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The revelations of Barabar in Bharat-India: "the archaeological site of the future "

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Are you doing well?

Year after year, since 2017, revelations have been multiplying thanks to the reports, surveys, investigations and scientific studies carried out by Patrice Pouillard's team in the "caves" of Barabar and Nagarjuni in India.

Many videos and films have been shot and shared in French and English and the latest revelations from December 2023 are now being broadcasted in cinemas across French-speaking Europe currently.

With the link below, virtual tours are now possible.

Barabar the archaeological site of the future December 2023. video in french.


"Bam builders of the ancient world " general presentation. In english.

A must see for those interested in history, esotericism, sacred geometry, vibrational sciences, sonotherapy, as the revelations take on a radical scale.

These cavities, until recently, were considered by official historians as “shelters” built around 2,300 years ago.

But as the technical and scientific verifications and studies are carried out, their degree of design and production reveals itself to be of a sophisticated and high technological level, which would not be achievable with this precision and these specifications today.

The latest measurements taken with sound level meters, roughness meters, rangefinders and 3D scan tools prove it. And above all the real objective of the designers is still mysterious.

In many esoteric and legendary prophecies it is said that when the time is right, evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization and its technologies will reappear. It seems that this process is accelerating.

New scientific measurements clearly show an exceptional degree of precision and complexity of construction: with relationships between geometry, volume, symmetry and inclination; polishing of granite almost like glass, shiny, acoustics, reverberation, resonance according to specific sound frequencies which would have been anticipated according to the chosen geometric data..

-Polishing increases high frequency reverberation

-the symmetry of the volumes increases that of the low frequencies by the strong resonance

-Low frequency reverberations are 6 times higher than in Notre Dame: 60 to 70 seconds.

-the inclination of the walls of 1.5 to 3 degrees neutralizes the floating echo effect. With concentration of sounds in certain places. Which is also favored by the vaults.

What purpose ? For what applications? Sonotherapy? Music therapy? Induction of altered states of consciousness? Energetic?

An intriguing and exciting place.

Even more so since a great similarity exists in the observations made between Barabar, and for example, the vats of the serapeum of Saqqara and the " Coricancha" of Cuzco in Peru, among others.

And that there have also been observations of metric measurements carried out at different places on Earth. Several thousand years before its official existence in 1795.

Which would also involve advanced astronomical knowledge.

Increasingly clear indications that our evolution has not been linear, that official history is very partial or inaccurate and that high technologies were mastered by our ancestors. Since they have since been forgotten or deliberately hidden? For what?

Is it a coincidence that Buddha's enlightenment took place according to tradition, 40km away from Barabar?

I invite you to listen to the interviews and read the books of "alternative" historians and truth seekers such as Michael Tellinger for his fascinating research on sound and archeology particularly in Zimbabwe and South Africa, which is currently revealing a major and still unknown part of human history, in this region of the world, directly linked to the Annunakis mythology.

Same thing for the revelations which multiply from the historian Freddy Silva and indicate with numerous archaeological and etymological proofs, after years of research on site and exchanges in particular with the local first peoples, the existence of different sites across the planet, in connection with a pre-diluvian Primordial civilization, based on the same knowledge, the same cosmogony and spirituality around the "Shining ones".

“Lost lands and ancient architects by Freddy Silva”

Lost history of humanity. South Africa by Michael Tellinger

As for the esotericism of ancient Egypt, I have been very much impressed by this very informative series of documentaries from the early 2000s, collected here. Year after year, there are numerous revelations which overlap with more recent discoveries and provide unique insight.

The Eye of Horus (complete)


Thank you to everyone involved in these historic revelations. We look forward to hearing more soon.

The implications of these discoveries are major because they have now been scientifically proven. They touch on many areas: construction, sacred geometry, mastery of sounds, electromagnetism, which concern Nature but also human physiology, prevention, health.

And they add to other major discoveries and research in quantum physics, epigenetics, and on altered states of consciousness, in many countries. For example by Rupert Sheldrake, Erwin Lazlo, Marc Henry, Nassim Haramein, Corine Sombrun, Luc Montagnier, and many others...

I have summarized some of these revelations in these publications, to circulate this knowledge. In French

and in English.

They are essential to better understand our real history and also the extraordinary human and natural and universal potential.


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