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Astral body, the Ka of ancient Egypt, chakras, aura, universal spirituality

Dernière mise à jour : 12 juil. 2022


I hope you are doing well.

Thanks to Caroline Bright for this fascinating publication in which she is explaining what the astral body is, called the Ka, in ancient Egypt : the Invisible soul warrior, the soul knight, the soul shield in 4D.

The aura is the reservoir of light of the soul, whereas the kundalini is the energy, the fire of the soul.

The soul feeds on fire.

“You do not die, your Ka does not die.

You are Ka, live with your Ka. It chases away the evil in front of you, it drives away the evil behind you”.

The position of the Ka, receptacle hands raised towards the sky, calls up the sky energy, it evokes the rune URUZ and the horns of the sacred bull Apis, considered as the Ka, the incarnation of the fire of the god Ptah.

Egyptian magic, the powerful Heka is largely based on the force of Ka.

The Ka is closely linked to the 3rd chakra, solar, the chakra of Ra, that of personal power, charisma, shield.

To strengthen one's ka, one can practice Kapalabati fire breathing, which is like invoking fire within oneself.

We must also apply the values ​​of Enki on a daily basis: autonomy, respect for the living, love for life and its pleasures, selfrespect.

(Kapalabati breath)




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