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Salt lamps, unrefined salt, sea water, "marine plasma", distilled ionized water

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2023

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I am happy to devote this publication n°100 on my blog to water and salt.

Very often in naturopathy this is indeed the most simple natural elements which can be the most powerful.

I have just bought a " salt lamp", this is an opportunity to update the information on this family of basic products, which are certainly the most available and powerful natural health tools: unrefined salt, ionized distilled water, salt water and Quinton's water, also called "marine plasma". Salt lamps are reputed to revitalize, stimulate the mood, soothe tensions, act against harmful electromagnetic waves, and favorably in case of coughs, colds, allergies, asthma, skin diseases. They contribute to general well-being, the quality of sleep and the sanitation of housing and the respiratory tract. They have a natural ionizing power, they emit negative ions which will counter the positive ions created by pollutants in particular.

It is recommended to use them in non-humid rooms, ideally placed in the north. At my home it is perfectly in harmony: with the colors of this part of my apartment and moreover it corresponds to the Loshu creativity-future zone. I remind you that in chromotherapy, orange is a creative and positive color, stimulating and joyful, fulfilling social ties. It also helps to improve mood, morale, it soothes inflammation, allergies. The general properties of salt stones and those of its color are thereforeperfectly in line. Also remember that natural salt itself has extraordinary properties and its ionizing power. Its crystalline structure gives it a high vibrational energy, similar to that of the color violet. In our ancient traditions, it was already reputed to protect against negative energies and it was a product of great value in antiquity until the Middle Ages, for its therapeutic properties and for the preservation of food. A mine in Moselle made the wealth of this region in Gaul for centuries.

The naturopath Andreas Moritz highlights unrefined salt as a "miraculous" product, he rehabilitates the reputation of this product, which is confused with refined industrial salt, which presents serious health risks. Unrefined sea salt contains 92 essential minerals and trace elements. Refined salt is a by-product of the chemical industry that causes fluid retention in the body (the main cause of weight gain and obesity), dehydration, gallstones, weight gain, kidney problems, high blood pressure , thus a major contribution to inflammatory processes. Refined, table salt, used in particular in processed industrial food products, has been stripped of everything except sodium and chlorine. And above all, to prevent refined salt from rehydrating and being easier to use, manufacturers add harmful additives, desiccants and bleaching agents. After these treatments, the refined salt can no longer mix with human bodily fluids and it interferes with essential chemical and metabolic processes in the body. It also sometimes contains an anti-caking agent, calcium aluminum silicate, which is one of the main causes of Alzheimer's disease according to Andreas Moritz.

"E554, E555, E556 which are anti-caking agents have been banned in Belgium since 2014, except for table salt and the surface treatment of ripened cheese". Andreas Moritz explains in his book: "eternal secrets of health and youth volume 1. self-healing power of the body mind": Consuming natural sea salt (reconstituted seawater) allows liquids to pass through the membranes of the body, the walls of blood vessels. As the concentration of natural salt increases, cells extract more nutrients from the enriched intracellular fluid." "For salt to be useful to the body, it must be unrefined, and penetrate the food, mixed with water. The moisture in vegetables, legumes must dissolve it. If used dry, it penetrates body in a non-ionized form and creates thirst and imbalances.So a pinch of unrefined salt should be dissolved in a little water and added to fruits and vegetables that are usually not cooked. their digestion and will help to deacidify the body".

Andreas Moritz clarifies the important functions of "real salt" in the body:

"It stabilizes cardiac arrhythmia and regulates blood pressure, in conjunction with water.

-it extracts excess acidity from the cells of the body, especially the brain.

-It balances blood sugar levels.

-It is essential for hydroelectric production in the cells of the body.

-It is vital for the intestinal absorption of nutrients.

-It is necessary to rid the lungs of mucus and sticky phlegm, especially in asthma.

-It eliminates catarrhs ​​and congestion in the sinuses.

-it is a powerful natural antihistamine.

- It prevents muscle cramps.

-It helps prevent excessive production of saliva.

-It strengthens the bones. Salt deficiencies and or the consumption of refined salt are the main causes of osteoporosis. (27% of the body's salt content is concentrated in the bones).

-It regulates sleep and acts as a natural hypnotic -It helps prevent gout and gouty arthritis. -It is essential for the maintenance of the libido. -It can prevent varicose veins and spider veins.

We must also mention the benefits of seawater and the research of René Quinton who made an essential connection between the composition of seawater and that of the interstitial liquid in which our cells are bathed. He had noticed that the composition of these two elements were particularly close.

Saltwater has been proven to clear water-electrolyte imbalance, a disorder that causes lack of immune response, allergies, and many other health issues.

In addition, the minerals contained in seawater are bioavailable (about a hundred including iodine, unrefined sodium and selenium), which means that the human body is able to use and assimilate them as they are, without additional process.

