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Exploring autophagy in treating sars cov 2 spike protein related pathology by FLCCC Washington DC-USA

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I have suscribed to the newsletter of the FLCCC independant health organization in Washington DC.

I have received this morning an amazing scientific publication of 16 pages in pdf version about the potential selfcare potential of the autophagy processes for the treatment of spike protein related pathologies.

About the history of fasting in the various cultures and spiritualities, the autophagy mecanisms, and links between fasting and autophagy and the various ways to improve these autophagy and mitophagy processes, and mitochondrial function.

And how these processes can treat the spike effects.

I also share some of the numerous examples of prevention and health free protocols which they are sharing to the public in english and spanish on their site.

« Just this week, our own Drs. Paul Marik and Yusuf (JP) Saleeby — as well as Matthew T.J. Halma of the World Council for Health —published in the peer-reviewed journal

Endocrine and Metabolic Science.

Exploring autophagy in treating SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-related pathology

Those of you who are familiar with Dr. Marik’s work over the past two years will recognize the subject – the role of autophagy in the treatment of spike protein disease, from which so many are suffering after COVID infection or injection. That’s why the topic and impact of this paper are so critical, although we now know that autophagy is good for our health for so many other reasons, too.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of you have explored and adopted intermittent fasting and time-limited eating as a result of Dr. Marik’s deep dive, personal experience, and reporting through the FLCCC webinars! »

« Fasting, a practice with historical roots in various cultures, has recently garnered significant interest in the field of medicine.

In this article, we delve into the mechanisms underlying fasting-induced autophagy and its therapeutic applications for spike protein associated pathology.

We explore the therapeutic potential of fasting on spike protein-related pathology and the role of interventions to upregulate autophagy, including compounds like spermidine, resveratrol, rapamycin, and metformin.

In conclusion, fasting, coupled with an understanding of its nuances, holds promise as a therapeutic intervention for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein related diseases; with broad implications for human health.

This review presents the therapeutic possibility of using autophagy to treat spike protein related diseases, and details the interventions to deploy this therapeutic modality. »

Table 1. An overview of fasting in different spiritual and medical traditions, showing wide use across the Earth.

Table 2. An overview of pathological mechanisms of spike protein.

3. Autophagy mechanism

4. Autophagy of spike protein and aggregates

5. Autophagy for treatment of spike protein-induced pathologies

5.1. Fasting and autophagy

Time -restricted eating (TRE) and Intermittent fasting (IF) are effective methods to activate autophagy and mitophagy (Jamshed et al., 2019; Alirezaei et al., 2010; Godar et al., 2015; Martinez-Lopez et al., 2017).

5.2. Compounds for increasing autophagy.

Each case of spermidine, caffeine, resveratrol a plant flavonoid polyphenol, curcumin are given and detailed.

6. Improving mitochondrial function

Mitophagy process is detailed.

And the cases of PQQ, cold exposure, endurance exercice, nitric oxide, melatonin, vitamin C, NAC N acetyl cysteine, magnesium, methylene blue, light therapy are given and detailed with their specific potential improving effects.

It s important to remember too that fasting, apnea, cold exposure and endurance/intensive alternative exercice are all part of the law of hormesis. See below. Also some links about NAC.

Thanks to FLCCC for this amazing contribution.

It should really be shared as much as possible so that people go out of the destructive fear process and switch on the path of natural selfcare, and of the rediscovery and remembrance of our extraordinary human potential , supported by some natural compounds.

As a french person, i'd like also to pay tribute to the biologist Felix D'Herelle, whose research work about microbiology, bacteriophages and phagotherapy has been not only mostly been forgotten but never really recognized by the official health authorities of that time. I'am happy that these pionniers researchers see today their work used and implemented by the independent researchers of our time. Gratitude to all of you.

I wish you all the best energies on this Way.



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