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The powers and mecanisms of frequencies, sounds and musics.

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023

Publication N° 140


I hope you're doing well.

We should have today, more than ever, in mind, the quote from Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientists of recent humanity: "to find the secrets of the universe, we must think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration".

Indeed, vibrations are not only at the heart of the secrets and powers of the universe, but also central to good physical, mental and spiritual health and balance.

I am pleased to share this post here, because I am sure it contains a lot of information and knowledge that will be beneficial for many people, to better understand the vibrational mechanisms of their body and some natural methods to rebalance them.

I invite you to watch this video about the positive effects of regular resonance with the 40 Hz frequency (low "E" sound), in case of anxiety, depression, reduction of pain and symptoms of Alzheimer's and of fibromyalgia, in the space of a few weeks, in care and prevention.

Dr. Lee Bartel of the University of Toronto presents and summarizes some of the results of his work and research.

In french here but i'am sure you can find equivalent in english .

I also update this post with this publication about 128 hz frequency

Sound waves cover a wide spectrum of frequencies, of which humans are only aware of a very small part, between 20 and 20,000 Hz., while some animals such as dolphins, bats, dogs and cats, have the ability to perceive up to 200,000 Hz and more.

The unit of vibration measurement Hertz corresponds to the number of waves, vibrations per second.

Sound is a molecular compression of air, received and translated by the ear into vibration and electrical signals, transmitted to the brain and neurons.

We now know that the heart and the microbial and bacterial components, among others of the microbiota, also have electromagnetic transmitter-receiver sensors, permanently connected and interacting, partly independent of the brain's conscious circuits. Quantum scientists " Nassim Haramein, Joe Dispenza, Bruce lipton and Gregg Braden have explained it.

Note that sound waves, music and also brain waves are measured and work in the same way.

There is correspondence and they enter into resonance, harmonize and balance each other, after a few seconds, a fortiori, if there is a regular repetitive vibro-acoustic rhythm.

Sounds with frequencies below 17-20 Hz are only perceived as vibrations, while frequencies above 20,000 Hz are too high for us and considered as ultrasound.

Yet our body constantly perceives all the sound frequencies and vibratory energies that surround it. in fact, we are constantly exposed to and influenced by conscious sounds and also by those that have remained unconscious and to which we also react unconsciously.

Generally speaking, the potential profound positive effects of cellular and neuronal calming and stimulation through resonance with rhythmic and repetitive vibro-acoustic waves. They modify, deeply rebalance the physical body, the psyche and the energy structure of the experimenter.

Since time immemorial, shamans of all cultures, spiritualities and religions have observed and used these effects and use them with the sound and regular beats of drums or other musical instruments, Native American and Indian flutes, Egyptian sistrums, and others. , according to civilizations.

It's exactly the same principle with:

- the mantras, bijas mantras, repeated 108 times in Hinduism. It can be assumed that this repetition duration is that which is necessary to create new neural pathways, and information in the unconscious; especially in theta waves.

- we also think of Native American rituals, ceremonies and rehearsals and prayers around the Hebrew Talmud, Gregorian chants and the sacred Word of the Bible, the calls of the muezzin, the sacred therapeutic chants developed by Hildegarde von Bingen. to Polynesian songs and the Maori Haka,

Note that the ancient Egyptian rituals are called the Heka. Do you still believe in coincidences?

- and to the chants repeated, for example, also by the Tibetan Buddhist monks, with very serious and low vibrations, which create a synchronization and resonances close to the delta, theta and alpha waves, a synchronization with the Divine and the telluric vibrations.

It has been proven that it is a question, with this type of prayers and vibrations, whatever the religions and spiritualities, of a resonance, conscious or not, traditional with the frequency of Schumann, the frequency and the field electromagnetic of the Earth around 8Hz.

-According to certain research, it is also with this Schumann frequency that the molecules of water are structured and clump together in the most harmonious and balanced way, for human bodies and the Living, in general.

I recommend you watch these 20 minutes excerpt from an exciting movie about the secrets of water that was an eye opener for me in 2019 and accelerated my awakening:

( In french)

- It should be noted that these principles have also been "modernized" and are being studied more scientifically, thanks to the initiatives of Corinne Sombrun, and Professor Marc Henry in France and many scientists around the world

She succeeded in showing that these repetitive shamanic sounds could trigger altered states of consciousness, states of "therapeutic trance". That they could be induced with relatively rapid learning, by more than 80-90% of humans, or digitized.

