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Let's focus on the new paradigm

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Fellow friends on the Way,

“Gnothi seauton” is the transcription, from ancient Greek, which means “know thyself”.

It is the oldest of the three maxims which were engraved at the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Pytho-Delphi. The last

configuration of one of the main and oldest centers where Primordial Knowledge and human physiology were taught, during millennia.

As they were also shared, across the earth, in different places, at different times.


Another text to meditate on, taken from Don Miguel Ruiz's book, "Beyond Fear":

“Back to life…

I was no longer the same, for the first time, I opened my eyes...

I was living in a false dream.

The Angel of Death changed into the Angel of Life, transforming the drama of life into comedy.

Dead you were.

In the tomb of illusion your mind slept.

The long lethargy of hell.

Your eyes have changed, they admire beauty again.

The awakening of my divine consciousness, an unconscious divinity lay there.

Now from my being love emanates…”


Nature and we who are interconnected with it and with each other, are so much more powerful than we know

and think.

We also think of this other esoteric maxim attributed to Thoth which explains that the universe is fractal, but ordered according to the

same laws.

“What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like what is above.”

Full audio book in english. 

The solutions are within us, when humans remember who they really are and their inner potential and that

they vibrate at the right level:

Kundalini, chakras, pineal gland, fascias, nadis, meridians, meditation, magnetism, inner fire, cognitive abilities,

DNA & epigenetics, law of hormesis (sacred breathing, strengthening by hot and cold, fasting, intensive alternating physical

exercise, etc.),

And when they are grounding and  reconnecting with the infinite forces and powers of Nature and the Universe, within and around

them, also under different names and manifestations:

vibrational sciences, quantum physics, photonic and morphic fields, ether, Qi, Prana, Ka, Hozho, Feng Shui,

magnetism of water, fire, telluric, mineral, crystalline, Light, sound therapy, sacred geometry, flowers of life...

Many prophets, shamans, yogis, philosophers, druides, falas, mediums, scientists, alchemists and

other wise humans have taught this Knowledge for millennia.

With these energies, information, we can begin to rebalance ourselves, to know how to manage and increase our vibrational level and

resonance, quickly.

And therefore, also reconnecting with the best and highest intuitions, with our guides, with our cells, with our higher Self, with

our perceptual Intelligence.

Help yourself and the “Divine” will help you”, because, if the Divine is everywhere around us, it is also and above all in us all.

We have such extraordinary potential, we are “divine” beings.

We are all interconnected fractions of the universal, unlimited and eternal “great Whole”. Incarnated on Earth to spread

Light, put the “divine” back everywhere.

As Arwen de la Réault says: “vibration is the substance of form. As soon as vibration changes, form changes too.

Humans must get out of the three-dimensional path and couple the celestial dimension with the terrestrial dimension.

We can only create in our life, in matter, in form, in the highest vibrations:

Human beings leave their mark ,  vibrational signature on what they desire.

Matter is then imbued with this vibration and begins to build itself, to let itself attract towards human being.

We create with our own unlimited vibrational crucible. Because the “divine” knows no limits and no obstacles.”

The Egyptians of Kem had a symbolism for creation around a potter, the Normans and many others around the

weaving. These two symbols are well chosen.

​Some speak of the "great All", the "ONE", the ""Source, of God Father-Mother, of the Gods and Goddesses, of the Great Yin and

the great Yang, of Vita, of SHAKTI-SHIVA". Or of their religion.

For my part, I think that essential thing is not the name, but FAITH.

And that precisely the Light, the Essence, the highest Vibration, in the apparitions, presents itself to us in the closest way

of our belief system; that it then incarnates everywhere in all living beings, and in different avatars, as they say Hindus,

at different times, different places. ​

I do not aim to doing proselytism.

The numerous energetic and spiritual references that I mention at home, and on this site, will

probably surprise some people. but these are just some of my personal referents, some of my guides,

some of the ascended masters that I respect the most.

They facilitate and contribute to my concentration, my energies, and accompany me in my rituals, grounding protocols,

and vibrational channeling, and contribute to my protection and that and those around me.

