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blood detox protocol, prevention, regeneration

In this video, John Campbell takes up a study published by the University of Oxford and statistics from health organizations in several countries which indicate an excess mortality of 10 to 15%, which would not be linked to covid, by compared to the average mortality of the last 7 years. In the UK, it has been observed in all age groups, for 15 weeks, and it represents around 1000 deaths per week. United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and I believe I have also seen articles from Spain and Portugal, which indicate similar trends. The least we can do is informing the population in prevention and share with you all the information which could be useful.

Thanks to Tal Schaller for forwarding Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger's updated health recommendations: 1°) "It is currently strongly recommended to have your blood tested for D-DIMERE in any medical laboratory to control its viscosity. If the D-Dimer test exceeds the limit of 500, or that of 10 times your age, you could be at risk of a spontaneous embolism at any time, especially within two months of an injection. 2°)Several tips to fluidify the blood:

Extract of CORNOUILLER SANGUIN Cornus Sanguinea

It is a tree with blood red bark particularly indicated for its benefits on the venous sphere. In particular in gemmotherapy, with extracts of macerate from its buds: Recommended dosage: * 25 drops + water 15 minutes before each meal, for 2 months, with a one week break every 3 weeks It has an important antithrombotic, anticoagulant action, it provides support for blood fluidity; It thus prevents the formation of clots resulting from our metabolism, which can lead to an obstruction of the blood vessels and the disorders that can be associated with it. It is a natural drainer of the arteries, cardiovascular tonic, cardiac and hormonal regulator (menopause)

+ LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C (Liquid formula) * 1 teaspoon (5 g = equivalent to 25 g of natural vitamin C.) per day in a glass of water. * An uncapped bottle can only be kept in the fridge for 1 month after opening. + ALCAPHYT (Magnesium bisglycinate) * 3 capsules per day. (Do not give to children under 6 years old). * 3°) To destroy graphene oxide:

TM mother tincture of FRESH SCOTCH PINE NEEDLES * 15 drops before 3 meals for 25 days – stop 8 days – start again 25 days. Preparation of this "mother tincture"- herbal tea according to Michel DOGNA The method comes to us from Native American people who used to use this herbal tea a lot. You need fresh (green) Scots pine needles (but not fir) – make sure it is Scots pine. – Thoroughly rinse a small bundle of needles enough to fill a tablespoon. – Separate the brown ends and discard them. – Cut the needles into small pieces. – Put the equivalent of a large cup of water in a pan, and add the tablespoon of cut needles. – Bring to the boil for 1 minute, then cover and infuse for 8 to 10 minutes. – Pour into the cup without filtering and wait until the needles all sink to the bottom. Dosage: Curative: 3 cups per day. Preventive: 1 cup per day. Please check and experiment. Apparently, in the absence of fresh needles, the hydro-alcoholic extract of Scots pine would be the closest substance in terms of effects. These are fresh needles which are macerated in a water/alcohol mixture for a minimum of 3 weeks, stirred every day and makes it possible to obtain the maximum amount of active molecules from the fresh plant, soluble in water and alcohol. In Scots pine needles, there is a molecule called SURAMINE and shikimic acid that can be obtained by decoction of fresh pine needles. These 2 molecules are the molecules most used to fight against swine, avian and seasonal flu viruses. SURAMINE was introduced in the treatment of African sleeping sickness in 1922, used to inhibit inappropriate RNA and DNA replications and modifications. SURAMINE has also shown inhibitory effects on components of the coagulation cascade.

GLUTATHIONE reduced liposomal * 2 times 5 ml per day for 15 days. * or NUCODRIL or FLUMYCINE (NAC equivalent) * in pharmacies - see dosage on the box + ZINC 12 mg * in pharmacies, * 4 tablets per day. + Vitamin D3 + LIPOSOMAL K2 * 2ml of the mixture per day. * 4°) publication by Dr Jean-pierre Willem about injections: Homeopathic treatment, to be given during an injection phase"

“I remind you that Covid-19 is an autoimmune disease and in this case, - take Immuno gul, 2 times 2 capsules. To boost the natural defences: Stimu+9, 2 times 2 capsules. To restore the microbiota: Orthoflore, 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. To soothe anxiety and stress: Quiet Full, 2 times 3 capsules. To neutralize the virus: Lysovir (capsules) + Lyso-Home (diffusion) and Lyso-Spray (nasal sprays). To restore the ground: the algae Aphanizomenon (Afalg). All these products at the Phyt'Inov lab. Phone: 00 41 32 466 89 14

Belladonna 30 CH, a full dose to be taken immediately after vaccination to avoid fever and any inflammation (local or meningeal).

Thuya occidentalis 9 CH, a full dose on the second day (in the morning on an empty stomach), to prevent the child's condition from becoming sycotic (blocking of immunity and installation of a chronic disease such as rheumatism), to avoid bring out a family disease like eczema and asthma, much like BCG did.

