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Neuronal & naturopathic healing of inflammatory crisis due to cortisol - fear & stress hormone

HOLISTIC NATUROPATHY, ENERGETICS, EPIGENETICS, PSYCHOLOGY, SPIRITUALITY A compilation of natural tools to get out of the spiral of the destructive effects of cortisol, the hormone of stress and fear

hello I hope you're doing fine.

In view of the general situation of physical and mental health of the population, it is high time to recall some of the most essential bases of human physiology, naturopathy, epigenetics, energetics, to update and share the latest knowledge about the consequences of cortisol, , on the body, neurons and human mind.

The french adage says that "fear is a bad advisor", but it is even much worse in reality, it is also paralyzing and self-destructive over time.

I am happy to compile here several dozen natural tools and methods recommended by 20 of the best therapists, healers and experts in naturopathy, neurosciences to be able to regenerate in depth.

The time is not to continue the weakening by divide ourselves, to rehash the traumatic energies once again, but to come over these crises, to share knowledge, restore a sense of community, strengthen solidarity and spiritual connections, and heal! Finally apply epigenetics in a positive and no longer inverted way.

There are generally 2 phases during a long cortisol crisis:

-the phase of chronic stress with a high level of cortisol -followed by a phase of exhaustion and hormonal collapse

On the other hand, there is a third major point to emphasize: the serious neuronal consequences of cortisol on the prefrontal cortex.

We can better understand the deep psychic crisis that strikes millions of people, because it is one of the most active areas of the brain, especially for thinking, the construction of discernment and analysis with objectivity.

We should all be careful not to judge because we clearly understand in these videos that fear, the worst impacting emotion, triggers deep and often unconscious processes, to which we do not all react in the same way, according to our personal experience and personality.

Ariane Bilheran explains it very well also in her recent books and videos.

Three major therapists and neuroscience experts I am following warned about these pre frontal cortex troubles in interviews in July 2022 and I believe people should be informed.

Sandrine Muller Bohard extract at 1h17 in this video ( in french) Philippe Bobola and Jean Dominique Michel here at 1h07 ( in french)

If stress or fear are occasional, they can be stimulating.

On the other hand, over time, if they become chronic, their potential consequences can be very serious. Cortisol is highly inflammatory.And unfortunately, more and more people today notice or experience them more or less consciously.

The various glands that condition an efficient metabolism: adrenals, thyroid and parathyroid, closely interrelated, are quickly affected and begin to malfunction.

Their main functions are to promote bodily exchanges, good assimilation, elimination, growth, production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Their imbalances therefore often lead to a slowing down of the metabolism, weight gain and great fatigue.

However, when you know how it unfolds, you can treat yourself within a few weeks or months, depending on the stage.

The force of human mind, the homeostatic auto-regenerative powers of our body are very powerful, provided we have the will to change, confidence and faith, to be persevering, to listen to the messages sent, to stop creating dissonances , as the shamans say.

When one put the right things in place, cells, body and the microorganisms they harbor will be thankful and one will receive the "right intuitions".

During the first phase, chronic cortisol therefore leads to acidification and general inflammation, with: - a rapid overload of the system and organs for the elimination of toxins. - a weakening of the innate immune system. The pancreas becomes overactive and wears out quickly. - a slowdown in the production of digestive enzymes, intestinal disorders, constipation due to the slowing down of peristalsis. - blockage of healing, cell repair is inhibited - a bad metabolism of sugars, the glycemia is unbalanced.

During the second phase, if the cortisol supply continues, there is a high risk of physical and hormonal exhaustion, which can lead to a complete collapse of the adrenals and the thyroid, which can lead to a serious negative sequence:

-fall in the production of most hormones - triggering of diabetes, chronic inflammatory disease, circulation disorders, depression - a collapse of the "sympathetic" nervous system: inhibition of action (see the work of Louis de Broglie).

Then, as with other hormones, the production of cortisol drops too, which further accelerates inflammation, because in small doses, cortisol helps limit the inflammatory reaction.

The action of cortisol causes the body to memorize its effects for a long time, even if the environment changes or if the person goes on holidays, for example.

Fortunately, there are many tools to put in place to trigger regeneration and aim for a gradual return to balance, depending on the stage of inflammation:

The main thing is:

-to increase the good energies brought to the body, because it knows how to cleanse itself: sunlight, walking in nature and if possible in the forest, energy channels, consumption of filtered and structured water, minerals, nutrients, trace elements .

Gradually increase the share of digestible vegetable proteins, especially raw vegetables and sprouted seeds, introduce fresh vegetable and fruit juices and "nutraceuticals", increase the consumption of more digestible vegetable oils , such as coconut oil.

- Daniella Conti, Andreas Moritz, Joel de Rosnay and others also insist on the importance of making mono diets, of combining foods well and of having a varied diet.