There is also ongoing research in this area and training now given in Paris.

Elaine Thompson, on her site and in this video also specifies certain universal vibrational and sound mechanisms.

Conference on November 25, 2019. She is a world-class English specialist and trainer for 25 years in the field of sound frequencies and sound therapies.

Thanks to the Quantum leap youtube channel which presented a translated French version on May 25, 2021

"Sound therapies: medicine of the future"

(In french)

In English:

"sound therapy medicine of the future

St Annes Lancashire Hospital website:

Elaine Thompson also completes the already fascinating information of the video on her site:

She also details the many clinical cases for which she succeeded in obtaining cures or significant improvements, both physical and mental, with her method.

“Almost any disorder can be improved with sound therapy, bringing both the bodily and psychic systems back into a healthy balance and increasing levels of well-being.

- regulation of insulin levels

- eradication of hemophilia

- repair of kidney function

- stopping the growth of cancer cells

- conversely dementia disorders

- rebalances hormones useful for anti-aging effects

- eradication of pain, depression and post-traumatic disorders

- acceleration of the welding of broken bones

- regulation of blood pressure

- lung healing

- balance of gastric acid reflux

- healing of emphysema

- neutralization of drug and drug addictions.

- improvement of stressful situations, anxiety, sleeping conditions, self-confidence."


Every time our cells and body move, every time our mind thinks, they resonate within, with the sounds generated by our physical and chemical makeup.

Our mind and our body respond not only to our thoughts, but also to what happens to other people, to all the emotional situations in which we get involved.

What we eat, think, feel, and how we react to it, are involved in our daily constitution. We are constantly changing, depending on who we are, depending on the situation, depending on whether we feel good or not.

Some situations and thoughts act on the long term, and are difficult to rebalance. It takes action over time.

Tibetan bowls, tuning forks have a positive influence, but to obtain real effects, each person will have to engage in lasting actions, on a daily basis, in a determined and persevering manner.


Whether old or new, this daily set of thoughts and actions affect us on the inside, create sounds that alter body chemistry and are also heard in the tone of our voice.

If one feels good, the voice will be powerful, colorful, charismatic and vice versa.

All bodily systems used for digestion, respiration, elimination, repair and healing also have their own sound wavelengths.

All thoughts generate frequencies. If the same negative or worrying thoughts are repeated often, they create pathways in the brain that become like tire grooves in the ground.

The more this type of thoughts will be frequent, the deeper they will be embedded in the cerebral mechanisms and this frequency will be dominant in the organism. If this frequency triggers a chemical response in the body, you will feel the effects quickly. And a voiceprint will also result.

Thoughts and emotions affect our mood and well-being. They alter brain chemistry and can cause inflammation of neurotransmitters, laughter or crying.

Even facial expressions transmit frequencies which are perceived and translated by the brain into energies and thoughts.

Translating facial and body language frequencies is the first step in telepathy and babies do it all the time. "

The major influence of the people around you

They have a huge impact on your well-being. You are impacted by their frequency fields and this causes emotions and thoughts. Your senses are constantly telling you what is positive or not. Your brain is constantly translating your emotions into chemical stimulants and physical reactions, within nanoseconds.


Each person has a personal octave of sound, depending on their date and place of birth. Your personal octave is also influenced by internal and external frequencies. For optimal health, you need balance.

Your personal tones and waves are connected to different parts of your life, such as your inner strengths, self-esteem, childhood, inner self and situations that affect it from the outside, such as relationships, accidents, life experiences , emotional worries and stress from those around you. "


When you have had a traumatic experience, your subconscious will block the frequencies that are related to this emotional problem. If you don't face and fix the problem in the moment, this mechanism will engram itself in the physical body and become a health problem. Because unconsciously we deprive the body of certain energies and frequencies that it needs to stay balanced and healthy. Avoidance or fear of emotions associated with trauma means avoidance of life experiences that trigger those frequencies."

