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Philosophies and wisdom of the past and today

Dernière mise à jour : 27 nov. 2023

Hi I hope you're doing fine.

In the current period of turbulences, it is vital to anchor oneself but also to go ahead on the right path of evolution, awakening and enlightment, receive the good intuitions, be guided by spirituality and philosophical teachings to find the right balance.

Learning to "surf the waves of life", and to manage the "controlled imbalance" well, as Joel de Rosnay says, the expert of energetics and surfer, by increasing our adaptive capacity and forging our convictions. I'am happy to share this publication today based on many positive spiritual roots and wisdoms. Ancient and ancient authors: La Boétie, Spinoza, Marcus Aurelius, Plato (allegory of the cave), Taoism, Egyptian Heka, and others, current or from recent times: Satyagraha by Gandhi, Jiddu Krisnamurti, Philippe Bobola, Ariane Bilheran, Don Miguel Ruiz, Philippe Guillemant... And the sites, Victory Enki, Vidgita Investigation, Satanama Yuga, among others, to which I am infinitely grateful, for having accelerated my evolution. Mostly in french, except the first one which is available in many languages.

When I was a student, philosophy was difficult to me, so abstract, most of the time. It must be said that certain texts and authors, which I remember, such as those of Emmanuel Kant or Descartes, are indeed particularly indigestible. If we had put our attention on the texts below, without a doubt, I would have found Philosopy fascinating.

Many philosophical teachings are indeed, a few centuries and even millenia after, strikingly current and need to be shared again to enlighten us at a time when collectively we are once again going through a difficult period of transition. Humans should also ask themselves, how can a philosopher of the 4th century BC, such as Socrate or Plato, describe so precisely the events which we are currently experimenting? Isn't this a proof of the cyclical and non-linear evolution of human history, and that a certain civilizational collapse had already taken place, compared to a previous golden age, mentioned by most ancient cultures?

On my side, i am convinced about the cycles explained by Don Miguel Ruiz in " beyond fear" or Dolores Cannon, Edgar Cayce and the human history described on the site but each one is free to make up one's mind independantly. It is obvious today though that to get an idea of ​​the real story of human history, one must use parallel means to official historical accounts, such as medium people, channelling, , and regressive hypnosis. +++++++++++++ According to the Hindu tradition, we are going through today the dark, "iron" age, the kali-yuga. Let's stay positive, however, because the shadow, indirectly, continues to "work for the light": the movement of awakening and awareness is growing, a global positive process is gaining power around us, inevitably. In the body and nature, this is called the law of homeostasis, a process of rebalancing, as soon as the natural forces regain energy, they cleanse themselves, until they reach a new balance .

The french healer Sandrine Muller Bohard explains too, in some of her videos, the law of the pendulum in the universe :

When a process with a certain effect impacts, subsequently, automatically, sooner or later, an opposite process comes to rebalance things, with the same force.It's another universal law. Just a matter of time. Humans and their rulers will soon be "up against the wall" and will have no choice but to give up their destructive way of life, to stop creating dissonance, through their daily choices, as much for themselves as for the environment around them and other species.

The canadian writer Guislaine Lanctot borrowed in 2002 to Mirra Alfassa, called " The Mother" , in Auroville, India, and to her disciple Satprem, the expression of " evolutionary necessity".

" We are at the time of the intolerable pressure, to force ourselves to take the leap into another consciousness".We are at the time of revelations, the truth comes out of the silence, the omerta is shattered, we come out of ignorance and illusion. we must bless this adversity which opens our conscience"

It is, unfortunately, human nature to desire change, but unconsciously to refuse it for oneself and to procrastinate. It is instinctive to prefer security, however illusory, and comfort, however painful, to complete questioning and confrontation with a truth that deeply questions. This is what is explained in "Plato's allegory of the cave", taken from his book VII° about "the Republic".He explains the escape of mankind from the world of illusion to the freedom. It is likely that much will happen, until a sufficient number of human beings awaken, change their state of mind and raise their consciousness again, open up back to a benevolent spirituality. All the more since human beings have developed, through force and violence, a high degree of resistance to pain.

