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Ayurvedic therapy of "Marmas" massage, doshas & essential oils

According to traditional Indian Ayurveda, the human body has 108 marmas, a sacred number, where the vital energy of Prana is highly concentrated.

They often correspond to acupuncture points. Logically over the millennia there are many exchanges between the traditional asian medicines.

Marmas are areas that connect body and consciousness.

There are five main places with these junction points: they are called "Maha-marmas", because they influence the other functions and areas of the body and trigger within 2 to 3 minutes biochemical changes in the whole body, by the transmission of good vibrations, with the help of the network of nerve endings and of the membranous fascias resort under the skin.

- The middle space between the two eyebrows, which induces a state of calm and triggers biochemical changes in the body.

-The space in the center of the area above the heart, which helps to rebalance negative emotions of anger, impatience, sadness

- The space above the stomach which improves digestion, appetite and dispels false cravings and urges.

- The soles of the feet that can be stimulated with this method or by reflexology.

In order to harmonize and rebalance the nervous system as a whole and stimulate the other functions of the body.

- The solar plexus between the navel and the xiphoid appendix, the bony protuberance below the sternum between the pectorals.

Practiced in the morning, marma foot massage helps to strengthen sensory activities.

In the evening, it activates the area of ​​the brain in charge of falling asleep (1 drop of lavender essential oil for example).

Effectiveness of the massage can be indeed increased by the use of some essential oil added to the vegetal massage oil.

For example, in order to soothe in case of anxiety (1 drop of neroli essential oil on the solar plexus.

. For pains, i mention the essential oil of wintergreen, a natural analgesic.

Tea tree is good to fight infections generally. So is eucalyptus radiata for infections at the level of nose and throat, eucalyptus globulus and pine for lungs infections

thyme, oregano, savory, laurus nobilis, ravintsara, niaouli are powerful immunostimulant essential oils which can be recommended too.

Rosmarinus officinalis to boost memory

- Also to be mentioned: the marmas located on the neck, in the palms of the hands, in the crook of the elbows, in the bend of the knees and around the coccyx.

They can be massaged gently, with cold-pressed vegetable oils, for example sesame oil if you are more of a Vata or Kapha type, sweet almond or coconut oil if you are a Pitta type, by practicing gentle circular movements. , for a few minutes, without pressure, as these are extremely sensitive areas.

The goal is to promote the right connection between mind and physical body.

Vata essential oils: basil, rose geranium, orange, lavender, neroli, patchouli, incense.

Pitta essential oils: sandalwood, lavender, mint, jasmine and ylang ylang

Kapha essential oils: eucalyptus, mustard, clove, camphor, marjoram, juniper and bergamot

See files about pharmacopea below.

For those who do not know their personal combination and the proportions of Ayurvedic doshas in their constitution, you will find easily on the net some video tutorials to find out. Each person is unique and has a particular balance, original, from birth, between these doshas.

The VATA constitutions:

In balance, they are characterized by movement, stimulation, enthusiasm, liveliness, imagination, passions and impulses.

In imbalance, they can sometimes tend towards instability, versatility, anxiety and nervousness, hyperactivity in extreme conditions.

VATA energies are the most important because they combine air and space, the elimination, and the circulation of nutrients, oxygen, hormones...

The Pitta Constitutions

They are generally characterized by self-confidence, courage. Reliable and loyal, they enjoy public speaking, adventure and new challenges.

In imbalance, there can be emotional poison and judgment towards oneself and others, irritability, impatience.

The Kapha Constitutions

In balance, people of this type generally show serenity, calm,

tranquility. Unbalanced, they can become introverted, gain weight, procrastinate, depress, excessively accumulate material goods.

Any repressed emotion will unbalance VATA, as well as AGNI the sacred digestive fire, the "inner sun," the immune system and then affect the other two doshas.

Thanks to Andreas Moritz and Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem specialists in naturopathy and aromatherapy for some of these helpful informations.

Some other links for you, all in english and french, as all topics of my website:


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See you soon and thanks for your attention .



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