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more than 50 naturopathic recommendations by Dr JP Willem : essential oils, complements, homeopathy

hello I hope you are well. I am compiling here several dozen naturopathy, aromatherapy, homeopathy tools, which the brilliant Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem,have recommended in several videos and interviews,in the last 2 years.

Doctor, surgeon, anthropologist, aromatherapist, inventor of "resuscitation in the city" (ancestor of SAMU urgency public health organization in France), co-founder of Doctors Without Borders, founder of Barefoot Doctors and the Free Faculty of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedecine.

I hope he will be honored , as he should be, during his lifetime,as he is in his eighties. thank you for reading these recommendations, experimenting with those that resonate with you, according to your needs and circulating this precious and vital information; Many thanks to him and to you.

the updated protocol advised on July 1, 2022:

“We have food supplements capable of avoiding the virus. First of all: strengthen the immune defences:

• STIMU+, 2 times 2 capsules for one month. It contains three mushrooms, three essential oils, echinacea, alkylglycerols. For 10 years this product has proven its effectiveness. It prevents any infectious attack.

Restore the microbiota: bacteria are "little soldiers" that stimulate lymphocytes and natural killers. • ORTHOFLORE, 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 month. • Omega3 Linseed oil, the richest in linolenic acid which gives rise to polyunsaturated fatty acids. This oil reinforces membrane fluidity and inter-cellular communication (+anti-inflammatory and analgesic action), 2 capsules with 2 meals. • AFALG (Aphanizomenon seaweed with 120 active ingredients), 2 x 2 capsules.

In case of viral attack: EO = Essential Oil  LYSOVIR (4 EO with phenol, antivirals). 2 capsules before the 3 meals 3 weeks, then 2 times 2 capsules, 15 days.  PROPOLIS PURE, reinforces the action of EO, 2 times 2 capsules.  LYSO-HOME in atmospheric diffusion. Since the Covid crisis, there has been a rush among shrinks. The increase in consultations particularly concerns children and young adults up to the age of 25: emotional fatigue, memory loss, lack of desire and desire, feeling decoded, among schoolchildren: malaise, bullying and school phobia.  QUIET-FULL, 2 times 2 capsules. These different food supplements at the Phyt-Inov lab, tel: 00 41 32 466 89 14."

Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem specified in January 2022 the principles of the technique of care against current pulmonary problems by EO (essential oils) which he calls "Living embalming":

With an allusion to the ancient Egyptian civilization, which already used and mastered aromatherapy. "A mixture of 40 drops of essential oil is applied to the chest and upper back by massage and not orally, for a short period.

When a viral pathology is particularly acute, an exceptional way to block viral infection is to use a technique called "living embalming". It consists of applying a very high volume of essential oils (10 ml!) in a single application to a large body surface. The strongly antiviral essential oil is applied pure on the skin, then only afterwards, a little vegetable oil (calendula or other) will be put on the skin tissue. Once this treatment is completed, the doses applied return to normal and comply with the antiviral protocol. All aromatherapy teachers know this technique.

Phenol EOs have the amazing ability to bind to the outer membrane of viruses and thus destroy the envelope protecting the virus. The viral particles exposed by this activity become detectable by our defense systems and are immediately destroyed.massage his chest and upper back 4 times a day with the 4 antiviral essential oils whose effectiveness has been recognized, EO Eucalyptus globulus and radiata, Ravintsara and Laurel noble, 10 drops of each in massage. and the different tools at our disposal to cleanse ourselves of toxic particles or increase our natural immunity.

1. Chelation Chlorella, glutathione or N-acetyl-cysteine, magnesium malate, alpha-lipoic acid or even sulfur amino acids help in the chelation of heavy metals.

2. Detoxification Because most of the detoxification process takes place in the liver, it is essential to support and protect liver function, hepatocyte membranes and their ability to produce endogenous antioxidants. SILYDIUM (EO Cultivated Carrot, Milk Thistle), 2 x 2 capsules, Labo Phyt-Inov. The hepatic detoxification stage includes 3 phases: *- The biotransformation phase: transforms toxic substances by oxidation into intermediate metabolites. This phase 1 involves cytochrome P450 enzymes which neutralize foreign substances.

The active ingredients (anti-free radicals) that act at this level are SOD (superoxide dismutase), glutathione or GSH (an essential ingredient in the detoxification process of all cells in the body. Protected in the liposome, the molecule is directly bioavailable This form is preferred to NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), precursor of GSH, the transformation of which, to be optimal, requires special and rarely met dietary conditions. The formula also contains alpha-lipoic acid ( another R.L), magnesium, zinc, selenium and group B vitamins.- The conjugation phase (or inactivation): makes it possible to inactivate the toxic intermediate metabolites and make them soluble in water in order to be able to eliminate them more easily. The active ingredients that act at this level are broccoli, glutathione or N-acetyl-cysteine, taurine, methionine, zinc, selenium and group B vitamins.