Andreas Moritz explains: "When we give in to anger, the inner musical patterns become distorted and induce psychic disturbances. Anger is a feeling that shakes the whole body and every cell is forced to deviate from its normal functioning. We create dissonance. This results in tension in the eyes, facial muscles, skin changes color, heart rate and body posture change."

"When you go into the details, every chemical in the body, every muscle and organ has its precise and specific frequency, as well as every virus and bacteria."

"If one is weak in a certain area or system, it is because one is not generating a sound of good health. Our emotional imbalance is often seen in the words we use or in our thoughts.

Each part of our body, each organ, each vertebra, each of our foods, each thought, each emotion, each of the chemicals ingested consciously or not, has its own frequency.

This is also explained by epigenetics.

Andreas Moritz: "Research has proven that music activates the temporal lobe of the right hemisphere which is associated with emotions, movement and sense-making and thus promotes artistic and intuitive abilities to transform stress and tensions into opportunities for positive life development". Note that singing and making music seems to have an anti-aging effect.

We end up becoming what we eat and think. the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions constantly affect us. We create our own reality all the time.

Cellular bioresonance

Andreas Moritz, the naturopath, in his book "It's time to be reborn to life, explains: "the accumulation in the body of toxic residues leads to the thickening of the membrane of the cells, which reduces the capacity of their sites receivers to receive the data of the sound frequencies coming from the cellular environment, from the organs, or from the environment in general.

By gradually cutting themselves off from the world of sounds, the cells are left to themselves, begin to degenerate and cause aging or disease in the tissues and organs they compose. This is the mechanism called in epigenetics "X Differentiation", linked to the general cellular confusion and in particular, to the fact that certain genes which should not be activated are.

It is necessary to remove the layers of toxins which harden the membrane of the cells, thanks to methods of cleaning by the sound, or certain food supplements, like sulfur Msm.

"Each natural element, each living being, light, each mineral, each color, each sign of the zodiac, also has its own frequency and interacts with the frequencies of the elements around them."

Cymatics, which is the discipline that studies energy and electromagnetic waves and the visualization of sounds and frequencies. It is and was practiced in particular by Alexander Lauterwasser and Masaru Emoto. They showed that every thought, every word, every emotion, every work of art or every object contemplated changed the frequency. Just like meditation, prayers, and also the origin of the water, according to its sources or if it is drawn from the city. The world of Hado by Masaru Emoto: ​

Alexander Lauterwasser and sound figures - Arte October 2003

( in french) Alexander Lauterwasser is a biologist, his passion: the study of cymatics and morphogenesis, two sciences which make it possible to visualize physical processes, invisible in normal times and which concretely show the capacity of water to change structure and to take different forms, almost instantaneously and permanently, according to the vibrations and the energies which resonate in it, in particular light and sound. When we observe this property, we understand to what extent the mastery of vibrational energies is essential and even vital for the quantum water beings that are humans. It is also the principle of art therapy or the concept of Ozho developed by the Navajo tribe which considers beauty as a source of health.

"THE LAW OF RESONANCE: when we encounter a new powerful frequency, after a few seconds, we resonate with it. It can be in food, or a new person. If we already had in us, it can find itself then in excess, and unbalance us, on the other hand if we already had it at a low level, it is balanced and we will feel better.

If we find a new attractive food and we eat it in large quantities, it is often because our organism needs this frequency. "

Andreas Moritz explains "the sounds of nature are essential for the maintenance of the vibrational frequencies which guarantee the evolution of the existence of the world, according to certain patterns of healthy growth. It has been proven for example, that more natural and animal sounds are present the stronger the tree growth.

In many human traditions, traditional music has been created, specific to geography, to climatic conditions, like synchronizations with these symphonies of natural vibrational harmonizations.


Unconsciously often in the presence of noises, sounds that unbalance us, we react with inner or real cries, our favorite music, or laughter, as antidotes to these frequencies that had made us uncomfortable.

Also, the effects of a particular sound can be canceled out by an opposite vibration.

This is how Elaine Thompson treats these patients, she gives some examples on her site:

In the case of osteoarthritis, for example, which affects nearly 10 million people in France:

Uric acid has a frequency between E and F (Anglo-Saxon notes, i.e. between Mi and Fa). to cancel the effects, you need an A# or an LA# in 432Hz.

Why do some people with multiple sclerosis respond so well to medical cannabis? As well as pregnant women?