The tipping point has not yet been reached, but it is very close. It is therefore essential to take a step back, as much as possible, and see the tangle of current crises and violence as accelerating factors for evolution, and positive change. Here a link with a video narrated by Orson Welles We should therefore not be surprised though that the violence still increase proportionally, until, as Aristotle and Plato said, the "thunderbolt, the flash of amazement, the glare of truth" will eventually be digested and humans will see clearly again. And above all, act with discernment. +++++++++++++ On this point, let's also remain positive, because to change a society, it is not necessary to be in the majority in the population, by the principles of mimicry and morphic fields, also called the law of the hundredth monkey. It is a universal principle present in nature. This is reinforced today by the unprecedented potential in recent human history of the Internet networks.

Once a learning is acquired by a sufficient number of individuals, it generalizes rapidly throughout the population, with and even without physical contact.

Text written by Claire De Brabander version of 02/20/2009 taken from page


It is possible to read more about morphic field theory or other complements hypotheses, testimonies and experiences made or reported on the following sites:

Rupert Sheldrake's website:

the page of Rupert Sheldrake's site which talks about morphic fields:

An interview with Rupert Sheldrake directed by Patrice Van Eersel for the magazine "Nouvelles Clés":


This is also explained here: ( french only) In this complete and fascinating interview of Philippe Bobola - physicist, biologist, anthropologist, psychoanalyst -, by Anna from the "summit of consciousness" about the great quantum awakening that is underway in our civilization. "We can all be co-creators, architects of the future society that is being built today. Humanity must decide to take its destiny into its own hands, to get out of fears, to rediscover its original power and its sovereignty; to positively channel the virtually untapped infinite creative power given to us by nature and the universe. We must rethink the educational system, politics, the social contract of living together. Create a "Socio-cosmo-cracy": a society guided by natural and universal laws. Instead of abiotic laws contrary to the laws of life. The western countries had erased the invisible world, leaving it to esotericism and the occult. It will have to continue to rediscover universal spirituality.

Despite significant "collateral damage", humanity needed a catastrophe to bifurcate and restart at year zero. According to Bobola and J.J.Rousseau, man is naturally good. It is education and society that would have brought competition, division and separation. The quantum "great awakening" is vibrational waves. It will be based on "reliance". Just as Life is the result of interactions between cells. Not all countries will evolve at the same pace, but a global transformation will take place through an "International Domino Game". According to Bobola, the "conspirators" are mostly "questionists". Just like Socrates who already, through questions tried to bring out or tend towards the truth. We will have to change internally the way of seeing the world. Not in terms of opposition but of complementarity, rediscovering social ties and the meaning of life. He cites as an example the traumatic experiences already lived by the native american peoples, and many "first nations", the Tibetans, who did lose much of the meaning of life, the esteem of themselves, their culture and finally pride in their origins. He explains this recurring process that we see again: stigmatization of opponents (anti-Semitism, apartheid...), dehumanization, psychiatrization. The "dominant" ostracize the minority from society, impose "sociological laws" and impact "norms" on them.

He analyzes the controversial quote from J.P.Sartre: "We have never been as free as under the occupation": according to the fact that the more violent the adversity is, the more imperative it is for everyone to position themselves in their soul and conscience. Today, we must, once again, save our souls and uphold our ancestral fundamental values. According to him the "great reset" of K. Schwab can only be a failure because the different living beings are interconnected and in permanent interaction and are transformed individually in an environment in permanent change and naturally they cannot conform to a global standardization. He quotes Pascal in "the thoughts": "Everything being helped and helping, caused and causing, mediate and immediate. All maintained by an invisible and insensitive link that binds the most distant and the most different. I hold it impossible to understand the different parts than to understand the whole without particularly understanding the different parts. And is inspired by Descartes: "We must certainly deconstruct the components to understand them but then reconstruct to be able to understand globally". Life and the universe are based on a sum of links and on cycles, on diversity. We are now even talking about a multiverse. The cosmos wants another form of connection between humans and with nature, the opposite of division and standardization. Humanity must get out of the principle of domination/submission which is the engine of revolutions; finding harmony by balancing the concepts of freedom and equality. According to "the Republic of Plato": Freedom ,without any limit, in extreme, leads to a right-wing totalitarianism. An unchecked oligarchy leads to tyranny. Equality without any limit, in extreme, leads to uniformity and leftist totalitarianism. There are three key words for him: Consciousness, Knowledge, Imagination. People don't have the same way of waking up. According to certain studies, the most educated are the least discerning of globality, due to the exacerbation of specialization. On the other hand, the world is double: as many traditions explain. Ordinary reality is coupled with non-ordinary reality, with the invisible world and auxiliary spirits, the Masters of animals and plants, luminous spirits, other dark ones and sometimes even the dead people. Our society is associated with a celestial society. The Bible mentions "the heavenly Jerusalem". Awakened beings must contact it..