*- The phase of elimination: makes it possible to evacuate the inactivated and soluble toxins by the kidneys or by the intestines via the gallbladder. The active ingredients that act at this level are milk thistle, birch, potassium and dandelion.

Once the toxins have been transformed, rendered hydrophilic, they continue on their way to be eliminated either through the kidneys or through the bile: two functions not neglected because it is essential to stimulate them if we want to get rid of them effectively. xenobiotics!

3. Protection and reinforcement of the ground:

Once rid of toxic substances (heavy metals and Xenobiotics), it is necessary to restore the proper functioning of the metabolism in order to strengthen the field (immunity, antioxidant capacity, vitality, nervous system, etc.) thanks to minerals such as zinc and magnesium and group B vitamins. These different dietary supplements can be found in 2 products: DETOXIK and DETOXINAT at Labo Copmed: (0033)-5 49 28 01 36.

Two protocols In all my humanitarian missions related to epidemics (Ebola, Chikungunya, Dengue, SARS, MERS…) I took magnesium chloride in sachets.

Magnesium chloride: Immunostimulants, it helps in the formation of antibodies; Anti-infective, it stimulates phagocytosis; Ground restorer, it blocks the proliferation of germs; Nerve regulator, it normalizes the excitability of the nerves; General stimulant of the organism, it increases the resistance and the activity of the cells. Restores transit (constipation) Natural sedative and antidepressant; Put 1 sachet or 2 in a bottle of water. Drink 2 glasses

Homeopathic treatment during vaccination • The day before: Thuja occidentalis 9CH: one dose • The same day: Thuja occidentalis 5CH, 3 granules three times a day and Isotherapic vaccine 5CH, 1 dose in the morning. • Immediately after vaccination to avoid fever and any inflammation (local or meningeal): Belladonna 30CH, one dose. • Silicea 5CH, 3 granules twice a day. • The 2nd day: Thuya occidentalis 9CH, one dose in the morning on an empty stomach, to prevent the child's condition from becoming sycotic (blocking of immunity and establishment of a chronic disease such as rheumatism), and to avoid bring out a family disease like eczema and asthma (as BCG did a lot). • The 3rd day: Thuja occidentalis 15CH in the morning on an empty stomach. • The 4th day: Thuja occidentalis 30CH, one dose in the morning on an empty stomach. • The 5th day: Isotherapy of the vaccine injected in 30CH, 1 dose on the 5th and 20th day (in the morning on an empty stomach), to eliminate the specific effects of the vaccine injected that day.

I recommend my book “Pollution and Health”. Ed. Dangles (in bookshops).

N.B: For decades I have been confronted with detoxification problems, an essential maneuver for this I have recourse to field medicine to obtain a restored and healthy organism; the most effective and radical technique is the Japanese sauna, which I keep telling you about. Do a few sessions and you will see an obvious improvement.

Possibility of coupling with sessions of Jacquier breath of fresh air to reinforce oxygenation, especially if you suffer from sequelae " And to neutralize this virus, our "little biochemical bombs" are available!

Infectious mononucleosis (EBV - Epstein Barr)  EO Ravintsara 5ml  EO Tea tree 3ml  EO Eucalyptus radiata 2ml 10 drops on each inner side of the arms twice a day for 10 days. And, 4 drops of this synergy in a dumpling of bread to swallow twice a day with meals for 3 weeks.

After resuscitation or loss of smell, resort to "living embalming". Living embalming  EO Ravintsara 7ml  EO Mentha piperita 2ml  EO Eucalyptus radiated 2 ml  TECT Palmarosa 2ml  HV Macadamia 5ml First, make a live embalming, then apply 15 to 20 drops on each inner side of the arms 3 times a day for 7 days, then 2 times a day for 10 additional days AND 5 drops of this same synergy on a medium to swallow 3 times a day for 10 days."

