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Inspiring citation of Ralph Waldo trine about holistic health

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023

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I hope you are doing well .

A citation from Ralph Waldo Trine that I share with you with pleasure.

It has inspired me and resonated in me, I hope it will do for you too.

“The time will come when the task of the doctor will not be to heal the body, but to heal the mind, which in turn will heal the body.

The true doctor will also be a philosopher, and a teacher, and his concern will be to keep people healthy, and not just to try to cure them when they are sick.

The true doctor will not only treat the body with medicine, but also the mind with principles.

He will teach human beings that cheerfulness, benevolence, noble actions, love, kindness, which act both on the body and the spirit, and that a happy heart, is the best medicine.

And later still will come the time, when everyone will be his own doctor, the human of tomorrow will align himself with the higher laws of life and will use the powers of his mind.

It is un relation to numerous wisdoms a d holistic health technics: ayurveda, toltec, Chinese traditional medicine and others….

I am also happy to share links to some topics on my site bilingual french english which are connected : emotional health, energetics, chamanism, epigenetics, selfcare tools.

I wish and send you the best vibes.


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