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Blue pearl -"Poem to Gaia" by Serge-Reiver Nazare

I am thankful and grateful to Serge Reiver Nazare for this beautiful tribute to Gaia, published in november 2013.

Happy full moon to you all.

More than ever it's important to focus our thoughts and mind on positive energies, share and awaken consciences about what"s going on the Earth and increase respect and gratitude to Gaia and to all the other realms of life.

“Oh Gaia my friend, when I met you

Peace then reigned on Earth and in the clouds.

Nature was beautiful and bright too,

And the animal kingdom was happy here.

And the man arrived, and with the intention

To live well and do well for its development.

But he embarked on a foolish journey

Towards a heavier world, a new density.

He thus lost the common thread

Who then linked him to the sources of happiness.

By his free will, he broke the bond

Who had linked him to the notion of Good.

The cut has created, in this open breach

An absence of Light, a new loss,

And from error to error and faults, for the rest,

Man thus fell from the earthly paradise.

His malevolent actions, his new violence

Damaged your Earth, which was no longer so beautiful.

And you, my sweet friend, for love of beings,

You endured everything without letting anything show.

I'll be leaving this material plane soon

To continue my life but in another way,

And here I make the solemn oath

To bear witness in my own name,

Of the love you have for all humans

To help them live and grow for tomorrow.

Of all that you give, that you also support

Of your rebellious children who give you worry.

And if in the cosmos your name is "Blue Pearl",

Your aura shines like a sun in the heavens.

I will say in the worlds that I will visit

How much you are in you a real beauty.

How much you are Peace, and in what way

You know how to infuse us with the flow of Light.

You will be for these worlds a beautiful example to follow

So that the human kingdom learns to live better. "

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