You are obviously free to adapt them or choose others. ​

The main thing is to restore the “Divine” vibration around you,  

to rediscover the Path of the Divine within yourself,

to vibrate the Divine within yourself again, in the heart chakra.

To find faith in yourself therefore in the Divine.

And in Mother Earth that welcomes us.

We are guided and therefore never alone.

In each moment, we can realign our vibrations, focusing on what “divine” beings are capable of doing.

Dispense the “divine” Word, letting ourselves be irrigated by the “divine” flow, in trust.

This is letting go. 

As this beautiful shamanic song, attributed to the Hopis, says: "We are those who were waiting for us. The time of the isolated wolf

is over. These are the times of awakening, of gathering, of reconnecting with our ancestors and our guides.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book "Beyond Fear", writes that: "the specificity of human beings is to have brains that

transform light into extremely powerful emotional energy, which nourishes our psyche. Among others. "Our thoughts are creative energies. Words also carry what is called: the Force of the Word. Our voice, our songs,

our words, prayers... also carry the Force of sounds.Every time you mention someone's name, or think of someone or something, you are directing your energy to them.Each time you use a particular word, it strengthens or weakens you depending on its nature.Likewise, for your emotions. So be vigilant and selective.

Nikola Tesla and others have explained that to know the secrets of nature and the universe, of which we are a part:

we must think in terms of vibration, because everything in us and around us is vibratory.

At each moment, let us therefore keep in mind that we are free to choose to focus our attention, our intentions, thoughts,

words, therefore our energies, and our actions, on a new constructive paradigm.Please let us choose to view the current period of turbulence as a challenge, an opportunity to learn,to experience, to awaken, to strengthen ourselves, to elevate ourselves, to increase our adaptive capacity and our “controlled imbalance”,

as the specialist in epigenetics and personal development, Joel de Rosnay, explains in his April 2019 book,

the “symphony of life”.

Let's choose to move away from the involutionary paradigm of "guilt-shock-division-fears"!Let us focus on the other paradigm, human and terrestrial, which is growing every day at high speed. It will grow all the better as many of us participate in it, to bring our strengths, our constructive emotions, our powers.


At every moment, let us keep in mind that we are free to choose to focus our attention, our intentions, thoughts, words,

therefore our energies, and our actions, on a new paradigm.

Please, therefore, let us choose to view the current period of turbulence as a challenge, an opportunity to learn,

to experience, to awaken, to strengthen ourselves, to rise, to increase our adaptive capacity and our “controlled imbalance”,

as explained by specialist in epigenetics and personal development, Joel de Rosnay.

Let's choose to move away from the involutionary paradigm of "guilt-shock-division-fears" and focus

on the other paradigm, of the Earth and human, which rises every day at great speed.

It will grow all the better as many of us participate in it, bring our strengths and our constructive emotions to it.

Let us also share the Knowledge of doing better and well-being, which brings together, strengthens, regenerates, sublimates and

transcends our physical and cognitive bodies potential.

The Knowledge that allows and accelerates this process.

The "Age of Aquarius" or the Satya Yuga is already moving forward on its inevitable path and historical revelations, as said

prophecies are multiplying.

You just need to be open, curious, attentive, humble.

Another Earth, another humanity are possible, since they have already existed, in the past.Some first peoples call this period the era of the "3rd sun", as Don Miguel Ruiz also explains.

Their knowledge and philosophy are still alive, in us and around us, and reappear to guide us.More and more of us are becoming aware of this. It is up to us, here and now, to regenerate ourselves, and connect, to strengthen ourselves, to co-create, to unite our efforts to make

the best happen, the new era of the 6th sun!

I have just updated the presentation pages on my site, in French and English. ‬And on this occasion, I wrote these 2 important publications of today.

​Why have the quantum and epigenetics revolutions not yet taken place in concrete terms?

Probably, because, like most of the techniques mentioned above, their principles are largely free, in open access,

available directly and within everyone’s reach. And often are much more simple that we think. 