If we mix plants (quick to digest) and meat for example (long to digest), the digestion will be much longer and during this time the plants ferment.

It is also advisable not to mix oilseeds and sugars. Our body needs 20 essential amino acids, 8 of which are not produced by the body: leucine, isoleucine, tryptophan, lysine (soya, chickpea), methionine (wheat), valine, phenylalanine, threonine. Quinoa contains them all.

Most traditional dishes practice lysine-methionine supplementation. Rice associated with lentils, for example, produces proteins with effects equivalent to meat. Corn and beans too, and even more so if they are eaten together.

-Let's also remember the essential role of "good" cholesterol because it is transformed in the skin by light photons into vitamin D, a vital substance for the immune system. The sun also boosts testosterone.

-To regain emotional balance, the production of oxytocin is also essential, through therapeutic massages, hugs, bodily contact and sexual intercourse.

-50% of the body's energy is devoted to digestion in general.

Automatically its available energy will therefore be greatly increased by fasting and mono diets.

Contrary to popular belief, the energy felt at the start of a fasting is stronger, especially if the diet is unbalanced. Experiment it and you will notice it.

It is advisable for beginners to start with intermittent fasting of 16 hours, mono diets according to the seasonal fruits and vegetables that you like in the raw and organic .

Gregoire Jauvais explains that fasting physiological promotes self-regeneration, revitalization, improves the immune system, even in ill patients. It helps eliminate toxic residual overloads, metabolic residues that stagnate in organic tissues and reduces inflammation.

Remember to "consume bright", because the colors red, orange, yellow, purple, green, black are often the outward signs of medicinal properties, vitamins, trace elements and immunostimulating nutrients, anti-infectives, antioxidants, anti-cancer, antibiotics. I list dozens of them in these files ( english-french)

Garlic, honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, spirulina, seaweed, certain mushrooms, mugwort-artemisia, burdock, heather, hemp, birch bark and sap, carrots, milk thistle, lemon, echinacea, eleutherococcus, barberry, bay leaf, unrefined salt, rosehip, St. John's wort, olives and olive leaves, oregano, pine, rosemary, savory, noble laurel, eucalyptus globulus and radiata, rhodiola, thyme, verbena, vine, cider vinegar, acerola, raw unrefined cocoa, star anise, almonds, walnuts, cabbage, red and purple fruits: elderberries, black grapes, blueberries, blackcurrants (whole and in buds), cranberry ....

I also recommend the book by Dr. Peter J. d'Adamo which lists the nutraceitical foods suitable for each blood group.

The body always uses an increase in energy to clean itself: it restores the homeostatic rebalancing process. It is a powerful universal law.

On the other hand, you have to be patient and not get discouraged, because initially, for a few weeks, this regeneration will lead to a temporary increase in symptoms, because of the accelerated detoxification.

During this phase, it is advisable to help the body cleanse itself and to:

- decongest organs and glands. - to clean the humors, as the ancients said (blood, lymph) by purging.

Irene Grosjean recommends two:

- purging with magnesium sulphate against uric acid in milk, cheese and meat which destroys minerals and creates, among other things, various acute pains, burns, acidification, fevers and can cause the appearance of colon irritable.

The digestion of 100g of meat produces 1g of uric acid, twice the dose that the body is able to eliminate each day. Unremoved uric acid accumulates where oxygen circulation is poorest: especially in the fingers and toes.

Uric acid crystals have the same composition as kidney stones.

They form due to insufficient hydration (drunk water and "eaten water" contained in fruits and vegetables with fibers in particular) and the consumption of foods with dehydrating effects: meat, sweeteners, sugars, alcohol, black tea, coffee, soft drinks...

It is advisable to avoid them as much as possible, or to limit them to one day a week, as Nelly Grosjean and Tal Schaller explain, so as not to create excessively violent withdrawal which would be frustrating and counterproductive.

- the purge with "castor oil" against phlegm and glue, residues from the digestion of slow sugars and products with starch (pasta, potatoes...) and refined sugars, which are at the origin of throbbing pains.

Grégoire Jauvais: "97% of starches are not assimilated by the digestive system and are transformed into toxic alcohol for the liver.

Sugars and starches are fermentable, promote thickening of the blood, alteration of the pancreas, abdominal adiposity , candida albicans, lactic acid favorable to cancerous cells, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis.

Otherwise, uric acid and phlegm, over time, can create congestion, infiltrate the whole body, up to the brain, paralyze the defense and residue cleaning system, and be the cause of cancers and degenerative diseases.

Grégoire Jauvais: "purges release homeostasis, the process of self-healing, self-repair. Most non-accidental diseases are created by an imbalance of the microbiota.

