain Didelot, Joe Dispenza, Masaru Emoto, Jean-Yves Espie, Gaia meditation, Anne Givaudan, Jacques Grimault,  

Irene Grosjean, Nelly Grosjean, Philippe Guillemant , Marc Luykx Guisi, Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein, Frank Hatem,

Marc Henry, Felix d'Herelle,  Charlotte Hoefman, Kathryn Hudson, Gabrielle Isis, Valerie Jespere, Henri Joyeux, Naomi Klein,

Guislaine Lanctot, Roland Legrand, Lilou Mace, Olivier Madelrieux, Jacques Martel, Roy Martina, Sophie Merle, Guy Monjo, 

Andreas Moritz, Jean-Marie Muller, Serge-Reiver Nazare , Nurea TV, Deva Premal,  Kaia Ra, Fabian Racuk, Arnaud Riou, 

Joel de Rosnay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sadhguru, Didier Santiago, Tal Schaller, Laurent Schwarz, Claire Severac, 

Corine Sombrun, Samuel Stemmer, Barbara Stiegler, Eckhart Tolle, Victoire Enki,  Chico Xavier, Jean Pierre Willem...

et à tou-tes les autres qui m' ont aussi aidé à compléter mes connaissances, à forger ma spiritualité et stimuler mes énergies.

Bisous à Alex, Frédérique, Georgette, Rose, Félix, Edmond beaucoup d 'autres. 

and to all the other ones who have helped me to complete my knowledge, forge my spirituality, stimulate my energies. 

Kisses to Alex, Fredérique, Georgette, Rose, Felix, Edmond ...and many others. 



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