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Updated "interview" : new moon in scorpio november 2023

Dernière mise à jour : 3 janv.

Post n° 151 updated on 15 november 2023

Welcome, Namaste, Are you doing well despite the turbulence of the last 5 weeks? Let us do our best to rebalance these involutional energies. I was lucky to have already had a life "rich" with many changes, multiple and different experiences and phases that I now consider as "initiations". I am also lucky to have a strong personality, which allowed me to continue to change and experiment. Today I am stronger than ever. We must be aware that humanity, as a whole, is also experiencing an initiation and transition of historical significance, called "nigredo" in alchemy: a phase of profound change and transformation, which will last for many years to come.

Many illusions, weak, fake or unbalanced structures will disappear or change completely.

For the better of us all, of Earth and the other species because this unbalance and lack of harmony, behaviours on the opposite logic of human physiology and "common sense", have already been creating a major amount of destruction, illness, pain and violent suffering.

We have to be aware and getting ready for it, regenerate and strengthen.

Though, I dont want to sound as " Cassandra" , on the contrary!

Indeed, human beings also learn the most in "controlled unbalance", out of their confort zone, as is explaining clearly Joel de Rosnay, surfer and specialist of epigenetics.

This ancestral prophecy which is happening is also a phase of revelation of the extraordinary human physiology and Natural powers, such as the ones of : our "positive"mind, the Force of Attention, Intention, and Creation ; meditation, pineal gland and "third eye"; chakras, kundalini, Dna, microbiota, epigenetics ; breathing, law of hormesis and and homeostasy.

After one century, quantum, electro magnetic resonant sciences, knowledge of energetics, water, sound properties, are also expanding again. As we notice with the results published recently by researcher Nassim Haramein.

They will make possible a revolution in health, healing, selfcare, prevention and the way we are producing, using and handling energy, inside and outside of us, and enable an amazing rise of our current human potential, with better harmony.

It's time to open our mind, focus, regenerate and take part to this quantum and energetics revolution. Individually and to join forces.

Key is to increase our vibrational level, to be able to keep receiving the highest and best Intuitions, to strengthen our inner fire and immune system, our capacities of visualisation, attention, concentration to keep balanced during the waves of turbulence.

Thanks to a more balanced and efficient physical body and stronger aura and emotional shields and subtile bodies.

In astrology, we hear that we are just starting a new era of pluto in the sign of aquarius for the coming 20 years, which corresponds to what i've described. Last time, pluto was in the sign of aquarius, dates back to the end of the 18th century, at the time of american and french revolutions.

We have to accept the truth and be aware then, that the events of the last few years are only the start.

We have to transcend our fears, face the reality, "accept our incarnation", because we decided to incarnate, during this precise period, on purpose, to enjoy the awakening and rise of awareness, energetics. And to take our part of co-creation.

The discoveries, revelations, remembrances will be so amazing that it will also lead to a spiritual awakening.

Although there will be difficulties, it's an historical opportunity for humans to create and build a better earth, more balanced, peaceful and harmonious.

In my recent life, i have already been through strong turbulences. In fact, this has enable me to rediscover my powers and potential.

That' s why i've decided to share my experiences on this blog, site, on videos on social media, to share this updated massage interview, from one of my masseur' s profile, and to write this post. To learn with each other 's experiences and so that people can know me better, above appearances.

I've understood a few years ago, that it's not only Knowledge which matters, although i keep learning, and i've learned so much during the last 4 years.

Key is the way one is using Knowledge, in an aligned ethical way or not, in a benevolent way or not. I've met many people with powerful Knowledge, for example, in energetics, hypnosis, or in spirituality, but not aligned at all in their actual belief system and behavior.

In life, in nature, in energy, the most important and powerful facts are often not visible.

Quantum physicians explain that more than 95% of the reality is invisible.

Human world is not different.

It's just that most of us are not aware of this, and that we 've also lost our ancestral connexions to Nature and spirituality, to what the healers and Shamans call the "cosmo-telluric energies". The Prana of ayurveda, the Qi of the Chinese traditional medecine.

Personally i say what i'am doing and i do what i'am saying.

Being ethical is all the more central when one commit to spirituality and is channeling these spiritual energies to care and heal around oneself.