The degradation of waste of vegetable origin causes fermentation, that of waste of animal origin, putrefaction, even more toxicogenic. The infection only appears if the ground is infectious, clogged, devitalized, if the liver is clogged, in mode of functional insufficiency.

It is the irritable and irritated ground which makes the infections ", as explained, more than a century ago, Claude Bernard and Antoine Béchamp.

- poultices and compresses with a little "castor oil" are also recommended in naturopathy to boost the production of white blood cells and decongest the glands in the throat, or the kidneys and intestines: cold for 15 to 20 minutes, once a day for 2-3 months. When hot it is more powerful. To be experimented according to the individual reaction.

- to clean the water of constitution, in which the cells are bathed. I recommend Sylvère Caron's videos in this area. It is essential for the success of any detox process and takes at least 21 days, if one drinks and showers consciously, and that the water consumed is filtered and structured as well as possible.

I also remind you that the main emunctory for detoxification is the skin, and that we can help it in this function, with dry brushing, with vegetable brushes. As well as the most powerful detox protocol I have experienced: cleansing gallstones of the liver and gallbladder:

To improve filtration by the kidneys and support the adrenal glands, Thierry Casasnovas recommends watermelon juice (with the skin), parsley, juniper or dandelion herbal teas.

Consumption of adaptogenic herbs like nettle:

It is also one of the best sources of chlorophyll, which gives it the power to cleanse the intestinal environment. Very rich in minerals and vitamins, it is fortifying, promotes metabolic exchanges, stimulates the endocrine glands and the production of red blood cells. In case of viral diseases, it helps eliminate bacteria.

Just like the other adaptogenic plants, -turmeric, rosemary, eleutherococcus, ashwaganda, astragalus, maca, echinacea, rhodiola-, it sends its energy where the body needs it most. Rhodiola rosea is also considered a natural anxiolytic like neroli-bitter orange essential oil (one drop to put under the arch of the foot or on the solar plexus). Licorice is reputed to repair the intestinal membrane.

- Andreas Moritz recommends consuming 3/4 liter of ionized distilled water per day to help the body detoxify. To be consumed during the day, in small warm sips, in a thermos, because it is only effective when hot.

To supplement with sulfur Msm, and liquid organic silicon to compensate for the inflammatory effects on the cells and in NAC, the substance which induces the production by the body of one of the most powerful antioxidants: glutathione.

Like Thierry Casasnovas, Andreas Moritz insists on the major role of unrefined organic salt which is a treasure of health for remineralizing and stimulating the entire metabolism. - some salt grains mixed with water, and added to food, in the morning and during meals (brine) - in the form of seaweed to soak the day before - in the form of lacto-fermented foods - all supplements fermented with unrefined organic salt are among the most beneficial to health such as fermented soy sauces, miso. - in the form of quinton water (bioavailable salt) The consumption of even unrefined salt must be balanced with potassium (for example: bananas)

-Jacques Antonin recommends iron supplementation to help the adrenal glands capture electromagnetic forces. In vegetal food, it is found in legumes and sprouted rye.

Like Irene Grosjean, he suggests regularly including sprouted seeds in one's diet:

Germinated seeds emit, at the beginning of germination, active biophotons: vital energy at its highest level. They are the most digestible and nutritious vegetable proteins.

Sprouted rye is rich in manganese which turns into bio-assimilable organic iron during germination. It promotes telluric connection and anchoring.

Sprouted sunflower strengthens the 3rd chakra, the solar connection and the energy shield of the aura. Its effectiveness is further enhanced if combined with sprouted fenugreek. Sprouted buckwheat has the advantage of boosting the pancreas and the first 4 chakras.

In terms of healthy nutrition, note also the 5 key foods of epigenetics according to Joel de Rosnay, with optimal effects of positive activation on the genome: pomegranate juice, turmeric, broccoli, green tea, and folic acid or vitamin B9: content in particular in green vegetables, eggs, chestnuts, melon and nuts. ( epigenetics english-french)

I have already summarized in several publications the advice of naturopaths Dr. William Berrebi and Dr. Jean Pierre Willem. Like most naturopaths, they have never stopped explaining the vital importance of the microbiota and innate immune defenses, the mechanisms and factors of inflammation, the serious risks of cortisol, the disadvantages of corticosteroid drugs for the defenses immune.

The different means and natural substances recommended by JP Willem to reduce inflammation: omega 3 (eg linseed oil), vitamins A, E and C, trace elements: zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, Phyto-nutrients: polyphenols (flavonoids, resveratrol, quercetin), carotenoids, coenzymes Q10; polyunsaturated fatty acids, The fibers, and the power of certain herbs and spices, especially if they are combined: turmeric, pepper, cloves, ginger.

