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Ode to Love by Jalal Al-Din Rumi : the universal path to Cosmic and Inner Divine.

Dernière mise à jour : 17 nov. 2023


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Let's share benevolent and luminous energies.

Let's resist and strengthen ourselves against the current hype of negative waves.

Let us pay tribute to the great Iranian people and to all those who are currently fighting courageously for their freedoms.

Thanks to Mark Luyckx, who is mentioning this poem of the persian author Jalal Al-Din Rumi in his book " the path of Being, beyong religions".


It is a poetry of great beauty and power, a tribute to Love of the Divine, therefore also to the love of oneself, because humans all have deep inside, this divine spark.

It is a universal call to rediscover it, buried in our inner darkness, to connect and let ourselves be guided by the Divine in the invisible and to embark on this path of transcendence and sublimation, beyond religions, one of the keys to the present period and a fulfilling incarnation in the material world with our physical vessels.


Ode to love by the Persian poet Jalâl al-Dîn Rûmi


“Love brings joy to creatures

It is the source of infinite happiness

Because it is not our mother who gives us life,

But it is love.

Praise and mercy on this true mother!

The way of Love is a mystery,

In it there is no contention,

No other qualities than the depth of things.

To the lover it is not allowed to speak

because it is a question of non-existence and not of existence.

I possess a Love purer than clear water.

Such Love is lawful nourishment for everyone.

While the love of others is always changing,

The Love for my Beloved is for all eternity.

It is Love that holds the secret of the Lights

It is a cloud carrying a hundred thousand lightning bolts.

In the depths of my being lies the sea of ​​its glory

All creatures are drowned in this sea.

The heart of man is a candle ready to burn

The heartbreak of separation from the Beloved

Can it be stitched up?

O you who ignore patience and burning

You cannot know anything about Love until it has touched your heart.

Love has appeared and is now Blood running through my veins,

It crushed me and filled me with the Beloved

Which has penetrated every part of my body.

Only one name remains of me, all the rest is Him.

Love appeared and eclipsed all other loves,

I consumed myself and my own ashes came to life.

By the only desire for a new burn

They have manifested themselves in countless faces.

In the way of Love, we must advance step by step,

Yet the only true step comes from the Eternal.

In the abode of non-existence

In fact hide many lives

Open your eyes: everywhere is non-existence!

O you whose Love is the essence of all wonder

What your Love brings is total upheaval.

How long will you ask me about the state of my burnt heart

While obviously

Do you know him better than I do?

When my essence turns into a universal ocean

The beauty of atoms will be a source of Light for me.

That's why I burn like a candle,

So that, in the way of Love,

Every moment becomes a single moment.

The body is in love with the soul,

And the soul in love with the body.

I'm in love with Love

And Love is in love with me.

Sometimes it's me who grabs it with my hands

Sometimes it is He who clings to my clothes.

If you are in love, stay with your fellow man

Day and night, take your place in the circle of lovers!

So when you find that circle,

Leave the world behind and let it in

The presence of its Creator. »

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