The latest advances and revelations, notably from Nassim Haramein and his team, are also historic:

Dolores Cannon, Don Miguel Ruiz, Anne Givaudan, Rupert Sheldrake, Lilou Macé, Nassim Haramein, Naomi Klein,

Nikola Tesla, Kaia Ra, Erwin Lazlo, Sophie Merle, Serge Reiver Nazare, Edgar Cayce, Masaru Emoto,

Alexander Lauterwasser, Marc Luykx Guisi, Guislaine Lanctot, Gregg Braden, Jacques Martel, Joe Dispenza,

Roy Martina, Patricia Darré, Patrick Burensteinas, Maurice Erwin Guignard, Corine Sombrun, Marc Henry,

Arnaud Riou, Jean Pierre Willem...

and so many others, have opened awareness and described these mechanisms and this potential.

Recent revelations, from alternative historians and scientists, clearly show that this knowledge was already mastered, at

a very high level, sometimes higher than our current knowledge, several thousand years ago.

For example, in certain remains in Cuzco, Giza, in the "Osireion" of Abydos, and in the "resonance cavities" in

Barabar and Nagarjuni in India, at Saqqara in Egypt, ...

Virtual visits of the sites of barabar and Nagarjuni

Barabar le site archéologique du futur décembre 2023 en français

​Bam builders of the ancient world in english 

We therefore still have a lot to learn, to experiment, to share and the main thing today is to remain curious, open,

humble, authentic, ethical and most aligned, at best, according to these Universal Laws.

Humans deserve better than weakening, amnesia, inflammation linked to cortisol, fears and pollution. Most

illnesses, called chronic, and even so-called hereditary disorders, are not inevitable but predispositions, and

can be largely avoided.

We can activate a virtuous spiral, within us and around us. Our cells, bodies and Nature know how to reharmonize and

rebalance, through the law of homeostasis and use energies as best as possible.

"Let's transform lead into gold", as the alchemists wrote.

I want to deliver a message of encouragement here at a time when many humans are disoriented and

suffering. Share useful information and experiences, some of my passions and a toolbox, which will allow

for those who want to move forward on their path.

Certain techniques, notably anchoring, channeling, visualizations, sophrology, guided meditation, sacred breathing,

the releases and stimulations of vital energy, have become new habits, personal and professional protocols that I

now practiced on a daily basis.

They allowed me to bounce back with power, after a period of introspection, to awaken spiritually and to the principles

magnetic and vibrational. To raise awareness, to free myself from transgenerational disorders and to align my lifestyle and my

professional practices.

On my professional page, I offer 9 tools for those who need support

on an energetic and well-being, body-mind/holistic path in Paris,

, to be adapted according to the stage you are at and according to your personalized needs

Since 2012, I have been a Chinese energy practitioner and well-being masseur.

I live and work in one of the historic buildings, from the care center, built by Nicolas de Blegny in 1687 in Paris, rue

de la Folie Mericourt in the 11th arrondissement.

From 2019, I also completely readapted my living and professional space, according to certain bases of Feng shui-Loshu.

I've just simplified the furniture to boost energy circulation in the entrance of my apartment , repainted partly, cleaned the wood

parquet, all pictures have been updated on link below. 

Energetics, massages, are a fascinating profession because somesthesis demonstrates to what extent touch is vital for

human beings. And this knowledge should be part of our general culture.

We saw from 2020 to 2022 what the consequences of an absence or limited touches were.

The skin and the fascia network contribute to a third of our immune system; they capture, transform and transmit

light photons and touch, eliminate some of the toxins, and communicate with the nervous system, which trigger

various hormonal reactions: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, important for well-being, self-esteem and motivation.

They are natural tranquilizers that reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels, alleviate pain and sadness.

An ARTE report about our allies: fascias, in french

​A study carried out at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in the USA also revealed that gentle pressure on the sternum and

resulting emotional charge, activates the solar plexus chakra, stimulates the thymus, which regulates the production of white blood cells

and therefore the immune system.

Energy goes where we put our Attention, our mind and our thoughts are vibratory and creative.

Like the words we use. The waves enter into resonance, participate in forming what we call fields of shapes,

individual and collective, which become energetic, and are also called egregores.

The more we feed them, the more we feed them, the more powerful they become and influence the community.

Joel de Rosnay also calls this phenomenon epimemetics.

