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" Sound and silence resonant healing" : a channel of exceptional quality on youtube

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I hope you are doing well.

I've discovered recently a fantastic channel on youtube,

Pam and Yurek are sharing a series of very personal and authentic vibrating 92 videos and recordings, often made with their own amazing musical equipments and sometimes also in spiritual places or among nature, woods, beaches, forests...

Many of the videos shared are based on frequencies of the sacred solfeggio.

Like this video in 528 Hz with the clear and pure sound of an Himalayan mani "elephant" bowl, which i'am listening to, every day, at the moment :

Sunrise over the sea at Robin Hoods Bay

Yorkshire Uk

The sounds and good vibes are amazing, i've heard even some new instruments, to me :

-temple bells

- singing bowls


-monochord bed

- Japanese Orin Temple bells

- Kyeezee or Burmese spinning bell or Burma bell

-tuned pipes

-mani bowls, for meditation, relaxation, healing

They really have a talent to create some really raffinate, smooth, relaxing or healing sounds and music. With some creative ideas, such as using violin bows to make bowls vibrate, or using spinning bells such as the " burmese Kyeeze".

I recommend to listen and enjoy and support them.

They are deserving to be better known.

I am really glad to have found this channel and i am now using it, both for personal use, and for my profession, as masseur, healer in chinese energetics. I am also very happy to notice that they are too linked to some celtic traditions.

Most of the recording are quite short, between 5 and 30min, but a few of them are longer, from 1 to 8 hours, for longer meditation or sleeping purpose .

for example this peaceful playlist based of frequence 528 Hz for deep and good sleeping

Singing Bowl 334 Hz with water for sleep and relaxation 8 hours with black screen



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