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How to cleanse your liver and gallbladder using the ANDREAS MORITZ Protocol

Dernière mise à jour : 27 nov. 2023

hello, namaste,

Every year, millions of people around the world suffer from biliary colic, including 30 million in the USA alone.

In most cases, removal of the gallbladder is recommended, a serious operation that does not always resolve the situation, because often it is also and above all the liver that is impacted.

And the liver is one of the most important organs.

You should know that we only begin to perceive discomfort in the liver when 60% of this organ is obstructed by stones and liver tests in the lab often prove, until then, still "normal".

And yet the secretion of bile necessary for the normal functioning of the liver (1.6 liters / day) is already reduced to one cup, which leads to insufficient digestion, therefore intestinal problems and increasing intoxication with the appearance of various symptoms: back, arteries, joints...

This cure is to be repeated every month, approximately, until the "harvest" of stones is nil, Knowing that the liver cleans itself from its center, around the bile ducts, and that, step by step, it brings, between two treatments, the surrounding waste to the center.

Successive cures allow them to be evacuated.

Cleansing the liver has a wide variety of beneficial effects: on joint pain, osteoporosis, thyroid, breasts, lungs, heart, skin, prostate, intestines, eyes, etc.

Above all, it makes you want to deepen your regeneration and experiment with balanced nutrition, naturopathy and epigenetics, even more in depth. And to make this protocol known around you.

This preventive cleaning is a powerful means of health, and often has beneficial effects on many pathological symptoms.

Surprise yourself! It's simple, fast and only costs a few euros.

For my part, it is the naturopathic tool with the most powerful potential that I have tested in recent years.

Within one week, we feel a great and deep increase in energy, the liver regains its power and its role in detoxifying the blood, in particular and it relieves the other emunctories, the other organs and the body as a whole, which is often in a state of inflammation, and generalized acidification, which unbalances the endocrine, hormonal and immune systems.

Andreas Moritz did considerable work more than 25 years ago, which has enabled many people to take charge of themselves and cleanse themselves naturally, without pain, of their hepatic gallstones and gallbladder.

Gallstones are linked to many chronic diseases commonly prevalent in the world today: most adults who suffer from osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes or heart disease also have thousands of gallstones that block the hepatobiliary ducts.

Andreas Moritz offers a simple and effective method to eliminate these calculus stones, which everyone can apply at home; it also gives practical information to prevent the formation of new gallstones and to maintain the liver in good condition.

Personally, I have performed the protocol several times: each time, it has deeply boosted me and I have done it, completely, 5 times, once a month, in 2021, as long as stones were expelled. In total, I got rid of more than 700 stones. 90% were 1 to 2 mm3, the others still from 5 mm3 to 1 cm3.

It also allowed me to familiarize myself for the first time with therapeutic fasting, even if here its duration is less than 24 hours, the last day.


-6 liters of organic apple juice

-2 sachets of 30g of magnesium sulphate diluted in 3/4 of a liter of water.

-1/2 glass of olive oil or 120ml

-1/2 glass of grapefruit or orange and lemon juice


Drink 1 liter of apple juice a day for 6 days, outside of meals. Apples, in fact, contain malic acid which softens stones.

Eat normally, while reducing animal proteins, which produce a lot of waste and therefore clog the elimination pathways, which the calculations are preparing to borrow.

From the 5th day, completely remove all fats.

The 6th day: no food from 2 p.m., except water.

Personally, I completely fast that day to have the cleanest intestines possible. It is also recommended to wash the colon on the 6th day before taking magnesium sulphate.

So you drank your bottle of apple juice. At 6 p.m., drink 1/4 of the magnesium sulphate preparation (possibly with a few drops of lemon for taste). The role of this beverage is to dilate the hepatobiliary ducts.

-8 p.m.: take a 2nd glass of the magnesium sulphate preparation.

Get ready to go to bed immediately after the next drink.

-9:45 p.m., go to the bathroom to eliminate everything you can.

-10 p.m., drink the grapefruit/oil mixture, having shaken the potion well in a shaker, while standing, and without delay. You have to drink all at once. Immediately afterwards, lie on your back, head raised on the pillow, and stay 20min without moving. it is important!

The next morning, when you wake up, take the 3rd glass of magnesium sulphate (not before 6am). You can then go back to bed; 2 hours later, take the 4th and last glass.

2 hours later, you can start taking a fresh fruit juice.

All you have to do is wait for the moment when you feel like you have to sit on the toilet. Do not plan to leave your home until late afternoon that day; 2 hours after the end of the expulsions, you can have a very light meal.

Place an old colander in the toilet if you want to collect the stones. Old, they are dark green; clear, coppery, if more recent.

You will certainly have a bowel movement several times and each time you will recover stones.

In the following 24 hours, it is recommended to proceed to a new enema of the colon.

I was so impressed with the results of my first cleanse that I purchased several of his books. These are treasures for those who want to understand human physiology, how their body works and how to take care of it, how to best eat, what products to consume. I highly recommend them, they are basic books.

He also invested a lot in explaining the benefits of ENERCHI-ART: the benefits of the contemplation of beauty and art on health.Which has also been demonstrated by Masaru Emoto since . And which were already present in many civilizations, close to nature, such as the principle of HOZHO of the Navajo Amerindians, which Gregg Braden spoke about recently.

The Andreas Moritz Light trust foundation was created in 2013, in honor of the kindness and generosity of this exceptional man, who died in 2012.

Andreas Moritz has long held an open forum "ask Andreas Moritz" on the popular website

Although it ceased this activity in 2006, the site still contains extensive archives.

Let's thank Andreas Moritz and let's continue to make known to as many people as possible this precious information on health sovereignty and regeneration, natural reinforcement, that's what would make him happy.

We are required by law to state that these books are published for educational purposes. Andreas Moritz was convinced that the knowledge in his books should be presented to anyone wishing to improve their health preventively. Although they are not intended to replace medical treatment or diagnosis by a doctor.

Nevertheless, everyone remains free to use their free will in the best possible way, to experiment for themselves and to remain curious.


Sat nam


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