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The various sound and brain waves: Delta, theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Hyper Gamma

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I hope you're doing well.

Understanding the characteristics of the main sound waves is essential.

Especially since they are, in part, the same as the brain waves generated in the different human states of consciousness.

By listening to certain playlists and frequencies, you can influence your brain waves and the functions related to them within a few minutes, rebalance certain physical and psychological disorders.

They are divided into 7 categories according to the frequency of the waves emitted or their number of oscillations per second in hertz.

One herz equals one oscillation per second.

The average human brain emits waves of 4 to 45 oscillations per second, although recent research has observed cases with exceptionally slow or ultra-fast waves, in mystics or great meditators.

Brain frequencies are related to metaphysical abilities.

According to the law of resonance, we know that our heart, all our cells, and all that we harbor in our body of bacteria and micro-organisms (10 times more than human cells) are also equipped with antennae which react to electromagnetic vibrations, which constantly interact as transceivers and align themselves with the waves that surround them. Sometimes independently and unconsciously from the brain above. It has been proven for some years that we have two other "brain" systems, the enteric brain in the microbiota with nearly a hundred million neurons and another in the heart. Corinne Sombrun calls this phenomenon perceptual intelligence: "our conscious thought captures and reacts consciously to a certain amount of information; our body: skin, heart, microbiota, interacts with a million times more information and vibrations , without our being aware of it and our brain, even a thousand times more. " Frédéric Buisson, in his research has shown that we have in our cells a total of billions of dipoles, transmitting and receiving heliocoidal antennae, not to mention those of the trillions of water molecules, and bacteria that we harbor, which also interact permanently with their vibratory environment.

Similarly, brain waves enter into resonance, harmonize, balance, in a few seconds, if there is around them a regular repetitive vibro-acoustic rhythm.

Sounds with a frequency below 17-20 Hz are perceived as vibrations, and above 20,000 Hz they are too high for us, considered as ultrasound, unlike some species such as dolphins, bats, dogs and cats, which perceive up to 200,000 Hz.

Epsilon waves 0.5 Hz- 0.25 Hz every 10 seconds

They have been observed and analyzed during states of "immobility" and extraordinary consciousness, in particular among certain meditators, yogis and Tibetan monks. with a slow heart and brain rhythm. They are carriers and linked to other exceptional waves, ultrafast these, hyper gamma and lambda waves of 200 Hz and more.

Delta waves: 0.5 to 4 Hz.

They are associated with the deepest levels of physical relaxation, deep dreamless sleep, regeneration, rejuvenation of mind and body, immune defenses, trance, self-healing, disappearance. migraines and headaches, to the capacities of integration, mental and physical recuperation and letting go. It is an unconscious state.

This is the dominant rhythm of babies from 3 months to 1 year old. It is during this period that the production of growth hormones takes place. They are also the last waves produced before death and in near-death experience cases. Some say delta waves connect to the Divine.

An example of a Delta wave playlist: deep sleep, immune system, self-healing

Theta waves: 4 to 7 Hz.

They reflect a state of deep relaxation, meditation and prayer, favorable to creativity, inspiration and visualizations, creative imagination, waking dreams, intuition, used in hypnosis.

Indeed, these waves allow access to the subconscious, they govern the part of the mind between conscious and unconscious and contain memories, sensations, attitudes and beliefs, spiritual consciousness.

They correspond to the waves of falling asleep and waking up.

It is the dominant rhythm with the Deltas, children under 7 years old, who favor observation and intensive learning.

We use theta waves when we engrave oaths and promises in us, when we abolish them, just like for the replacements of thought patterns.

We often lose track of time.

According to Maxwell Cade, a sound therapy researcher, there is a state in which the Theta rhythm is continuous and the Alpha rhythm tends to approach the Theta rhythm. This occurs in states of lucid awareness, seen in healers and mystics.

It also corresponds to the waves related to prayers, in particular repetitive, in all religions and spiritualities: talmud, Hindu and Buddhist mantras and bijas mantras...

