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Mount Shasta, Gaia Chakras, relay points and other "sacred" centers of energetic action in America

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023


You are all right?

i have shared information recently about Afa Klamath, a unique cyanobacterium, from Lake Klamath in Oregon, near Mt Shasta : both of volcanic origin and exceptional.

Afa is according to some researchs and publication of the naturopath healer Jean Pierre Willem, the richest natural element on earth with 115 nutrients, vitamins, oligo elements, minearl salts and a large number of properties for nutritional or therapeutical use.

As to Mount Shasta, it is a stratovolcano in the state of Califormia with an altitude of 4312 meters. , the second highest summit of the chain of waterfalls. it has the particularity of being 3000 meters above the surrounding plain. But not only and far from it. It is a sacred mountain for Native Americans, it has been home to a Buddhist monastery since 1971 and is the subject of many legends and myths.

I've just red a fascinating book written in 2007, by the french medium Serge-Reiver Nazare in which he described the creation of Earth and appearance of life, the subtile organization of the Conscience Gaia, the description of its various chakras and other energetics points of action.

I dont believe in chance. Mount Shasta appears twice in these vital points.

He also describes the natural beeings existing in the subtile dimensions and planes of gaia and the 4 previous human civilizations before the current one.

First , as the main energetics point of action in north America:

" It is located at Mount Shasta in Northern California. It is similar to that of Wales, but with a more physical impact. It has a primary role that of balancing the subtle planes throughout North America.

In Europe, the subtle planes have often been apprehended by man in centers such as the Cathedral of Chartres, Paris, etc. including Mount St Michael. But in North America, the subtle plans were not forged in the matter, hence the need for more physical action at Mount Shasta."

And secondly, in reference to one of the "relay point" of Gaia HEART CHAKRA:

" Polynesian Chakra":

The geographical position of this chakra is in the South Pacific, in French Polynesia, towards the island of Raivavae. - Evolutionary action: Its action corresponds to the maintenance and retransmission in all the bodies of harmony. It purifies, it cleans the Earth for a better action. It controls the El Nino marine current which is the regulator of other currents. He was especially active during the time of Lemuria.

- Relay points: There are 3 relay points: In Alaska at Mount McKinley. In California at Mount Shasta. In Peru at Mount Misti.

While we mention north America, let's share the other information related to this continent.

GAIA : "Gunnbjorns Chakra:" - Correspondence with the human chakra: Solar.

Its geographical position is in Greenland, at Mount Gunnbjorns. - Evolutionary action: Its action corresponds to the management of the sorting of all that it receives from the energies coming from outside. It protects the Earth from external energies. He was most active during the Hyperborean era.

- Relay points: There are 5 relay points: At the physical north pole (man prevents by his actions the protection of his ground from external energies of the cosmic ray type, hence a hole in the layer ozone).At the magnetic north pole (see magnetic disturbances by the actions of the man). In Norway to the Spitsbergen Islands. At the Galdhopiggen also in Norway. And South Iceland.

GAIA "SACRED CHAKRA" : "The Bimini Chakra" Its geographical position is in the Sargasso Sea, in the island of Bimini. - Evolutionary action: Its action corresponds to the retransmission of the acquis of Gaia, including towards outward to younger spheres. It also corresponds to the control of Earth energies. He was most active during the time of Atlantis.

- Relay points: There are 7 relay points: In northern California at Mount Whitney. In the eastern United States in the Appalachians at the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee In Guatemala at Mount Tajumulco. In Haiti at Mount Cibao. In the Cape Verde Islands off Senegal at Pic Cano. In the islands of the Azores, at Mount Pico. In Egypt at Giza near Memphis.

According to Serge Reiver Nazare, there are also old centers, such as Monte Alban, Mexico, but they are awaiting a new spiritual awakening. At the moment, only a few relays dealing with nature still exist.

The awakening of human consciences is growing quickly currently, i think it is positive to share these informations, so that each person can form its opinion freely and with enlightened discernment.

thanks for your attention and interest.

I hereby thanks Serge Reiver Nazare and humbly want to make tribute to him and his huge work for the awakening and conscience opening of humans.



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