Being ethical is key, all the more so, when one rise one's magnetism and meet people sometimes in their intimacy, and know their personal life.

Tantra, contrary to what many think and practice is for example, a powerful sacred spiritual and energetics practice, thousand of years old, which enable sharing and resonance of heart and solar plexus chakras' vibes.

In my family and personal life, i've experienced also the dark side of the consequences of 4 generations of trans generational troubles and traumas, the good and the dark side of the gay scene, and succeeded to transform all these experiments positively and as strengths.

Nietzsche explained very wisely that if one survive and manage to go through, these make very strong too.

It seems my Soul has chosen a path of incarnation with many initiations to reinforce me and enable me to learn and achieve a higher potential of resilience and resistance.

Today I am happy to share all this Knowledge and experiences, for the ones who need.

I am grateful to all beings, all nice meetings, and to all people who have shared positive Knowledge with me, who have helped me on this path and carry on guiding and protecting me.

My latests posts :

On this new presentation page you will find more than 80 links in english

I insist a lot about the following Knowledge and techniques which enable me to stay balanced and with good vibes

The 14 Tibetan breathing and movements to feel peaceful and increase energy

i describe here some of my protocols, rituals of grounding-anchoring, prayers, meditation, channeling

on the strenght of moxibustion, moxas made with artemisia, which is explained here

"inner fire"

I have modified recently my professional page, bilingual french english,

Since this summer, i offer 13 tools in energetics, massages, wellness, relaxation

I have updated prices too downwards, the keenest, considering the current situation and the one of coming months.


Let's read the beautiful and strong lyrics of this song related to Hopi prophecy of the 6th sun by Soren Frieboe, Majbritte Ulrikkeholm g : " Message from Hopi elders " :

" This could be a good time, ...

this is the hour! ...

the time of the lone wolf is over,

it's time to speak your truth, gather yourself, create your community...

do not look outside yourself for the leader,

we must let go off the shore

Push off into the middle of the river flow,

see who is in there with you in the spiritual and celebrate

let's do our spiritual growth and journey....

Everything must be done now in the sacred manner and in celebration

We were the ones we've been waiting for....



My site, with approx. 30 topics is mostly bilingual français-english.

I'am updating it completely at the moment, creating new topics, to be able to share the latest Knowledge i've learned in the last months and 2 years, especially about History, Spirituality, human powers and way to increase one's magnetism by all different means.

I share on my site a page of presentation in french with 150 links of wellness, energetics, herbal plants, spirituality, complements, nutrition, chakras...

And a presentation page in english with 80 links

In english. I share some of them at the end of this page.

on Tiktok there are more than 400 videos mostly in french 100 on Youtube and 180 posts on my blog blog. Many in english.

Heureux de partager. . Je vous envoie les meilleures énergies.




Do you remember your first client ? Tell us something about that first day when you decided to be a Masseur!

"I remember yes, but as with many things, the first time is not always the best, because we have the theoretical techniques, but not yet always the confidence, the level of magnetism, the intuitive sense and adaptation in every situation.

Concerning massages, I have always had a sense of touch, from childhood, then in intimate life, then I deepened my skills during various training courses and thanks to years of experience. Today, it is the level of magnetism, the intuitive and spiritual connections that help me a lot to improvise and choose among the different techniques of touching, rubbing, massages."

"Je me souviens oui, mais comme pour beaucoup de choses, la première fois n'est pas toujours la meilleure, car on a les techniques théoriques, mais pas encore toujours la confiance, le niveau de magnétisme, le sens intuitif et d'adaptation à chaque situation. Concernant les massages, j'ai toujours eu le sens du toucher, dès l'enfance, puis dans la vie intime, puis j'ai approfondi mes compétences au cours de diverses formations et grâce à des années d'expérience.

Aujourd'hui, ce sont le niveau de magnétisme, les connexions intuitives et spirituelles qui m'aident beaucoup à improviser et choisir parmi les différentes techniques de toucher, frottement, massages" Some people say that being a Masseur is addictive. Would you miss your Masseur days ?

