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the 4 bases of the law of Hormesis to increase one 's vital energy naturally

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Hi I hope you're fine.

The human body has extraordinary reinforcement capacities according to a universal law, called hormesis.

Within the framework of this biological law, there are several tools to naturally strengthen one's immunity, vitality, rejuvenate one's biological age, thanks to a better potential for bodily and emotional adaptation to changes, and strengthen one's vital energy.

"Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger" said Nietzsche...

"L'effort fait les forts" writes Caroline Bright of " The efforts make the strong"

Provided that the level of stress does not exceed our adaptive capacities and that a phase of rest follows that of hormesis.

Everyone has the possibility of activating their potential for regeneration, rebalancing and self-healing.

It is an ability to be resistant and to remain stable and confident outside of one's comfort zone. The basis is also to gradually expose yourself to the constraint and to adapt the duration and intensity.

The first hormetic tool is voluntary apnea, voluntary intermittent oxygen deprivation also called intermittent hypoxia

Apnea allows us to increase our tolerance to carbon dioxide, to have better cellular oxygenation, and therefore to better relax, recover or concentrate, with better resistance to effort. It also stimulates the production of red blood cells and therefore vital energy.

The second hormetic tool is voluntary exposure to very cold and very hot.

For example with cold showers.

They can powerfully improve the immune system by promoting the production of glutathione, increase our adaptive capacity and stress management, regulate blood pressure.

They make it possible to exercise one's will, to rejuvenate one's biological age, to regain confidence in one's power of self-healing, to awaken the function of thermo-physio-regulation.

They drain negativity and toxins, regulate mood and help transform the body's “white” cellulite into “brown” fat, richer in mitochondria. which can be more easily transformed into energy for the body and therefore eliminated.

“Cold shock proteins” are emitted, with an antioxidant action that compensates for the action of free radicals, one of the sources of aging.

The vasomotricity of blood vessels is improved, another anti-aging secret that also makes the skin more elastic.

We can proceed with 1 to 2 minutes of cold shower by slowly lowering the temperature, without drying off afterwards, because a short period of chills promotes thermogenesis.

Then rest and stay warm. The micro capillaries reopen.

Exposure to cold triggers a virtuous neuro-hormonal cascade, and the production of growth hormones

The third hormetic tool is “high intensity short interval” sports training.

According to the Tabata protocol for example.

20 seconds of physical exercise at maximum intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes.

4 minutes of this type of training is equivalent in caloric terms to 45 minutes of medium intensity cardio training.

This type of training stimulates the mitochondria and the hormonal system, promotes weight loss and self-esteem. .

The fourth hormetic tool is fasting and voluntary digestive rest.

It triggers the principles of autophagy in the body.

50% of the body's energy is devoted to the digestion and transformation of food.

This promotes weight loss and the regulation of the satiety hormone leptin

In the event of voluntary food deprivation, the body will use the increased energy to naturally cleanse at the cellular level everything that needs to be recycled.

We can consider a daily intermittent fast (14 to 16 hours of digestive rest between two meals) by gradually postponing your breakfast by one hour, then two, then skipping breakfast.

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Thanks for your attention

I wish you the best .




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