Because the frequency of the active ingredients of cannabis and that of progesterone are the same, and both substances have a positive effect on this disease.

In the case of addictions, we can replace the addictive substance by its frequency and promote cessation. it is possible with many addictive and carcinogenic substances, with chemical antidepressants and synthetic drugs."

A frequency at 440 Hz or 432Hz

It is only since 1953, that the frequencies and sounds have been resynchronized and standardized at the international level with the basis of "A" in 440Hz, instead of 432 Hz, the so-called "natural" setting, also called Verdi's tuning fork or of Pythagoras.

In fact, it seems that this rule has evolved a lot, during the previous centuries, from one composer and even from one city to another. Even the ambient temperature and humidity affect the actual frequency. It seems there never was a timing base in antiquity. But, it is difficult to know, as often in our history.

According to some, the frequencies based on 432Hz would be those of the Living, more harmonious, closer to those of the natural and universal world. This would be the frequency of our planet. Our brain and our DNA, our atoms would resonate in harmony on the 432Hz which would correspond to the cerebral Alpha waves. On the pictures taken of the water resonance, we see that the difference is indeed quite clear. The 432 Hz would be a harmonic of a resonance frequency of water, which would not be the case of the 440Hz.

The "do" in 256Hz is an octave of 8hz, a frequency known to be in tune with the Schumann resonance of the earth.

However, 440Hz is the upper octave of 220Hz, which itself is a healing frequency, according to research by Dr. Royal Rife.

As always, experiment and see which resonances work best for you. There are several tools to resynchronize your music automatically:


The frequency family based on 432hz would also allow a better spiritual connection and would promote healing and emotional rebalancing, the production of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.



The site indicates:

"Music is built in the image of nature, it fits with the same laws, that's why music has so much power.

Illnesses and illnesses are the signal of a departure from the natural state of things.

Music allows us to re-harmonize according to the natural order, coming to resonate on the physical, emotional and mental levels. the sound treatments bring a lot of liberation and appeasement. ".

Andreas Moritz explains that: "The different frequencies of the musical scale cause the red blood cells to change color and shape. It seems that the frequencies corresponding to the musical notes are similar if not similar to the natural vibrations of the cells.

When a note is produced, the cells come into resonance as if by sympathy with the given vibration, which reinforces the resonance and makes it possible to change the existing modes of interference.

Resonance appears to strengthen healthy cells and tissues while inhibiting the growth of diseased cells. It makes it possible to reharmonize the frequencies, to put them back in tune with that of perfect health and healing.

Researchers indicate that a specific note corresponds to a given part of the body and that sound affects it, whether produced by voice or an instrument, providing a profound healing effect.

Andreas Moritz: "We can use this phenomenon in many ways. It was thus shown, several years ago already, that cancer cells, placed in a test tube, burst when they are exposed to the sound "hmm", mouth closed.

It comes naturally when one feels happy and satisfied.

There are 3 ways to produce it:

"mmm" closed lips and tongue at the back of the throat, which makes the palate vibrate. The resonance passes through the lungs, nose, sinuses and skull which is beneficial for many difficulties related to these areas: asthma, sinusitis, headaches; This strengthens memory, concentration, and the ability to learn.

"nnnn" lips closed, tongue touching the front part of the palate. this sound vibrates into the ears and helps calm hearing problems, earaches and deafness.

"ngngng" lips closed, tongue placed against the tender part at the back of the palate. Sound that induces a nasal vibration that spreads in the throat and the nape of the neck. It helps to solve throat problems, neck stiffness and neck pain.


The Quantum leap site offers a series of therapeutic music playlists, based on the family of frequencies around 432Hz, adapted to each chakra, with body correspondences, notes, colors and astrological signs.

In this article, the frequencies initially indicated, for the different notes:

C 256 Hz. D 288 Hz. E 324 Hz. Fa 342 Hz. Sol 384 Hz A 432 Hz. Si 484 Hz.

are those indicated by the Quantum leap site.

I will soon make a publication about the "ancient sacred solfège", which would be a series of frequencies tuned to the terrestrial Schumann resonance:

- Soul star 174 hz- Earth star 285 hz- Do / ut in 396 Hz. Ré in 417 Hz. Mi in 528Hz. Fa at 639 Hz. Sol at 741 Hz. La at 852Hz. If in 963 hz.