"My days as a masseur will last for many more years. I have no reason to talk about it in the past tense. Moreover, addictive is a strange word, with a negative connotation. I would miss my “massage days” yes. It is an opportunity to exchange energies. When we like to touch, massage, exchange and share, bringing well-being, in a caring way, it makes sense. Most humans are tactile. We are “social animals”. We also touch ourselves intuitively, when we need it, or feel pain. Touch is vital to our species.”

Certaines personnes disent qu’être masseur crée une dépendance. Vos journées Masseur vous manqueraient-elles ? "Mes journées de masseur dureront encore de nombreuses années. Je n'ai aucune raison d 'en parler au passé. D'autre part, addictive est un mot étrange, avec une connotation négative.

Mes "journées masseur" me manqueraient oui. C'est une opportunité d'échanger des énergies. Lorsque l'on aime toucher, masser, échanger et partager, apporter du bien-être, de manière bienveillante, c'est logique.

La plupart des humains sont tactiles. Nous sommes des "animaux sociaux".

Nous nous touchons aussi intuitivement, lorsque nous en avons besoin, ou une douleur. Le toucher est vital pour notre espèce". Do you consider yourself a successful Masseur?

“I am successful enough thanks, but we should meditate on what it means to be successful in 2024. If it means earning as much money as possible, if it involves adapting to a certain world of appearances, illusions, aligning oneself with elitist prices and above all contradicting one's personal convictions, then for me, the essential thing is not there. My goal today is to cover my needs in a modest way and to stay balanced, aligned, as best as possible, to be able to continue to receive and share good vibes. In the medium and long term, I know this is the right direction and the right path. I decided, more than 4 years ago, that I would no longer adapt to such an unbalanced, self-destructive world for so many humans and for Nature in us and around us. Moreover I will do my best to focus on the best intuitions, vibrations and positive and spiritual energies. And co-create another model with many other people. It is this kind of success that matters to me today. Fortunately, I am meeting more and more women and men who share the same principles. Around the highest vibrations of the heart and solar plexus chakra, ethics, magnetism and intuitions received through spiritual connections. The most powerful energy of all, for human beings, is the sacred Kundalini, which even today often remains unknown, blocked, unused and sleeping by most humans. Mixture of water and fire, telluric and etheric, feminine and masculine energies, moon and sun. I am happy to move forward on this Path of elevation and to share this energy with my clients. "

Vous considérez-vous comme un masseur à succès ? "J'en ai suffisamment oui merci , mais nous devrions méditer sur ce que cela signifie et implique d'avoir du succès en 2024. Si cela signifie gagner un maximum d'argent , que çà implique de s'adapter à un certain monde d'apparences, d'illusions, de s 'aligner sur des tarif élitistes et surtout de contredire ses convictions personnelles, alors pour moi, l'essentiel n'est pas là.

Mon objectif aujourd'hui est de couvrir mes besoins de manière modeste et de rester équilibré, aligné, au mieux, pour pouvoir continuer à recevoir et partager de bonnes ondes. À moyen et long terme, je sais que c’est la bonne direction et la bonne voie.

J'ai décidé, il y a plus de 4 ans, que je ne m’adapterais plus à un monde aussi déséquilibré, autodestructeur pour tant d’humains et pour la Nature en nous et autour de nous. Par contre, je ferai de mon mieux pour me concentrer sur les meilleures intuitions, vibrations et énergies positives et spirituelles. Et cocréer avec beaucoup d'autres un autre modèle. C'est ce succès là qui importe pour moi aujourd'hui. Heureusement, je rencontre de plus en plus de femmes et d’hommes qui partagent les mêmes principes. Autour des vibrations les plus élevées du chakra du cœur, de l'éthique, du magnétisme et des intuitions reçues par les connexions spirituelles.

L'énergie la plus puissante de toutes, pour les êtres humains, est la Kundalini sacrée, qui reste encore aujourd’hui souvent inconnue, bloquée, inutilisée et endormie par la plupart des humains.

Mélange d'eau et de feu, d'énergies telluriques et éthériques, féminines et masculines, de lune et de soleil. Je suis content d'avancer sur cette Voie d' élévation là et de faire profiter mes clients de cette énergie. "

Do you consider a good masseur ?