Thuya occidentalis 15 CH, a full dose on the third day (in the morning on an empty stomach). Thuya occidentalis 30 CH, a full dose on the fourth day (in the morning on an empty stomach).

Depending on the symptoms: Aviaire 5 CH: to be used in case of a weakening of the immune system.

Recurrent nasopharyngitis. Mezereum: post-vaccination pruritic eruption, in the form of vesicles rapidly evolving towards ulceration, with white pus which dries up and gives way to whitish crusts.

Nocturnal pruritus preventing sleep. Silicea 5 CH: suppuration at the injection site, weight loss. Sulfur: pustular, red, burning, itchy, painful rash, aggravated by water, after vaccination. Thuya occidentalis: systematic prescription medication for prevention. Useful in case of conjunctivitis, keratitis, asthma, diarrhea, insomnia after vaccination. Particularly indicated in patients with gynoid type infiltration. to Boost immune defenses:

Copper-Gold-Silver: 1 ampoule in the morning on an empty stomach.

Vitamin C Acerola: 1 tablespoon of powder in the morning.

Pure propolis: 2 capsules, 3 times a day. (Phyt'Inov).

Echinacea complex (Lehning) n° 40: 3 times, 20 drops STIMU+: 2 times 2 capsules (Phyt'Inov) Essential oils: 6 drops of the mixture on the chest and back, 3 times a day for 15 days. Eliminate toxins Gemmotherapy, depurative elixir: Includes elixirs of Boldo, Burdock, Birch, Rosemary. This combination aims to drain the body and promote the elimination of toxins from the body. This elixir is used to facilitate the elimination of waste and purifies the blood. It has the property of removing humors from the mass (any liquid or semi-liquid substance contained in the body) and particularly from the blood, in addition to dietary measures. It also has a beneficial action on the liver. It is recommended as a blood detoxifier and in case of acne or eczema. It will cleanse the whole body. 200ml bottle.

Put 3 measuring spoons in a bottle of water. Drink the bottle every other day.

Or Gemo-Drainer

Includes three macerates: blackcurrant, linden, Juniper.

This association aims to help eliminate toxins from the body. Juniper has a double action, it stimulates the liver and the kidneys, this effect will be potentiated by Blackcurrant and Linden favoring the elimination of impurities and toxins.

The embryonic tissues of this complex bring a concentrate of plant strength to restore the ground. It is suitable for a person who wants to thoroughly cleanse his body, avoid post-vaccination sequelae, drain his liver and promote the elimination of water.

15ml bottle. 10 drops in the morning in a large glass of water.

La Royale Toll-free number: 00 800 29 06 82 76.

5°) publication of April 29, 2020 about COVID side effects, by naturopath Dr Jean-Pierre Willem:

Take a sunbath As soon as the sun comes out, go out and treat yourself to a good sunbath. It is your best weapon. Winter viruses and coronaviruses are the natural allies of the cold. They cannot survive mild temperatures and the sun. The sun optimizes countless biological processes in our body, and regulates the immune defense very closely. Strengthen your natural defenses! Currently, our immune system can be put to the test. Faced with these potential viral attacks, here are some solutions to give you a boost. ECHINACEA It contains polysaccharides, known for their properties on immunity and prevention in the respiratory tract. Taking 10 ml of organic SIPF echinacea per day in a glass of water, for 10 days, will enhance the effectiveness of your natural defences.


Lack of sunshine or exposure to sunlight can lead to a limited intake of vitamin D. It is therefore important to supplement, since vitamin D3 activates white blood cells and T lymphocytes, necessary for the production antibodies and the destruction of microbes. (80% of French people are deficient). Take vegetable vitamin D3 (15ml) 1 to 5 drops per day (Lab Le Stum). The most effective dietary supplement is STIMU+, twice 2 capsules (Lab Phyt'Inov).

A major antioxidant: glutathione. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant: It allows other crucial vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, to play their full role.Glutathione is used by our respiratory system to protect healthy cells against inflammatory damage. Acetylcysteine ​​(NAC) increases glutathione reserves (it thins the bronchi and protects the lungs). Attention ! taking paracetamol depletes glutathione stores. SUBLINTHION is the master antioxidant in the most stable and available form. Fight against oxidative stress. Neutralization of toxins and pollutants. Supports the immune and hepatic system. Regulates certain lung genes.

Restore the microbiota PROBIOTICS The intestinal ecosystem plays a fundamental role in the body's defense, the detection of viruses and the activation of immune defense tools. It is therefore time to take a course of pre and probiotics. LACTOSPECTRUM naturally rebalances the intestinal ecosystem Regulation of transit, functional intestinal disorders, candidiasis, intestinal hyperpermeability, stimulation of the intestinal immune system. 44% increase in IgA after 4 weeks of taking 1 sachet per day for 20 days then 1 sachet per week (Lab Le Stum). Or ORTHOFLORE 1 capsule in the morning (Lab Phyt'Inov) Restore liver functions. Taking chemicals damages the liver (check transaminases and gamma-GT).