They correspond, in part, apparently, to the method, to the frequencies and notes of the hexachord, retained by Guido D'Arezzo, which would have been used in the ancient Gregorian chants, rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. Also taken up by Masaru Emoto, certain genetic biochemists and Rife, for his machine and his therapeutic frequencies.

G. D'Arezzo would have given a name to each of the notes of the hexachord according to the following formula: "Utqueant laxis Resonare fibris Mira gestorum Famuli tuorum SOLve polluti Labii reatum Sancte Ionnes (ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la) .

It's best to experiment with both and see which one works best for you.

"Ut-Do meditation playlist. Anglo-Saxon note C.

Frequency 256 Hz according to the Quantum Leap site.

But according to the different octaves, from 7.83/8Hz of the terrestrial Schumann resonance, the frequencies 16, 32, 64Hz, 128 Hz, 513, 1027, 2054 and 4109 Hz, also resonate in "Do", tuned to "A". " in 432 Hz.

Frequency 396 Hz according to the theory of "ancient sacred music theory"

Corresponds to the color red, to the 1st root chakra -a finger above the pubic hair-, to the signs of Aries and Taurus, to the Hindu bija mantra Lam-Laoum, to the sacred Hawaiian sound "Pono".

The associated virtues are: vitality, strength, will, vivacity.

Elaine Thompson: "Excess or lack of a Do note in our voice has to do with personal power, female sexuality, caring for oneself, caring for others, eye muscles (Do and Do#), blood problems, heart muscle, cancer, large body muscle strength.

Note C#:

According to the different octaves, the "DO#" corresponds to: 8.5- 17-34- 68- 136-272-544-1088- 2177 and 4354 Hz. In the 432Hz family.

Female issues: lower back issues, hysterectomy, infant fertility, fertility drugs, tendons, ligaments, scar tissue, infections, inflammation, neck issues, shoulder issues, certain digestive issues such as Crohn's disease; Depuytrens syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, certain infections. Breast cancer, fibroids. endorphins; finger muscles

Gastric juice pepsin has a frequency in C#, or C#. To balance the effects, you also need a G, or a G "

Andreas Moritz explains: "the note "do", which is also part of the spectrum of the natural voice, lengthens the blood cells". The "do" note acts for colon problems, constipation, diarrhea, prostate ailments, circulatory difficulties (cold feet, swollen feet and ankles), knee problems, joint stiffness, lower back pain. back and sciatica, as well as iron deficiencies, anemia, melancholy and an inadequate sense of smell".


Meditation Playlist Re. Anglo-Saxon grade D

Corresponds to the color orange, to the sacral chakra - 2 finger widths below the navel -, to the signs of Gemini and Cancer, to the bija Hindu mantra Vam-Vaoum, to the sacred Hawaiian sound "Mana".

Frequency 288 Hz according to the Quantum Leap site.

In fact, according to the different octaves, the frequencies 9-18-36-72-144-288-576-1153-2306 and 4613 Hz all vibrate in "RE".

And the frequencies 9.55-19-38-76-152.74-305.47-610.94-1221.88-2443.76-4887.52 Hz in "RE#"

The 417 Hz frequency is in "D" according to the theory of "sacred music theory".

The associated virtues are creativity, balance, imagination and stability.

Elaine Thompson: "Excess or lack of D notes are related to:

D and D#: Oxygenation of digestion, liver, anger, emotions, constipation when the note is full – digestion of food, male and female hormones, food allergies; Parkinson's disease, dementia, dopamine; Amino acids that keep your brain clean and clear, catatonia; throat muscles.

In the case of heartburn, hydrochloric acid has an Anglo-Saxon frequency D, or a Re. To cancel its effects, you need a frequency in G#, i.e. a SOL # in 384hz

Lack of D: Multiple Sclerosis

Andreas Moritz: "the note d acts for respiratory, bronchial and lung problems, including asthma and bronchitis, but also obesity, gout, gallstones, blockages of the lymphatic channels and glands. As well as for difficulties in evacuating toxins and poisons, kidney and bladder disorders, lethargy, passivity and an inadequate sense of taste."


Meditation playlist E. Anglo-Saxon note E.