"I have already answered, in part. Being good or being successful are very relative notions. It's not up to me to judge my level of massage. I suppose that in view of the number of my regular customers, I have the level that suits my customers. I know that I continue to improve my technical capacity for adaptation every year. I am also fortunate to have knowledge of Chinese energy and to be passionate about vibrational sciences. This is an important asset for better managing your vibration level and being able to share good energies. I also know that thanks to the accumulation of daily energies channeled through anchoring, visualizations, rituals, my magnetism has increased greatly, which allows me to receive and apply good intuitions. For several months, I have also felt my Kundalini rising. "

Considérez-vous un bon masseur ? "J'ai déjà répondu, en partie. Etre bon ou avoir du succès, sont des notions très relatives.

Ce n'est pas à moi de juger de mon niveau de massage. Je suppose qu'au vue de mes clients réguliers, j'ai le niveau qui convient à mes clients.

Je sais que je continue chaque année, d'améliorer ma capacité technique d'adaptation.

J'ai aussi la chance d'avoir des connaissances en énergétique chinoise et d'être passionné par les sciences vibratoires. C'est un atout important pour gérer au mieux son niveau vibratoire et être capable de partager de bonnes énergies.

Je sais aussi que grace à l'accumulation des énergies quotidiennes canalisées grace à l' ancrage, aux visualisations, rituels, mon magnétisme a beaucoup augmenté, ce qui permet de recevoir et d'appliquer les bonnes intuitions. Depuis quelques mois, je ressens aussi ma Kundalini monter. " Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like your clients to absolutely know about you? "Everyone who has come to my house has been able to see that I live with many passions and multiple sources of influence, in constant evolution. Both pragmatic, simple, through my origins in my family, but also multi cultural and multi spiritual by the Path that I have chosen".

Parlez-nous un peu de vous, si vous deviez choisir quelque chose, que voudriez-vous que vos clients sachent absolument sur vous ?

"Tous ceux qui sont venus chez moi, ont pu constater que je vis avec de nombreuses passions et sources d'influence multiples, en constante évolution. A la fois pragmatiques, simples, par mes origines dans ma famille, mais aussi multi culturelles et multi spirituelles par la Voie que j'ai choisie". What distinguishes you from all the other Masseurs? "My experiences in vibration, magnetics, and Chinese energy, feng shui, anchoring, channeling, alignment, awakening and rising of the chakras and Kundalini. My awakening and my spiritual practices. I also consider my experience of rebounding after burnout and my transgenerational family as a great strength."

Qu'est-ce qui vous distingue de tous les autres Masseurs ? "Mes expériences vibratoires, magnétiques, et en énergétique chinoise, feng shui, ancrage, canalisations, en alignement, éveil et élévation des chakras et Kundalini. Mon éveil et mes pratiques spirituelles.

Je considère aussi mon expérience de rebond après un burn out et mon transgénérationnel familial comme une grande force. " How long have you been a Masseur and how long do think you'd like to continue?

“I started 15 years ago. One of the people who gave me a taste for well-being practices, discovered naturopathy, and the strength of the positive human mind, is a chiropractor living in Lyon. Now 85 years old, he is still active and in good health. I would be happy to follow a similar life path.

Depuis combien de temps êtes-vous masseur et pendant combien de temps pensez-vous que vous aimeriez continuer ? "J'ai commencé il y a 15 ans. Une des personnes qui m'a donné le gout des pratiques de bienêtre, fait découvert la naturopathie, la force du mental humain positif, est un chiropracteur résidant à Lyon. Aujourd'hui âgé de 85 ans, il est toujours actif et en bonne santé. Je serais heureux de suivre un chemin de vie similaire. How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody? "I prefer to meet and welcome people at my home, because I feel very good here, like in a bubble of peaceful and radiant vibrations: feng shui-loshu colors, spiritual symbols of connection and protection, mantras or shamanic music, incense, palo santo, .... I also have a "salt stone" in each room. The building itself is part of ancient healing places, built in 1687, at a time when it was still the hamlet of Popincourt, outside the walls of Paris, with a garden of medicinal plants. Even today the architecture remains interesting. And I like to think that the original energies still exist in part. Even if sometimes, I still travel to homes and hotels."