According to a study by the Institute of Nonviolent Action in the USA: it would be enough for only 3.5% of people to want global change and connect to a field of future possibility to attract it and accelerate its realization. Common, multiplied actions or "medit'actions" would cause an exponential transformation according to the natural property of cooperativity that exists in nature, or in our organism. The more clusters of people who are awake, aware, understanding of the situation, the more cooperativeness will play, accelerate and amplify the process. In Ibiza. They are already 7,000 people out of 150,000 inhabitants. The critical threshold of 5,600 has been exceeded. For more details:

A non-violent change and a historic awakening in humanity has been set in motion, inescapable. Going back is impossible. Non-violent movements drain 4 times more people and are 2 times more likely to succeed. (according to a study carried out over the period 1900/2003 and 323 movements) Violence cuts us off from our double and is not in accordance with celestial laws. It is necessary to be as often as possible in certainty, benevolence, joy, even love.

In two books: "the Toltec agreements" and "beyond fear", Don Miguel Ruiz, the author, shaman, medium, Mexican healer, of Amerindian origin of "nagual Toltec" lineage is also right in the news.

These books are essential to know the hidden story of human history and understand the roots of what is happening today.

They give methods and tools to best cope with the current turbulences, to get out of this world based on fears and suffering, to cleanse oneself of emotional poison, to go on the path of balance, harmony, personal and collective liberation, getting out of the "domestication" that humans have suffered and accumulated over many generations. When I think that these books are more than 20 years old, and come from ancestral wisdom, we can, again, only be impressed by the accuracy of these prophecies and today we must continue to inform, share and help those who have not yet begun their regeneration and awakening.

The seeds sown always end up germinating.

Extract of " beyond fear" :

"Back to life...

I was no longer the same, for the first time, I opened my eyes...

I was living in a false dream.

The Angel of death changed into the Angel of life, transforming the drama of life in comedy. Dead you were, in the tomb of illusion your mind slept.

The long lethargy of hell. Your eyes changed, again they admire beauty.

The awakening of my divine consciousness, an unconscious divinity lay there.

Now from my being, love emanates…”

The 5 toltec agreements : Let your word be impeccable

📘 Don't make it personal

📘 Don't make assumptions

📘 Always do your best

📘 Be skeptical but learn to listen

Another world is possible and already exists around core values ​​of freedom, sharing, listening, compassion, benevolence, respect, tolerance, mutual aid, solidarity, love and friendship.

We just need to be more numerous to group our intentions, and our attention centered on our benevolent energies and to act concretely, here and now, in networks.

Everyone has a specific role to play, depending on one s own qualities, talents, gifts and passions. The current adversity also serves the light, the awareness, among other things, of our missions of incarnation and spiritual awakening.


More than ever, we should follow in the footsteps of some like Mahatma Gandhi, during his fight against discrimination and colonial repression, first in South Africa, then in India. From the mobilization of the "salt satyagraha", the salt march of April 1930, by dint of boycott, strikes, civil disobedience, non-violent marches, and above all perseverance and determination, he and Sarojini Naidu ended up bringing behind them tens, hundreds of thousands and then millions of civilians and together they ended up discrediting in the media, and making bend the British occupier. He was a "beacon of light" in the darkness and violence of the colonial occupation. In the face of fierce military repression, there is no other course of action. His messages and values, taken up later by Pastor Martin Luther King, among others, are still relevant today. The principles of "satyagraha": "force of truth" in Sanskrit; non-violent mobilization; "Ahimsa": the life present in all things must be respected are universal means of action. Let us pay tribute to all those who fought for the respect of their dignity and freedom and who continue to do so today, with their only weapons of courage, conviction, faith, will and perseverance. thank you

Jiddu Krisnamurti

"The art of seeing is the only truth.

The mature mind ignores comparison.