Corresponds to the solar plexus chakra (5 finger widths above the navel), the sun yellow color and the sign of the lion, the Hindu bija mantra Ram-Raoum, the sacred Hawaiian sound "Aloha".

Frequency 324 Hz according to the Quantum Leap site.

In fact, according to the different octaves, in the family of frequencies based on the "LA" in 432Hz, the frequencies 10.11-20.2340.45-80.91-161.82-323.63-647.57-1294.54-2589.07 and 5178 Hz vibrate in "MI"-

Frequency 528 Hz according to the theory of "sacred music theory". Also called by some, including mathematician Vic Showell, "Miracles and Light" frequency, the key to spiritual freedom.

The associated virtues are calm, serenity, freedom, enlightenment.

Elaine Thompson: Mi: Lungs, dairy allergies

Mi in excess causes catarrh, bronchitis, asthma (congested type), emotionally represents the heart; Too much mi can mean being stuck in a situation you don't like but don't know what to do or can't change - Lacking mi = no joy in your life or asthma (nervous type) or cold hay & sinusitis (Entre Ré#Mi).

Important minerals here such as calcium, nicotine frequency of cigarettes are in this frequency.

Uric acid has a frequency between E and F (Anglo-Saxon notes, i.e. between Mi 324hz and Fa 342hz). to cancel the effects, you need an A# or an LA# in 432hz.

Andreas Moritz explains that: "the note 'mi', which is also part of the spectrum of the natural voice, makes the blood cells spherical". It works for intestinal disorders, constipation, liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen or skin problems, as well as headaches, cough, boredom, flabbiness, and an inadequate sense of sight. ".


Fa meditation playlist. Anglo-Saxon note F

Corresponds to the 342hz frequency according to Quantum leap.

In fact, according to the different octaves, in the family of frequencies based on the "LA" in 432Hz, the frequencies 10.71-21.43-42.86-85.72-171.44-342.88-685.76-1371.51-2743.03 and 5486 hZ vibrate in "FA"-

And the frequencies: 11.35-22.7-45.4-90.82-181.63-363.27-726.53-1453.07-2906.14 and 5812 Hz

in "FA#"

to the heart chakra, to the signs of the virgo and the scales in yellow and green colors, to the Hindu bija mantra Yam-Yaoum, to the sacred Hawaiian sound "Manawa".

The associated virtues are radiance sharing benevolence openness

Elaine Thomson: Fa: Kidneys, bladder, prostate, sexuality (male);

Lack of Fa/Fa# in a man can mean low libido or insufficient sexual activity. If there is a lack, you may be emotionally indecisive, have low muscle tone (you need serotonin in this area).

Too much may indicate chemical allergies.

In the middle of the Fa band are many of the body's natural corticosteroids - you need a good balance with the note of "Si" in rheumatic and arthritic conditions - or when doctors recommend steroids.

Too high Fa/Fa# leads to high stress levels, then the Si/Do disappears, which leads to cancer.

Fa/Fa# in excess is a very acid body

Si/Do is more alkaline.

Near Fa is “substance P”, which is produced when extreme pain is present in the body.

F#: Filtering system for F - these two go very well together - probably the two most needed notes in the chart to "succeed" in life -

Absent Fa frequency can cause prostate cancer in men - Adrenaline and cortisol are on this frequency, as is sodium.

Andreas Moritz: the note fa works for heart problems, hypertension, immune difficulties, hay fever or allergies, ulcers, colds, shocks and traumas, tension, back pain, exhaustion, dry skin or an inadequate sense of touch".


Floor meditation playlist. Anglo-Saxon note G

Corresponds to the 384hz frequency, according to the QUANTUM LEAP site

In fact, according to the different octaves, in the family of frequencies based on the "LA" in 432Hz, the frequencies 12-24-48-96.22-192.43-384.87-769.74-1539.47-3078.95 and 6157.89 Hz vibrate in "SOL"-

and the frequencies 12.74-25.48-50.97-101.94-203.88-407.75-815.51-1631.01-3262.03 and 6524.06 Hz in "SOL#"

to the throat chakra, to the signs of scorpio and sagittarius, to the colors blue gray and indigo, to the Hindu bija mantra Ham-Hum, to the sacred Hawaiian sound "Makia".