Rene Quinton :

"We are a real living marine aquarium, our organic environment is in osmosis with the marine environment: seawater is in sympathy with every tiny part of our body. " When the body environment is weakened by poor nutrition or poor assimilation of nutrients at the cellular level, cell activity also deteriorates. This is the starting point of a vicious circle which begins with the weakening of the cells and continues with various imbalances, to finally lead to organic disorders or real pathologies. The difference between interstitial fluid and seawater is the much lower degree of salinity. He developed Quinton water, also called "marine plasma" which still exists in two forms and are excellent for remineralizing. -hypertonic marine plasma with a degree of salinity of 33g per liter and a high concentration of mineral salts and trace elements.

-ISOtonic marine plasma is the diluted version with a concentration of mineral salts and trace elements equivalent to blood plasma, i.e. 0.9g of salt per litre.

Quinton had concluded that seawater was able to rebalance any body quickly in direct injection but they were banned in 1982. Only food supplements are allowed.

Marine plasma is an excellent restorative and fortifier in the event of repeated infections, frequent antibiotic intake and weakening of the microbiota.

It is also suitable for children.

Marine plasma is a good ally in case of osteoarticular disorder thanks to its remineralizing power. It also makes it possible to bring all the components useful to the body of the sportsmen but also to allow improved performances.

Isotonic Quinton is also recommended in cases of "clogging diseases": primary fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, type II diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases linked to clogging of cells and tissues and an alteration of the immune system. It carries out a real cellular rinsing.

It is also effective in case of skin diseases by cleaning the intracellular fluid and regulating blood acidity. It promotes the production of keratin against hair loss.

Ideally, quinton's water intake must be accompanied by a "hypotoxic" diet such as that recommended by Dr. Seignalet: grain-free, dairy-free, rich in raw foods and organic oils, accompanied by magnesium, trace elements ; vitamins, lactic ferments. At the same time, it makes it possible to rebalance the diet as well as possible, by providing living foods: in particular raw vegetables, lacto-fermented foods and drinks, sprouted seeds. The consumption of sugar, foods containing starch must be controlled, as well as that of alcohol and saturated fatty products. With unrefined salt, the body's salt needs are met without upsetting the water-electrolyte balance. Provided you have a diet rich enough in potassium: bananas, apricots, avocados, squash, pumpkin seeds, beans. With potassium levels too low, even unrefined sodium can become unbalanced. It is therefore also a vital trace element.

Consider salt water colon and intestinal tract purges: 2 teaspoons of non-iodized, unrefined sea salt in a liter of lukewarm filtered water, shake and drink whole. Also think of brine and lactofermentation, with unrefined salt and beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which has always allowed certain foods to be preserved while retaining their nutritional qualities for a very long time. We now understand better why natural salt has been such a precious substance for millennia. “the salt of life” HOT IONIZED-DISTILLED WATER

For deep tissue cleansing, drink hot ionized distilled water regularly, per treatment period. boil the water, 15 to 20min. Distilled water retains its properties as long as it is hot (thermos). When it boils, a large number of negatively charged oxygen ions are produced.

When ingested, in small sips, throughout the day, these negative ions begin to cleanse the body's tissues and help them get rid of the toxin-laden positive ions by clumping with them. This helps to decongest the body, reduce acidification of the body and lose weight.

Andreas Moritz explains about ionized distilled boiled water: "This water is negatively charged, delays the aging process; it contains hydroxyl ions which positively trap oxygen, which inhibits cancer cells and protects against bacteria and viruses.

Most toxins and wastes are positively charged and tend to attach to the body, which is generally negatively charged. When negative oxygen ions enter the body, they are attracted to toxic products. This neutralizes waste and toxins, turning them into fluid matter that the body can eliminate more easily. ​

"Distilled water which is produced by boiling water, and recovering the condensation of water vapor and what comes closest to natural rainwater; it is excellent for hydrating the cells of the body, detoxify, over a short period of time, and reduce inflammation in the body, but unlike rainwater, it is stripped of its life force.

​Andreas Moritz specifies that: "distilled water does not contain minerals, hence its ability to absorb toxic substances from the body. To ensure that it is not harmful over a long period of time, it must be added medicinal plants or minerals such as those contained in unrefined salt.

As with reverse osmosis water, by adding a few grains of basmati rice and or a pinch of unrefined salt to 4 liters of distilled water, it recovers some of the lost minerals, expose it to the sun or put a quartz crystal in it clear for an hour, somewhat helps to re-energize him".

Adding a pinch of salt to drinking water generates alkaline properties and provides you with its minerals and trace elements. ​

One day a week, it is recommended to try to take only liquid food, soups, fresh juices, water, herbal teas, ionized water, to improve the body's ability to eliminate all toxins and waste. accumulated. Filtering, structuring and energizing water should be the first step in any detox, cleansing and naturopathic process, to replace our body and intercellular water within 3 weeks.

Personally, I add a few tablespoons of brine prepared with Guérande salt to my diet every day.

And I also add a small pinch of unrefined salt, green tea, cloves to ionized distilled water which I often drink.


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