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3 treasures of the traditional aboriginal pharmacopoeia of Oceania: niaouli, tea tree, eucalyptus

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I hope you are doing well.

The tributes I make every day to Mother Earth are not a posture.

Each day that passes, its telluric and spiritual energies help me to anchor and balance myself , improve my natural immunity and I am happy to see that very many people in France and in the world continue to be passionate about pharmacopoeia and naturopathy and to use them.

The more I do my research (I have listed more than 300 plants in the French English bilingual files below), the more I am impressed by the number of powerful plants that exist in the West or in other more tropical climates. Many have so many active ingredients that they act like polytherapies, with all the more chances of protecting preventively, healing and curing.

Today I am happy to share information on three treasures of traditional Aboriginal pharmacopoeias in Oceania for millennia.


It is a tree native to Australia and New Caledonia, at the heart of Kanak culture for many centuries. The essential oil produced from the leaves has many antiviral, anti-flu, analgesic, antirheumatic properties, against cold snaps, body aches.

Niaouli essential oil should also be a reflex against shingles: thanks to its antiviral and healing properties for the regeneration of damaged tissue.



It is a tree native to Australia whose oil produced from its twigs has properties similar to those extracted from niaouli. It is also called melaleuca or honey myrtle.

Its leaves were traditionally used by aborigines against colds, fever and congestion.

Australian chemist Penfold showed that his oil had eleven times the antimicrobial activity of phenol.

Many cosmetic products (soap, shampoo, bath oil) contain tea tree, the tea tree.

It can also be used in case of oral infections (abscess, gingivitis, oral mycosis), viral or bacterial infections, sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis. For all conditions, the ideal is external treatment: three times a day for five to six days, massage three or four drops into the skin.

For white teeth and perfect oral hygiene, place a drop of tea tree and a drop of lemon on your toothbrush.

Tea tree essential oil is particularly recommended in case of shingles, it fights it and limits the risk of secondary infection thanks to its excellent antiviral and immune stimulating properties.


The third is a chance now for humanity, because this tree with rapid growth and evergreen leaves, native to Australia, has become well acclimatized in many regions of the world, including in the south of France and around the Mediterranean.

It should be part of our naturopathic toolbox for all because its two main varieties, the radiata and the globulus have very powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects and their essential oils are very effective, such as the explains aromatherapy expert Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem.

I use it daily, with the tea tree, either for massages or for me as a preventive measure to strengthen my immunity.

The action of Eucalyptus radiata is specific to the ENT crossroads (nostrils), that of Eucalyptus globulus is specific to the bronchi and lungs, it is an effective expectorant and it clears the breath. .

Eucalyptus radiata is reputed against respiratory problems - sinusitis, bronchitis, colds - infantile otitis, flu.

In times of contagious viral epidemics, a simple gesture will protect you in prevention: apply four to six drops every day on the soles of the feet, the chest or the back.

To strengthen the immune defenses, you can use them in atmospheric diffusion with essential oils:

Essential oils are essential when it comes to stopping viruses. Energizing and stimulating, it purifies the air.

Put 10 ml of EO of Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus globulus and EO of Ravintsara in the diffuser.

Diffuse twice for 20 minutes (in a small room).

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to fight inflammation caused by, for example, shingles. It also has analgesic properties on skin pain.

thank you

Namaste Satnam.

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