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The benefits of the powerful frequency of 128 Hz

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Hello I hope you're doing well. I continue to gradually deepen my research and sharing of knowledge about sound and musical vibrations. One frequency seems to stand out: that of 128 Hz. I share here information from different sites, for example which apparently offers therapeutic tuning forks in 128 hz. As well as in 32 and 64 Hz for sound therapy, with a view to relaxation, the alignment of the physical structure, the release of body tensions, to resonate the bone mass, the musculoskeletal structure: bones, muscles, tendons, with the frequency of the Earth. This apparently provides relief from contractures, spasms, pain.

"The 128 Hz Diapason frequency originates from the research of French physicist Joseph Sauveur"

This frequency is also the closest to that of the sun of 126 Hz.

About the 32hz frequency, I just have a remark and a doubt, because according to some sources there is a risk of anxiety and stress, if the frequencies between 19 and 34 Hz ​​are dominant. To be tested with moderation.

In the "family" of the 432Hz frequency, these frequencies all resonate in "C", like 256Hz, in different octaves. They are all connected to the terrestrial frequency, called Schumann frequency just below 8Hz, at 7.83 Hz.

According to the different octaves, from 7.83/8Hz of the terrestrial Schumann resonance, the frequencies 16, 32, 64Hz, 128 Hz, 513, 1027, 2054 and 4109 Hz resonate in "Do-C", tuned to "A" in 432Hz.

Note C#:

According to the different octaves, the "DO-C#" corresponds to: 8.5- 17-34- 68- 136-272-544-1088- 2177 and 4354 Hz. In the 432Hz family.

The channel "Sound and silence resonant healing " recommends it for meditation and anchoring.

According to Pam and Yurek, this frequency would be recommended by Dr. John Beaulieu for:

- deep relaxation

- reduction of muscle tension

- improving circulation by stimulating the nervous system

- the release of nitric oxide in our cells. a substance essential to the proper functioning of the body, especially the muscles.

A video with a Tibetan bowl in 128 Hz. Again, I invite you to discover this very interesting channel if you do not know it.

"Music in C 128 Hz is in the same Pythagorean scale as the "LA-A" 432 Hz, which promotes spiritual freedom, harmony in coherence with natural and universal patterns. The human inner ear is said to be built on the C in 128Hz according to Rudolph Steiner".

"The frequency of a C sharp is 136.07, very close (even if not quite identical) to the 136.10 of the Earth year frequency. A frequency said to be relaxing, soothing, and balancing. The frequency 136.10 is also related to the heart chakra."

I remind you of information from one of my previous publications about the "Do-C", according to the details shared by sound therapist Elaine Thompson and naturopath Andreas Moritz.

The associated virtues are: vitality, strength, will, vivacity.

Elaine Thompson: "Excess or lack of a Do - C note in our voice has to do with personal power, female sexuality, caring for oneself, caring for others, eye muscles (Do-C and Do-C #), blood problems, heart muscle, cancer, large body muscle strength.

Female issues: lower back issues, hysterectomy, infant fertility, fertility drugs, tendons, ligaments, scar tissue, infections, inflammation, neck issues, shoulder issues, certain digestive issues such as Crohn's disease; Depuytrens syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, certain infections. Breast cancer, fibroids. endorphins; finger muscles

Gastric juice pepsin has a frequency in C#, or C#. To balance the effects, you also need a G, or a G "

Andreas Moritz explains: "the note "do-C ", which is also part of the spectrum of the natural voice, lengthens the blood cells". The "do-C " note acts for colon problems, constipation, diarrhea, prostate ailments, circulatory difficulties (cold feet, swollen feet and ankles), knee problems, joint stiffness, lower back pain. back and sciatica, as well as iron deficiencies, anemia, melancholy and an inadequate sense of smell".

As always, you are invited to experiment for yourselves and feel what is best suited for you.



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