The associated virtues are communication, affirmation, transition, expression.

Elaine Thompson: Sol is connected to neurotransmitters, to minerals, it's the “happiness” note.

Sol is the color of the sky.

Soil/soil#missing = depression (apathetic)

Sol/sol#/La in excess = manic depression and mental disorders.

Sol/sol# is the chemical balancer with Re/Re#.

These sets of notes are very important for digestion and the balance of minerals in the body.

Thyroid thyroxine and caffeine are there, along with some important leg and butt muscles. The use of hormones needs a good "ground" balance.

In the case of heartburn, hydrochloric acid has an Anglo-Saxon frequency D, or a Re. To cancel its effects, you need a frequency in G#, or a SOL # in 384hz.

Gastric juice pepsin has a frequency in C#, or C#. To balance the effects, you also need a G, or a Sol in 384hz.

Sol#: Together with Sol, Sol# is more mineral related than Sol, although the important mineral Magnesium is found in the "sol" note. This is also the area where the more complex functions of neurotransmitters take place - so excess sol# can contribute to manic depression, schizophrenia. Chromium is here for energy - chromium picolinate (sol #) with its opposite glutamic acid (or glutamine) provides energy in the body. GABA is there, and is unbalanced or absent in hyperactive autism.

Ré and Sol# are unbalanced in dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Andreas Moritz: "sol" works for eye difficulties, headaches, laryngitis, sore throat and throat infections, skin problems, itching, vomiting, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, fevers and an inadequate sense of hearing.


Meditation playlist A. Anglo-Saxon note

Corresponds to the 432 hz frequency according to the QUANTUM LEAP site

In fact, according to the different octaves, in the family of frequencies based on the "LA" in 432Hz, the frequencies 13.5-27-54-108-216-432-864-1728-3456 and 6912 Hz vibrate in "LA"

And the frequencies: 14.3-28.61-57.21-114.42-228.84-457.69-915.38-1830.75-3661.5 and 7323 Hz in "LA#"

with the chakra of the 3° eye, with the colors purple and magenta, with the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, with the Hindu bija mantra OM-Aoum, with the sacred Hawaiian sound "Kala".

Associated virtues: consciousness, the absolute, vision, intuition

Elaine Thompson: "The" is related to eye problems, knees. Together with La#, it represents the immune system.

Lack of "La" = degeneration of bodily functions, calf muscles, lower legs, degeneration of sight (absence of "La"), AIDS; Emotionally linked to business acumen and success in this area.

La#: Detoxifying both physically and emotionally. It is the creative expression of Mi (heart and joy) when in balance (Mi-La#).

La# is in excess with attention deficit disorder. Lacking in epilepsy; Excessive # can signify an excessive temper or be prone to emotional outbursts; missing or weak may indicate an inability to speak for yourself, fear of conflict and anger. The 'substance P' antidote and pain relief are here.

In the case of arthritis, uric acid has a frequency between E and F (Anglo-Saxon notes, that is between Mi 324hz and Fa 342hz). to cancel the effects, you need an A# or an LA# in 432hz.

Andreas Moritz explains: "the note 'la', which is also part of the natural voice spectrum, changes the color of blood cells from red to pink". It acts for the affections of the nervous system, the difficulties of the balance, the vertigo, the respiratory problems, the convulsions, hemorrhages, blood disorders, the swellings, the lack of confidence in its intuition ". +++++++++++

Meditation Playlist Si- Anglo-Saxon note B

Corresponds to the crown chakra, at the 484hz frequency according to the QUANTUM LEAP site

In fact, according to the different octaves, in the family of frequencies based on the "LA" in 432Hz, the frequencies 15.15-30.31-60.61-121.23-242.45-484.9-969.81-1939.61-3879.23 and 7758Hz vibrate in "SI"-

with the color pink, with the sign of the fishes, with the Hindu bija mantra Ha, So Ham, with the sacred Hawaiian sound "Ike".

Associated virtues: connection, reliance, unification, contact.

Elaine Thompson: "If" represents the electric body, ears, hearing, deafness, and the absence of "if" impacts the effectiveness of minerals. You lose the electrical balance of your body when you have too much computer radiation. This can be helped by a daily shower.

Water is good for restoring balance at the energy level.