"Turmeric is a spice with amazing properties. The Indians consume an average of 1.5 to 2 g per day. Turmeric is the main spice in curry to which it gives its orange color. It is also one of the most common ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties.No other nutritional ingredient is as powerfully anti-inflammatory as the yellow powder of this root.

Regarding the neurosciences and the psychic consequences of cortisol on the prefrontal cortex and especially the tools to compensate for them and rebalance :

Sandrine Muller Bohard explains in the video mentioned at the very beginning, the method she recommends with visualizations in consciousness on the different parts of the skull. extract from 1h17 to 1h20 in this video: ( french)

Philippe Bobola and Jean Dominique Michel very rightly explain, in another video, that the main outcome currently will be to relearn how to say no, without violence, in solidarity, to restore a sense of community and sensitivity to benevolent universal spirituality ; not to fall into the traps of anger and endless discussions that will bring to life once again the traumatic energies of the past two years. ( french)

There are other solutions: the most important are techniques to stimulate mental and cerebral functions, open the front extension of the third eye, stimulate the pineal gland.

Strengthen the energy shields of the subtle bodies (aura, astral body ka), in particular by strengthening the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra at the center of the body.

The main thing is to increase one's ability to visualize, through protocols of guided meditation, anchoring, opening, alignment and stimulation of the chakras, awakening of kundalini, in order to circulate the energies as well as possible. , both telluric and spiritual, such as "golden energy", used under different names, Qi, Prana, in many cultures.

It is no coincidence that Caroline Bright of the site recommends starting any chakra stimulation and kundalini awakening protocol by stimulating and opening the third eye and the pineal gland.

Third eye english french

It is essential if one wants to stimulate the prefrontal cortex to understand the direction of circulation of energy, the power of the sacred Tibetan breaths, of meditation, and that the chakras have 4 extensions and a central part, a cross structure.

( feng shui) english french

video by Gaia meditation including all the bijas mantras. thanks to them.

Irene Grosjean also describes the principles of spiritual connection very well in her videos by explaining that when the cells of the body emit low vibrations, through unbalanced nutrition or negative emotions, they can only connect to low vibrations around and the connection to the highest guidance, energies and intuitions is severed.

We understand better why it is vital to optimize its magnetism and vibration level. Tinnitus, for example, is also linked to phlegm and excess carbohydrates and white sugars and to the fact that the mental connections are unbalanced.

Caroline Bright cites "HEKA" the ancient Egyptian medicine: “You do not die, your Ka (“warrior astral body”) does not die. You are Ka, live with your Ka. He chases away the evil in front of you, he drives away the evil behind you”.

The position of the Ka, receptacle hands raised towards the sky, calls up the celestial energy, it evokes the rune URUZ and the horns of the sacred bull Apis, considered as the Ka, the incarnation of the fire of the father god Ptah. Egyptian magic, the powerful Heka is largely based on the force of Ka.

The Ka is closely linked to the 3rd solar chakra, the chakra of Ra, that of personal power, charisma, shield. To strengthen one's ka, one can practice Kapalabati fire breathing, which is like invoking fire within oneself. We must also apply the values ​​of Enki on a daily basis: autonomy, respect for the living, love for life and its pleasures, respect self."

Tibetan breaths english/french

You will find a lot of positive and benevolent acquaintances on the loveenki and victory Enki sites. I advise you to listen to them, make your own opinion and experiment.

The only thing I can certify is that since I apply them in my life and my practices, my magnetism has jumped and my kundalini has finally awakened and continues to rise little by little.

My protocol of anchoring channelling, kundalini awakening, aura chakra and ka boosting

I was so impressed that I talk about it in many publications on my blog, in the first 9 videos on tik tok and on youtube and that I now offer to coach those who would like to learn face-to-face, in addition to all the free knowledge that I have already shared.

"Monique Mathieu: "We have to get rid of doubts and fears, focus, every day, in the present moment, on our strengthening and regeneration, each one fulfilling our role of incarnation, our mission. So that all of us can move the events forward collectively. Create a bubble within ourselves and around us so as not to be affected by external turbulences and the excesses of the system.

Everyone must find and exercise their power, their free will, with discernment, their freedom in the most benevolent way for themselves and the community. On the way to the powerful celestial energies of love and the energies of peace with Mother Earth.

In the prophetic style, let us remember the words of the novel and movie Dune: "We must change, otherwise something sleeps within us, which seldom wakes up, the sleeper must wake up..." "I must face fear. Fear kills the spirit, fear is the small death that leads to total obliteration. I will face my fear and allow it to creep over me, to cross me. I must not have fear ".

Monique Mathieu: "Many of them interact with us in the invisible, we are interconnected and many of us co-create and elevate ourselves. The shift is underway, inexorable and exponential. Let's be and stay strong"

Thank you and good natural regeneration to you all.

Let's listen, experiment, share, and stay united! Namaste satnam


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