À quelle fréquence voyagez-vous ? Préférez-vous voyager ou êtes-vous plutôt casanier ? "Je préfère rencontrer et accueillir des gens chez moi, car je me sens très bien ici, comme dans une bulle de vibrations paisibles et rayonnantes : couleurs feng shui-loshu, symboles spirituels de connexion et de protection, mantras ou musique chamanique, encens, palo santo, .... J'ai aussi une "pierre de sel" dans chaque pièce.

Le bâtiment lui-même fait partie d'anciens lieux de guérison, construits en 1687, à une époque, où c'était encore le hameau de Popincourt, à l'extérieur des murailles de Paris, avec un jardin de plantes médicinales.

Aujourd'hui encore l'architecture reste intéressante. Et j'aime à penser que les énergies d'origine existent toujours en partie.

Meme si parfois, je me déplace encore à domicile et dans des hôtels." What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time? "“I like to walk and stroll along the Seine, in gardens and parks, visit exhibitions and museums, play sports, dance. Music and cats are always around and with me.

Quels sont vos passe-temps, qu'aimez-vous faire pendant votre temps libre ? "J'aime marcher et flâner, le long de la Seine, dans les jardins et parcs, visiter des expositions et musées, faire du sport, danser. La musique et les chats sont toujours autour et avec moi. How would you like someone that contacts you for a massage to feel when they leave? "peaceful and detached from their daily routine, relaxed with better energies than before the meeting, "

Comment aimeriez-vous que les clients ressentent cette expérience lorsqu’ils partent ? "Détendus, apaisés, dépaysés et coupés de leur quotidien habituel.". Why did you become a Masseur? “I became a masseur because I have always been tactile and I enjoy direct contact with people. I also wanted to pursue a wellness activity that corresponded and aligned with what I had learned and experienced on my personal life path. On the other hand, massage is only part of my activity. I also do magnetism, Chinese energetics, sophrology and increasingly life coaching. Given my decisive and strong personal experiences, the guidance I have received, particularly over the past 4 years, and which I can share with others."

Pourquoi es-tu devenu masseur ? "Je suis devenu masseur parce que j'ai toujours été tactile et que j'apprécie le contact direct avec les gens.

Je voulais aussi me diriger dans une activité de bienêtre qui corresponde et s'aligne à ce que j'avais appris et expérimenté sur mon chemin de vie personnel.

D'autre part, le massage n'est qu'une partie de mon activité .

Je fais aussi du magnétisme, de l'énergétique chinoise, de la sophrologie et de plus en plus du coaching de vie.

Etant donné mes expériences personnelles déterminantes et fortes, les guidances que j'ai reçues, en particulier depuis 4ans, et que je peux partager avec d'autres. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a Masseur? “Competition is strong, so it is important to stand out with a specific offer and skills. It is essential to develop one's sensitivity, magnetism and spirituality. Massage is not only about touching a body, it is also about sharing vibrations and energies. It is important to also work on your vibration level, to anchor yourself every day, in order to recharge and replenish your energies. “Balancing giving and receiving” is one of the rules for being and staying in shape in a wellness practice

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à quelqu’un qui souhaite devenir masseur ? "La concurrence est forte, il est donc important de se distinguer avec une offre et des compétences spécifiques.

Il est essentiel de developer sa sensibilité, son magnétisme et sa spiritualité.

Le massage, ce n'est pas seulement toucher un corps, c'est aussi partager des vibrations et des énergies.

Il est important de travailler aussi sur son niveau vibratoire, de s'ancrer chaque jour, afin de se recharger et ressourcer en energies.

"Equilibrer donner et recevoir" est une des règles pour être et rester en forme dans une pratique de bienêtre. Is extensive training necessary for a Masseur in order to be successful? "We need a minimum technical base, but as I have already explained, it is above all learning and multiple experiments that we need: energetic, magnetic, to be and stay in shape and to be able to adapt, at best, in the best vibrations and intuitions "

Une formation approfondie est-elle nécessaire pour qu'un masseur réussisse ? " Il faut une base minimale technique, mais comme je l'ai déjà expliqué, c'est surtout d'apprentissages et d'expérimentations multiples dont on a besoin: énergétiques, magnétiques, pour être et rester en forme et pouvoir s'adapter, au mieux, dans les meilleures vibrations et intuitions "


Happy to share. Thanks . I send you the best energies.


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