In December 2021, he listed in an interview, in 30 minutes, 35 prevention and natural health tools to strengthen his natural immunity, his macrobiota, his morale or fight against viral, pulmonary infections, sinusitis or nasopharyngitis, flu, angina and explain the functioning of the human body, in particular the priority of detoxifying and stimulating the field, sincerely and in a good mood!

during 50 years of care and observation, he found that the same population is never affected, at the same time, by two acute pathologies

-Stimu+ supplements from Phyt'inov (based on echinacea, maitake, shiitake, reishi and essential oils with phenols) but often out of stock. -Immutione from Laboratoires Le Stum - Stimulating defensive prebiotics for the macrobiota. - supplements: zinc, LIPOSOMAL vitamin C (200 times more effective than classic vit. c), vitamin D - antioxidant: glutathione and NAC - Sublinthion also from Lestum - Mucomyst.

personally I buy the NAC and sulfur msm at

-Haarlem oil: 3 varieties of sulfur available in the form of capsules to treat infections at the ENT crossroads - essential oils (for the flu, pneumopathies or other pulmonary and respiratory infections): eucalyptus radiata (intervenes early in the nose to block viral attacks) eucalyptus globulus (prevents the spread of infections in the lungs), ravintsara, noble laurel... orally (capsules), cutaneously or by atmospheric diffusion (LYSO HOME and LYSO SPRAY, Phyt-Inov lab - homeopathy: influenzinum 7 and 9CH, Oscillococcinum, Aconitum Napellus against fever ("dry") and Belladonna 7CL (fever with sweating), Eupatorium Perfoliatum 5CH (3 granules 3 times a day) for myalgia muscle pain, Rhus Toxicodron for joint pain, arthralgia, (movement) or "still" joint pain Bryonia. -Gemmotherapy -complement: "Quiet full" from Phyt' Innov -orthoflora or curcumin (to relieve and cleanse the macrobiota) -Sambucus Nigra 7ch (elderberry) or Nux Vomica to fight against nasal obstructions. - Mercurius 7CH: 3 varieties against angina and bacterial infections -generic Ivermectin -Lyso-spray (Phyt'invov) nux vomica to detoxify the intestines and fight against sinusitis

his advice from March 2021 still relevant He points out that this knowledge has existed, at least, for a millennium thanks in particular to the doctor Ibn Sina or Avicenna. And that they were still widely present in France until fifty years ago. And have reappeared in the last few years. Against viral infections in particular pulmonary (follow my look) he recommends 4 essential oils: Malagasy ravintsara: multiple traditional antiviral uses, calming and to facilitate sleep. As an antiviral, you can use savory (anti-infective, purifying and powerful stimulant effects), niaouli (stimulates the immune system) or compact oregano (very fortifying and acts against infections) Eucalyptus radiata at the start of infection. It invigorates the mind and invigorates the body. Eucalyptus globulus (multiple virtues on the respiratory system and against winter inconveniences and in particular if the infection is already present in the bronchi and you have to clear the breath And finally the noble laurel / Laurus nobilus (powerful purifier, clears the breath, cleanses the mouth, brings strength and courage). He mentions other very effective essential oils for other disorders: Neroli (bitter orange / citrus aurantium) as a natural anxiolytic (2 drops on the solar plexus) Liveche / levisticum officinale to help detoxify the body and to stimulate the body. Lavender: in particular to calm psycho-emotional anxieties but this plant has nearly 200 molecules or active ingredients: restorative, for care of sensitive skin, it provides serenity and well-being. Chinese cinnamon / Cassia cinnamonum: against the papillomavirus. It is also positive and known for its aphrodisiac virtues. Cineole rosemary / rosmarinus officinalis to promote memory. Ciste ladanifere / Cistus Ladaniferus to stimulate memory, regulate the body's natural defences. To be used as an anti-aging active Wintergreen as an analgesic, for joint and muscle comfort. Helichrysum against hematomas and to stimulate the immune system. Against allergies he also recommends, for example, 1 ampoule of manganese in Oligo sol. And a cure of 100 drops in the morning of macerate of blackcurrant buds. This product was recommended as early as the 18th century to strengthen its vitality and energy.

in a video that he made a year ago, he explained how to deal with viruses in the best conditions, he already recommended:

"Strengthen the thymic action by taking homeopathic granules of thymulin in 9CH. 2 pellets 3 times a day. This replaces the action of the thymus which is deficient in the elderly and immunocompromised people” and which is normally secreted by the thymus. It activates the division of lymphocytes.

He recommends carrying out “applications of Vicks Vapo Rub balm on the chest and throat in adults, to prevent bacterial production in the upper airways (angina, bronchitis) .

For an antiviral action, essential oils can be sprayed on handkerchiefs (climarome by Dr. Valnet) or in steam diffusers (ravintsara, eucalyptus, lavender) “ He recalled that “you have to stop panicking and stressing for nothing, because the more you stress, the more you attack your immune system”.

It's so obvious when one is aware how the fear hormone cortisol seriously impacts the body and the psyche over time.

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