Education consists in understanding the child as he-she is, without imposing on him-her the image of what we think he-she should be.

We always seek to bridge what is and what should be, and thereby give rise to a state of contradiction and conflict where all energies are lost.

Put away the book, description, authority and hit the road to find out for yourself.

Fear blocks the intelligent understanding of life.

It is not a sign of good mental health to be well adapted to a sick society.

Don't let the words think for you. Have an inhabited word.

Meditation is the major art of the human being.

What I ask of you is to open your mind, not to believe.

The ignorant is not the one who lacks erudition, but the one who does not know him-herself" Shanti Shanti Shanti Sarojini Naidu's speech upon her arrival in the USA Salt March - in English - Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace, dispassion, calm, tranquility, prosperity, bliss. ​++++++++++++++ Poem by Lao Tseu quoted by Philippe Guillemant and Sylvain Didelot, at the end of this video and in his book: "the great turn of humanity"

LAO TSEU (6th century BC. Born in - 571 in China) the Sage at the origin of Taoism …………………… “Stiffness is the characteristic of death, softness is the characteristic of life. The man should be flexible and not hard, candid and not cunning. He must not have interests, not desire. He must be altruistic, transparent, pure in spirit and natural. What is hard breaks easily, what is soft resists. What is hard is not necessarily strong, what is soft is really strong. The wind has no body or form, yet it can knock down houses and trees.

Water has three specific properties: It feeds everything, being flexible it does not struggle and lets events take their natural course, it flows in the humble places that people disdain. Like water, the virtuous man voluntarily adopts a humble attitude; like deep, clear water, it remains silent and solitary; just as water nourishes everything with impartiality, he does not expect a reward

when he is doing well. He always acts in truth and honesty, like the first reflection of an object in water. Thanks to its docile nature, water can take any form by adapting to its container. Water can take any form, it can enter crevices and encircle mountains. Nothing is softer and weaker than water, but water is able to penetrate hard objects. Although water is soft and weak, it can destroy solid objects and overcome large obstacles. Softness and weakness are indestructible and triumphant in the face of strength and hardness. The sea can be the queen of hundreds of rivers, forcing them to flow into it because it is lower than them. When things are growing, don't stop them; When things grow, don't make them yours; When things turn out well, don't claim to be the author; When success comes, don't take advantage of it. Honors lead to discord and wealth to greed. To satisfy their desires men intrigue. Such greed is the root of the problems. The one who transacts business without calculation, neither profit nor loss, will be amply rewarded. Modesty engenders Love and Respect for others.

Think about the happiness of others and your own wishes will be fulfilled. We will achieve success by living righteously, it is part of the Law of Nature. So is the creation that includes all beings. Creation does not concern itself with personal interests, it simply integrates and is accomplished. In the world, people see only the usefulness of what is, but never the advantages of what is not. Our needs are limited but our desires endless. Excess disturbs, misleads, distorts, leads to insecurity and amorality. By wanting too much to pursue one's ambition without knowing how to stop, one reaps anxiety and misfortunes, and not comfort and contentment. Having a high position is considered noble and provides a sense of superiority. For this reason the fear of losing esteem leads to depression. The man must be open and disinterested. If he can overcome the idea of ​​life and death, he will no longer be affected by insults and praise, and fear will disappear. One who attains simplicity of mind and tranquility can assimilate everything and understand the Law of the Change of Everything. Do not flaunt your abilities, you will be noticed all the more. Don't think you're always right, you'll only be more popular. Don't brag and what you do will be more effective. Let go of arrogance and your actions will be more enduring.

It is because a man does not compete with others that no one will think of harming him. The ability to understand what is good or bad about others just shows that your mind is sharp. Whereas the ability to know your true Self shows the ability of your inner gaze. The ability to physically triumph over others just shows that you are strong. While being in control shows your determination. Being satisfied with one's life and not attaching oneself to material possessions is what being rich is all about. The virtuous man does not know that he is virtuous. The benevolent man does good without conscious intention. A person who thinks he is wise tries to be perfect by using his intelligence. This is the cause of his stupidity. Teaching without words and acting without effort is the most effective way. This is how I understand the benefit of effortless action. Be content with what you have and you will suffer no humiliation. Know how to stop in time and you will not incur any danger. There is no greater disaster than discontent. No sin is worse than greed. Contentment alone can give you permanent satisfaction. If everyone knew contentment, the world would live in peace. The knowledge of all things is not found in a distant land. It is in your mind. If you are able to restrain your mistakes, there is nothing more that you cannot do. I show kindness to good people, but also to the wicked. Thus they are encouraged to return to goodness. I behave with kindness towards honest people as well as dishonest ones. So everyone will become honest. If we can keep our minds calm and centered, conduct ourselves properly, prudently, and not compete to win, nothing untoward will surprise us. Simplify your mind, purify your desires, never be too close or too far from others. Thus neither honor nor humiliation can reach you, and you will ignore them

