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Let's awaken, heal, strengthen

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Please let' s refuse the more and more obvious and growing traps, let' s awaken inside and around us, let' s strengthen, heal, #care and #selfcare, to remain in « controlled unbalance », one of the main principle of the epigenetics and hormesis law.

As Jiddu Krisnamurti warned, years ago, " it's not a sign of good health to adapt to a society which is ill".

As La Boetie, french philosopher, wrote, 5centuries ago, it's time to find our sovereignty again, by simply, learning again to say no, not to obey as some expect us to do, to find our might, powers, forces again and show them peaceful in a dissuasion way. So that we are respected again as human beings.

Our ancestors have experimented such tragic and traumatic moments.

On this day of Keltic end of year, and new year tomorrow, let' s honour them, their #freedom, proudness, perseverance, #faith, #courage, determination, their universal spirituality in harmony and balance with Mother Earth, with sacred Feminine and sacred Masculine, their capacity of #resistance.

And remember that some universal timeless wisdoms , Knowledge, and techniques are here and now to help us in this period of transition.

Let' s remember that we in billions number are incarnated today to experiment this time. To learn, to awaken, to grow, to find Light and our divine identity through darkness.

As the Hopi wise people say in the prophecy of the 6th sun, « the time of the lone wolf is over. Let' s unite, remember who we really are.

Don’t look for a leader outside. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. «

Sacred breathing to balance and boost #energy, in body and aura.

Thanks to Dr Bartel of university of Toronto and english sonotherapist Elaine Thompson

Medicinal plants

9 files with about 300 medicinal plants, classified in french alphabetical order

"Western plants"

Pharmacopée Aa-al



Letters B-D

Letters E-L

Letters M-Q

Letters R-Z

"Equatorial-Tropical-International plants"







On this special day, let s send compassion and gratitude to #danaashworth, #dolorescannon for this #beautiful picture, and Julia Cannon, #naomiklein, all women and men acting for a better and #free world. Still sharing good vibes and healing around them.

“Gnothi Seauton”: Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods”:

The secrets of water

Masaru EMOTO world :


« Y gwir erbyn y byd « « La Vérité au dessus de tout"

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