An example of a Theta wave playlist

An example of a Theta wave playlist

Alpha waves: 7 to 12 Hz

They are associated with light relaxation, relaxation, well-being, calm and presence, good communication between inside and outside. They promote the release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphin, to reduce stress and optimize relaxation and positive energy.

The Alpha rhythm is broken down into 4 levels, of more or less deep relaxation. Level 4, close to awakening and relaxation, activates as soon as you relax, eyes closed.

Alpha waves disappear with open eyes.

-If one persists, at level 3, the whole body relaxes with a still very active mind.

-At level 2, one has the feeling of hovering and the thoughts become vague.

- If you sink a little deeper, it is the basic level 1 of the Alpha rhythm. It allows us, just before the Theta rhythm, to open the door of the subconscious, to be much more attentive to our intuition, and to guide the mind which is then on the "standby". The mind interferes less.

These are the frequencies most present in the total activity of the brain. They are very close to the frequencies produced by the Earth, called the Schumann resonance at 7.83Hz.

Shamans have always used techniques to synchronize with telluric energy and it is likely that they also aim to harmonize with the frequency of the earth.

Schumann Alpha / deep Theta resonance

Schumann resonance

Meditation begins in the Alpha state with access to the creativity of the unconscious.

The formation of Alpha and Theta waves promote sensory intensification, memory, concentration, abstract thinking and composure. This frequency is related to extroversion, creativity and mental work.

In Alpha, the two hemispheres work harmoniously and the emotional and stress management, the interactions with our senses, the body and the habits are optimal.

Playlist on Alpha waves: well-being, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins.

Alpha waves synchronization of both hemispheres

Beta waves: 13 to 34Hz

They are generally associated with the state of wakefulness, attention, with eyes open, in action: analysis, judgment, decision-making, planning, management of information.

However, they also correspond to the phases of sleep with dreams.

Our brain falls very regularly however in the Alpha waves without our being aware of it, to avoid an "overheating" of the brain, on average 30 times per minute a few microseconds.

They are separated into 3 subcategories:

- from 19 to 34Hz: if these are dominant, anxiety and stress can occur

- from 15 to 18 Hz: these frequencies are linked to the action.

- from 13 to 15 Hz: these frequencies are connected to the interconnections with the outside but with more relaxation.

Research is underway at the University of California, Los Angeles, in particular on the 14 Hz frequency that humans cannot produce, while felines do it at will, which would explain their energy.

Gamma waves 35- 80 Hz

It is the only group of frequencies present in every part of the brain. It promotes the processing of complex tasks, the good simultaneous management of information from different brain sectors, mindfulness, high mental activity, senses, intellectual, intuitive.

According to the work of Dr. Lee Bartel, from the University of Toronto, neurons would like to connect at the frequency of 40 Hz.

Ted X Toronto Conference with Dr. Bartel

These promote in any case the reduction of pain, the rebalancing and the healing of certain health problems, at the rate of a few sessions per week, for a few weeks, in particular, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia. ...

If one suffers from depression, there is a great production of slow, low frequency brain waves, which it is recommended to balance with higher frequency isochronous sounds, without going too high, so as not to create 'anxiety.

A good memory is also associated with the activity of a frequency of 40 Hz, while an insufficiency of waves of 40 Hz creates incapacities of study.

Playlist waves 40 Hz

Hyper Gamma 80-200 or Lambda waves > 200 Hz

These are very fast frequencies, rare and still being studied. Gregg Braden has talked about it in recent interviews.

The state of consciousness elicited by lambda waves is more like a slow, deep wave, like meditation, close to ultra slow epsilon frequencies, but without the drowsiness. Both have been observed in meditation experts and religious mystics.

thanks to the site:

Thank you for your attention. I wish you the best energies. Stay open, curious and experiment.

The ideal, as Dr. Bartel demonstrated, is to receive and balance with a little of each type of frequency, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. And to test those that do us the most good, according to our life path and personalized needs.

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