Fighting and anger are acts of aggression. Not fighting, not feeling provoked, not displaying strength, not being tyrannical, are qualities in accordance with the Laws of Nature. Thinking that you understand what you don't know is a big mistake. Recklessly displaying your toughness is like defying death, while showing your flexibility allows you to live. To succeed without competing, to obtain answers without asking questions, to accept what is spontaneously manifested without having to ask for it, this is a Law of Nature. The rules of Nature are flexibility, efficiency, pacifism. Men should follow these rules and let go of their desire to be strong, tough and hungry for wars. After a strong quarrel, the reconciliation leaves in the heart hints of hatred. Is this a good solution? A man who sees cannot explain the sun to a blind man. We can point to the moon, but the finger is not the moon. To look at the moon means to see beyond the finger. One should not do good for the purpose of profiting from it. There is no reason to honor those who act to deserve.

A rooster that has no intention of fighting will not be attacked. If, on the other hand, he is provoked, he will instantly unleash his strength and abilities. The sage goes about his daily business without personal interest or motivation. He teaches without using words. A wise person is egoless. He-she expresses neither affection (exaggerated) nor aversion. Everyone is equal in his-her eyes. Humble and without quarrels, the wise person wins the Love and Respect of others. The wise one has no prejudices. He-she accepts everyone's ideas without mental barriers. Wisdom is the capacity to temper one's violence, to simplify one's problems, to hide one's intelligence, to behave normally like everyone else and thus to achieve Union with the Universe, man's greatest achievement. Because the wise one does not compete, no one can compete with him-her. The wise one is the one who is able to recognize his her own ignorance. The true wise one is aware that the Tao of the Universe is in his her mind. He She is not looking elsewhere. A wise one does not desire to possess and does not accumulate any good. The more he-she gives, the more he-she receives. The principle of the wise one is "Benefit without harm". Thus he-she acts without competition. He-she uses the path of never fighting for any reason. The one who gives is richer than the one who who receives. Not fighting for honor and fame is a great virtue. When the concept of beauty arises, the concept of ugliness arises, when the concept of goodness arises, the concept of evil arises. Likewise, having and not having, difficulty and ease, long and short, high and low, behind and in front, etc.

Comparisons are values ​​and concepts created by moods. The definition of value judgments is always static because these values ​​are not eternal." +++++++++++++ Tribute to Estienne de La Boétie I invite you to discover his writing, because his “speech about voluntary servitude” (written in 1549, published in 1576) is impressively up to date. It helps us to understand what are the best reactions to have, the best actions to take. “They are only great because we are on our knees” "Of great subtlety and perspicacity, his finess of analysis" impresses and sheds light on the "protest paradigm" detailed in this remarkable video. Thanks to the “preceptor” ( in french ) Like the Stoician philosophers, he remarks that attention and energy should be focused only on what depends on us. Power is only a confrontation of forces and the oppressors despise the weak, nothing should be expected of them. To fight the oppressors is to nurture oppression, to legitimize it and to validate it. To exercise one's freedom is not to fight or to do something, it is to stop acting as the oppressors expect, to stop obeying. Relearn how to say no with determination, without being drawn into violence. We must reclaim resolute strength and reincarnate a deterrent force, a firmness and pride of soul. Resolve to serve no more and you are free For La Boétie, as for Hegel, the aggressor is more dependent on the people than the oppressed on their oppressors. It is therefore a call to take responsibility, to take responsibility and to exercise one's power of self-determination with will and power. To free oneself from one's oppressed condition rather than accuse the oppressors, which only confirms their power. Opposite of infantilization and dehumanization.