"Si" also promotes good motor skills, is linked to high blood pressure and disconnection with the body, which can lead to "cancer", when "Si" is absent.

"Si" or "mi" or "Ré" can be linked to high blood pressure.

Some important arm muscles are in "si".

IT workers who lack "If" may exhibit symptoms of gray hair, fatigue, gray skin, tiredness, and poor digestion. The minerals in your body need electrical "Si" energy to transport them.

When "If" and "Do" are completely absent in women, it can lead to cancer (linked to the disconnection of mind and body). In "Si" you can find copper, iodine, oxytocin and lots of vitamins.

La#/Mi relate to the muscles of the jaw and the face.

Do# / Sol are linked to neck and shoulder problems and fertility issues.

Missing note of D and or La, multiple sclerosis profile

Ré is a problem in Parkinson's disease, IBS, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal problems

Fa and Fa# Dysfunction of the bladder and intestines, Toxicity if the filtering system does not work, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals".

Andreas Moritz: the "si" note acts for all gland-related problems, goiter, low immunity, cancers, defective assimilation of vitamins, nervous disorders, cramps or inflammatory pains, as well as for low self-esteem and self-confidence.



Andreas Moritz: "Speech sounds, and vowel sounds in particular, are among the most powerful received by the cells of the body. They are the expression of energy stimulation, vitality and regeneration of vital systems.

A as in art, E as in school, I as in Iris, O as in Osiris, OR as in chou are the five fundamental vowels.

After taking a deep breath, "singing" these five sounds, aloud, on the exhale, one behind the other, or one at a time, contributes to a better cellular balance, provided you practice it 3 to 5 times, every day. ".

We can deduce that it is no coincidence that in ancient Hebrew and Egyptian cultures, very aware of the power of sounds, only consonant sounds were written. The vowels, pronounced only orally, were supposed to symbolize the power of the divine word integrated into matter.



Andreas Moritz: "They create important physiological and psychological effects thanks to the vibrations of these sounds, the almost complete elimination of carbon dioxide from the lungs, at the end of the exhalation which carries the sound. This also makes it possible to strengthen lung functions and improve cell oxygenation.

Ya, You, Yé: these auxiliary sounds resonate in the tissues of the jaw and help relieve tension and stiffness in the face, migraines and headaches.

Ka, Ga, Ha: These throat sounds vibrate through the throat tissues and speech organs. They are beneficial for throat problems and speech difficulties.

Ha Ha ha like the sound of laughter. It resonates in the cells of the stomach, helping to soothe the difficulties of this organ such as nausea, hyperacidity, ulcers and cancer; It also induces feelings of happiness and triggers powerful beneficial immune responses."

This information is fascinating and fills us with hope for the future of health and medicine. The more of us there are to be aware of this natural healing potential, to want to experience it, the more changes will also accelerate in the way authorities, scientists, researchers and other health actors will integrate. Everyone is already free to experiment with the many therapeutic soundtracks, which have already multiplied over the past few years, according to their personal needs and intuition. In particular, I invite you to also test listening in low light and sound at night. They are very effective because the positive vibrations continue to interact and strengthen everything in our physical and subtle bodies.

I will indeed end with this theme, which is no less fascinating because it is extremely linked to the powers of electromagnetic waves.

With for example, this video of Sylvère Caron. "The miracles of water and hydration"

(in french)

It indicates that the colloidal system of water is structured like a crystal lattice, but the crystal structure is the basis of the hologramic distribution of information.

Water has the same structure as crystal, it is a form of liquid crystal.

If water molecules are harmoniously aligned and clumped together and given information, they will store and transmit it, as crystals do.

He explains that this interfacial quantum water is very sensitive to bright electrons and photons from sunlight. And that this water transmits its electrical flows through our membranous system, the fascias, which then convey them to the nervous and neurovegetative system, which determines our emotional pattern and our thoughts, our vibratory system, and also through epigenetics, inhibits or triggers certain Genoa.

In addition, we give off energy: a photonic field through our emotions, our state of mind. The emotions and intention given, at the time when water is absorbed, also determines the water quality. It is the space between the water molecules, the way they stick together and the way they circulate that determine the fluid circulation of water and energy in the body.

Thank you Namaste

Thank you for your attention. I wish you the best energies. Stay open, curious and experiment.

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