Don Miguel Ruiz is also one of those who talk about it best.

Let us therefore choose to fill the most “positive”, benevolent, constructive egregores.

It is up to us, today, through our choices and actions to create, at best, a more balanced, harmonious,

once again in osmosis, with Mother Earth KI-GAIA, with all other species of the Living, according to natural, universal and timeless laws

les 4 accords Toltèques de Don Miguel Ruiz:

Le 5e accord Toltèque

I have summarized below and classified by sections some of the links to the main publications and sections of my site, my

blog, and other links to pdf books, interviews, videos that I find essential.

Thank you for your attention and your sharing.


Economy, sociology.



The secrets of water 

Chakras-Energétics- Epigenetics

Sacred Tibetan breaths

Root chakra

Sacred chakra

Solar plexus chakra

Heart chakra

Ajna -3rd eye chakra

Crown chakra 


Inner fire 



Protocoles pour les #enfants 

Medicinal plants

9 files with about 300 medicinal plants, classified in french alphabetical order 

"Western plants"

Pharmacopée Aa-al



Letters B-D

Letters E-L

Letters M-Q

Letters R-Z

"Equatorial-Tropical-International  plants"




Magnétism-Massages- Sophrology



T.T.M. Traditional Tibetan  Medicine 

« Aging healthy »

Nutrition & complements 


Virtual visits of the sites of barabar and Nagarjuni

Barabar le site archéologique du futur décembre 2023 en français

Bam builders of the ancient world in english 

History, prophecy of the 6th sun

Water . Cymatics

The secrets of water 

Most people are dehydrated and don't know how everything vibrational in and around them influences them, because water registers

the vibrations of sounds, words, emotions, food, light, telluric and human energies....

Masaru EMOTO world : 

Wellness-human physiology


Thanks see you soon. 

I wish you the best energies.

May this site and all of us be protected and accompanied by the guides around the Divine of Love and Light and Ki, Mother Earth.

  special THANKS to : 

   Peter J. d' Adamo, Jacques Antonin, Cyrille /Arche du savoir, Jeremy Bec, Jacques Benveniste, Philippe Bobola, Luc Bodin, 

Sandrine Muller Bohard , Alain et Pascal Bouchet, Jacqueline Bousset, Gregg Braden, Michael Bradford, Caroline Bright, Frédéric Buisson,

Patrick Burensteinas, Rhonda Byme, Elisabeth de Caligny, Dolores et Julia Cannon, Sylvere Caron,  Thierry Casasnovas,

Carlos Castaneda, Guilhem Cayzac, Ana Chalimar, Theo Charalambos, Didier Coilhac, Jacques Collin, Patricia Darré, Paul Degryse,

Michel Deseille, Sylvain Didelot, Joe Dispenza, Masaru Emoto, Jean-Yves Espie, Gaia meditation, Anne Givaudan, Jacques Grimault,  

Irene Grosjean, Nelly Grosjean, Philippe Guillemant , Marc Luykx Guisi, Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein, Frank Hatem,

Marc Henry, Felix d'Herelle,  Charlotte Hoefman, Kathryn Hudson, Gabrielle Isis, Valerie Jespere, Henri Joyeux, Naomi Klein,

Guislaine Lanctot, Roland Legrand, Lilou Mace, Olivier Madelrieux, Jacques Martel, Roy Martina, Sophie Merle, Guy Monjo, 

Andreas Moritz, Jean-Marie Muller, Serge-Reiver Nazare , Nurea TV, Deva Premal,  Kaia Ra, Fabian Racuk, Arnaud Riou, 

Joel de Rosnay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sadhguru, Didier Santiago, Tal Schaller, Laurent Schwarz, Claire Severac, 

Corine Sombrun, Samuel Stemmer, Barbara Stiegler, Eckhart Tolle, Victoire Enki,  Chico Xavier, Jean Pierre Willem...


and to all the other ones who have helped me to complete my knowledge, forge my spirituality, stimulate my energies. 




Joel de Rosnay

 interview passionnante en français

Site d'Emoto

L eveil de la kundalini

Les fascias humains

Les secrets de l' eau

Les souffles sacrés tibétains


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