​He details the mechanisms of submission: -for practical reasons: By habit because of education in particular and the capacity for human adaptation, - which in no way excuses servitude. -For psychological interest: The intellectual comfort of positioning oneself as a victim and feeling better temporarily, thanks to the compassionate reactions that it triggers in those around you or on social networks, rather than making the effort to implement solutions to get out of it. This amounts to recognizing the superiority of the dominants and validating the relationship of domination. For philosophical interest. With the dichotomy between dominated, nice who would be weak and oppressors, wicked, who would be strong. the strong are not sensitive to the weak, accepting this scheme comes down again to endorsing the relationship of domination. Freedom is the real capacity to be able to carry out one's will. But is not the will alienated? Exercising power by force is too visible, the dominant would take the risk of causing a violent reaction. Domination is often exercised in a more cunning way: the will is softened in various more subtle ways and in particular by ephemeral pleasures, carnal pleasures, entertainment, consumption, the use of narcotics. Roman emperors were already good at entertaining the people in order to divert their attention from their objective real situation. By the comfort, the brutalization of the spirit, one makes the people asking for more leisure, agreeing and actor of his submission, rather than rebellious. The famous Roman ideology which was based on mass slavery, law and order thanks in particular to an army of professional legionnaires and on the dogma of unique thought, the concentration and centralization of powers: "one empire, one emperor, one religion".

Power is a battle of opposing forces. To achieve freedom, one must also embody strength. It is therefore up to the people to make it happen. Thanks to Claude Ovtcharenko who published a digital pdf book with the modernized version of this 16th century work. In french As part of the collection: "The classics of the social sciences" Website: A collection developed in collaboration with the Paul-Émile-Boulet Library of the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi Website: +++++++++++++ On a related subject, I was very impressed by this interview with Ariane Bilheran, author and Doctor in moral and political philosophy, in psychopathology, Franco-Colombian, based in Colombia.

She sheds light with great freedom of expression on the events of the past two years and offers her analysis of the evolutions of our capitalist societies in this difficult period of survival for many: totalitarian drift, plutocracy, society of the spectacle, confusion between artificiality and authenticity, search for immediate pleasure, narcissism, lack of demand, avoidance of frustration, Newspeak, moral degeneration, weakening of the educational system, return of the "banality of evil" , raised by Hannah Arendt. In french She describes the mechanisms of resilience and resistance, especially among those who have already lived through traumatic experiences and who have learned to overcome their fears. It draws up a serious observation that should question us deeply about our motivations in life, about our values. She quotes Guy Debord, Slobodan Despot, Reiner Fullmich, Pierre Barnérias, Hegel, Nietzsche, Liliane Lurcat, Jean-Paul brighelli, Condorcet, Giorgio Agamben, Hannah Arendt, Mark Mc Donald, Soljenitsyne, Bergson, and even Saint-François d' Assisi who, during a leprosy epidemic, put assistance to the population, the prevalence of humanity, and love above the risks he took by visiting the sick. +++++++++++++ A fascinating interview about the traditional primordial Stoic philosophy based on the principles and laws of nature explained in detail, and in particular on the writings left by one of the rare emperor-philosophers who have existed in history: Marcus Aurelius. In french


The current period also invites us to rediscover the philosophy of certain thinkers, such as Spinoza, who, more than four centuries ago, was already wondering, with accuracy, about a concept, central today, of freedom and free will. in french Are we really free? Independent of the determinations of the outside world? According to Spinoza, it is through awareness that one achieves freedom. By understanding that we are determined by influences that act on us, by our passions, our uncontrolled emotions, by the link of cause and effect. But we always have the choice not to receive the emotions of the outside world, especially when they are negative; We must relearn how to exercise the power of reason. What do we do with this cherished freedom?

I could also have spoken in more detail about Barbara Ziegler, Jiddu Krisnamurti, Edgar Morin, Hannah Arendt, Pierre Rabhi, Boris Cyrulnik and many others. Thank you for your interest. Let us share together the true aor-gold of the alchemists : Knowledge. Good energies to all of you. Let us strengthen ourselves and embody the deterrent force in non-violence. As the Chilean song says, "united, the people will always be victorious".


Sat nam

Namaskar : " the Light within me radiates with the Light inside of you "


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