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Start of Aquarius era prophecies and alchemic phase of nigredo

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I hope you are doing well.

Thank you to courageous people like John Campbell for continuing to inform people about some issues. Everything has been done long enough to maintain submission and "amnesia". It's not time to forget and let yourself be bullied from crisis to crisis, from shock to shock, as explained by Naomi Klein many years ago already in her book, "The Shock Strategy":

"La Stratégie du choc " in french

The time is not in omerta as in most media in France. Nor is it time to fall into the traps of diversions. Exacerbated by those who have an interest in dividing the population as much as possible with divisive subjects, which fuel the rise of political extremism: migrants, religions, gender and LGBT, activism presented in the media as terrorism... A strong far right, their best tool to weaken our democracies, to better control the global population, a little more frustrated and weakened every year. Among other things by anger, fears and an increasingly acidified and inflamed body.

While people waste their time and energy in controversies and disputes, they continue to be struck, in the silence of the mainstream media, by the effects of pollutants, chemical residues and increased consumption of alcohol, narcotics, and especially by the terrible consequences of more than 3 years of hormonal, immune and pre-frontal cortex weakening, bodily acidification, because of the cortisol of fear. The only thing that has changed since 2020 are the reasons for these fears and anxieties. Some independent sources of information explain a drop in fertility and cognitive abilities in some people who were already vulnerable, especially children, adolescents, and the elderly, and unexplained excess mortality between 10 and 20% depending on the month. , for 18 months, in a large number of countries, in particular the most "developed". We also hear that the number of suicides, burn outs, depressions and degenerative diseases, heart problems are also increasing very rapidly.

We have to face the reality .

It s not a problem of a few personalities in some governments and labs. The health, political, economical and media system in many countries, are controlled by some cynical private interests which thrive with the maximum of chronically ill people and with the side effects of wars.

On the exact opposite of the interests of the population they are supposed to take care of.

If not they would promote peace and the « miraculous » potential of natural and cheap therapies by sound, plants, sun, energized water, healthy food, earth grounding, meditation, cognitive transe, channeling…

They would teach hormesis, human physiology, energetics, and epigenetics so that people learn to selfcare, learn how to increase one's magnetism, accupressure, hands and feet reflexology, heal and increase their vital energies and immune systems, wake up, align, boost their chakras, kundalini and pineal glands.

Contemplate ( like the Navajos' Hozho) , resonate with Nature, with trees, animals, stones and cristals, create positive energies with sacred geometry...

Their silence is an obvious evidence.

Control and profits are THE priorities for them.

If population continue to be submissive and adapt to this logic of destruction and self weakening, there will be terrible events to go through again.

Like for diseases, facts will go worse and worse, until people will finally listen, awaken, hear and act

to change and stop them.

Nobody wins in this logic of illness, chaos, wars, destruction, rebuild,except a few private multinationals and their groups of allies.

In this ill world functioning upside down, it's not a good idea to adapt oneself, except if you want to join one day or the other the group of ill people.

Jiddu Krisnamurti warned us many years ago.

It's official now that half of the population in the "western world" suffers already of "chronical troubles". What is called in marketing : A " CAPTIVE " clientele, for the pharmaceutical industry.

Do you understand the extent of this expression ?

We’d better all work on our inner strength, our vibrational level, our immune system, chakras, pineal gland, our prefrontal cortex in the meanwhile.

Personnaly i train everyday.

In fact, we all are going through what is called in alchemy the nigredo phase of "putrefaction" and the prophecies of the starting of the Aquarius human era.

It's up to you to decide how you want to experiment this new period. It's likely though that we have not been through yet the hardest phase.

But Light and our real human Nature is there to be found again through the darkness and what we have to heal, regenerate and change. Both individually and together.

Like Joel de Rosnay, the expert in epigenetics explain : that's the only way to keep strong and balanced and learn to live in a "controlled unbalance"

And act.

We all have a responsibility and a possibility of acting. Even small. Each week. In the right direction.

Stronger and together in networks we will prevail.

Thanks for your attention.

I wish you the best energies, to selflove and selfcare.

Enjoy this summer, the sun and the good vibes of Nature until autumn equinox to increase your vital energies.

Concentrate your attention, time and energy to what heal you, to what bring you good vibes and energies.

Join only with authentic people who are not selfcentered, have true compassion, empathy and increase your energies.

In front of adversity, you will know who you can rely on.



Young excess deaths

International excess deaths


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