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Natural treatments against winter pathologies by Dr Jean Pierre Willem

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023


I hope you are well. I'am happy to share with you this post n°90.

The naturopathic aromatherapist Dr. Jean Pierre Willem has just published on his website his recommendations for potential winter pathologies:

HE in french means essential oil

HV means vegetal oil

Nasal catarrh

HECT Rosemary CT cineole 2 ml

HECT Eucalyptus radiata 1 ml

HECT Peppermint 2ml

HECT Balsam fir 2 ml

HV Apricot kernels 3 ml

6 drops on the chest and/or forehead 4 times a day AND 10 drops in boiling water from an inhaler for a 5-minute inhalation 3 times a day and/or 5 drops in the mouth in a little honey, cane sugar or vegetable oil 3 times a day for 7 days.

Bluetongue flu

HECT Rosemary CT cineole 2 ml

HECT Thyme CT thujanol 2ml

HECT Ravintsara 2ml

HECT Mint Eucalyptus 2ml

HV Apricot kernels 3 ml

15 drops on the chest or upper back 4 times a day AND 5 drops in the mouth in a little honey or cane sugar or vegetable oil for 5 days.

+Green propolis 1 bottle, 3 times 20 drops.

Infant bronchiolitis

Acute respiratory infection due to respiratory syncytial virus that affects the bronchioles. Inflammation and mucus invades the bronchioles: oxygen can no longer reach the alveoli.

HECT Green Myrtle 1ml

TECT Tarragon 1ml

HECT Sweet Fennel 1ml

HECT Fragrant Inula 0.5ml

HECT Palmarosa 1ml

HV Apricot kernels 5 ml

6 drops per application on the chest, 4 to 6 times a day for 10 to 15 days. The application can be alternated between chest and upper back depending on skin tolerance.

+Pre and probiotics (Orthoflore from Phyt-Inov) or (Lactospectrum from Le Stum).


HECT Muscadier nuts 2 ml

HECT Clove 1ml

HECT Exotic Basil 1ml

HECT Palmarosa 1ml

HECT Chinese Cinnamon 1ml

HV Apricot kernels 9 ml

6 drops in a little honey, in the mouth, 4 times a day depending on the severity of the infection.


HECT Muscadier (walnut) 2 ml

HECT Italian Helichrysum 2ml

HECT Atlas Cedar 2 ml

HECT Field mint 1 ml

HV Arnica 3ml

3 to 6 local applications per day as needed until healing.


Eupatorium Perfoliatum 5CH, 2 tubes.

Gelsemium 5CH, 2 tubes.

Rhus tox 5CH, 2 tubes.

3 pellets of each 3 times a day until improvement.

Or a Weleda tube (formula 205), 3 pellets 3 times a day.

Physical asthenia

HECT Ravintsara 2ml

HECT Ceylon Cinnamon (bark) 1 ml

HECT Rosemary with verbenone 2 ml

HECT Ginger 5ml

HV Calophylle 5 ml

3 drops in a little honey in the mouth morning and noon for 3 weeks. After a week's break, the treatment can be repeated for a second cure.

thanks to Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem.

Certain plants such as ravintsara, tea tree, niaouli, thyme, oregano, savory, rosemary, noble laurel, artemisia, eucalyptus have dozens of active ingredients, sometimes hundreds, which act quickly and powerfully in prevention and care, such as polytherapies.

Logically, faced with a risk or a health problem, an integrative approach with potential polytherapies is more effective than a care solution with a single active ingredient.

You still have to live in a logical world.

But as Jiddu Krisnamurti said, nothing forces us to adapt to it, except to continue to let ourselves be guided in our lives by fears.

First, "do no harm" said Hippocrates who in today's inverted world would probably be sidelined.

The tens of millions of French people who continue to use essential oils show that we can use our free will with discernment thanks to our world-class experts.


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