SILYDIUM 2 gélules/jour (Labo Phyt’Inov)

Restore GROUND : Astragalus TELOMERE + capsules. They contain 5 active ingredients. ASTRAGAL Lengthens short telomeres. Increases immune defenses. Prevents brain diseases. Improves intestinal flora Prevents osteoporosis. BERBERINE prevents many cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. GINKGO BILOBA fights against memory disorders, promotes good blood circulation. Good supplement in Alzheimer's disease. ZINC stimulates the immune defences. Increases libido and sexual performance. VITAMIN D repairs DNA Makes skin more beautiful. Increases bone density.

THE EXPECTED BENEFITS OF ASTRAGALE Preserves youth and vitality Activates telomerase, the enzyme essential for life Fight against age-related deficits Strengthens the immune system Improves bone density Boosts libido Promotes multiplication of stem cells in bone marrow and lymphatic tissue. Accelerates recovery time after infectious aggression (viruses, bacteria). Acts on stress and the liver by stimulating the ability of liver cells to regenerate. Take 2 capsules with breakfast (cure of 1 to 2 months). Box of 60 capsules. Bodypur Lab, Tel: 01 40 38 69 29. Email: Cure carried out during convalescence, to preserve youth, for sports performance, to avoid wrinkles, hair loss and lack of shape...

Strengthen your muscles: sarcopenia After prolonged bed rest, the muscles melt away, a phenomenon called sarcopenia. Official medicine has no therapy for muscle recovery. SEAPIAX has a positive action on muscle fibers. This dietary supplement contains a hydrolyzate of dry proteins (amino acids and phospholipids), phosphorus, chromium and selenium. Its actions are manifold. Resuming physical activity Muscle mass gain (tone) Better recovery Sports preparation and competition Remusculation of the perineum Athletes who take it gain 10% in performance.

SEAPIAX bottle of 80 capsules. Take 4 to 6 capsules per day. Le Stum Lab. Phone: 0033-2 97 88 15 88. In the muscular, nervous and cardiac domain, we can associate: MAGNETIONE (highly assimilable magnesium). (Fatigue, muscle spasms, cramps, nervousness, insomnia, heart rhythm disturbances). 2 capsules per day 1 month. CO-QTION 10: a coenzyme that fights against oxidative stress, cell aging, recovery after heart attack, energy supply. Box of 45 capsules, take 2 to 3 capsules per day, 2 months.

These last 2 supplements at Lab Le Stum. Restore psycho-emotional balance In the onset of the disease, there is 30% stress, psychic aggression, depression. To rediscover the joy of living. QUIET-FULL (griffonia, B vitamins, Taurine, lithium, zinc…), it is the most effective anti-stress in France. 2 times 2 capsules (Lab Phyt'Inov). Tel: 00 41 32 466 89 14. Oxygen supply It's not just food for the lungs. Oxygenation affects the whole body. During resuscitation, a quantity of oxygen is injected. In addition, in many countries, ozone therapy is practiced intravenously. The results are exceptional, including in a set.This therapy is prohibited in France. 6°) Tal Schaller, Sandrine Muller Bohard, Alexandra Henrion Caude, Luc Bodin, already sometimes for a year, recommend other natural substances of regeneration and detox: Grapefruit seed macerate extracts have a regenerating and detoxifying action. Just like magnesium chloride, baking soda, c60 charcoal, milk thistle, quercetin, green clay

Luc Bodin's Detox protocol with baking soda: to be repeated once a month for 2 to 3 months It is necessary to put between 500g and 1kg of bicarbonate in at least 5 liters of water. Warm, then add hot water gradually. The higher the temperature, the stronger the effect, lasting 30 to 60 minutes. It is a drainage of toxic substances from the body. The explanation of its action would come from an electrolysis of the organism. Bicarbonate attracts toxins to the surface of the skin, it promotes the neutralization of acidosis in the body. It is a traditional substance that can be found on the internet or in certain supermarkets. Tal Schaller interview of December 31, 2021, with a CNRS research director Jean-Marc Sabatier.

He insists on the fact that, apart from people suffering from comorbidities, the appearance of side effects is often linked to a vitamin D deficiency. The most effective version to take, in terms of absorption, is Vitamin D calcidiol in a dosage of 4000 IU per day. For vitamin C, you should ideally opt for the liposomal version, which is, in the same way, assimilated more quickly. it is also advisable to take in parallel magnesium, vitamin K2, zinc. It is, taken together, that these substances have the optimal effects. We can also consider supplementation with glutathione and selenium so that the metabolism works better.

Against blood clotting disorders, he again mentions glutathione, herbal teas made from fresh Scots pine needles Other publications:

Energetics english french

Thank you to all of you.

Let's strengthen ourselves, regenerate ourselves as well as possible, stay united,



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