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Eclipses, Celtic Beltane celebrations, Full moon of May

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I hope you're doing well.

Tonight 5 of may is an exceptional full moon in the sign of Taurus.

Because, this evening, will also take place a lunar eclipse at the end of the evening, visible apparently in Asia, Oceania, Africa and in Eastern Europe.

According to some, it will close the powerful energy portal, opened 15 days ago at the time of the new moon and a first eclipse.

It is at this time, too, in many very old traditions, that one celebrated the eve of this full moon in May, a very important solar festival around bonfires, to celebrate the end of the cold period. and the imminent arrival of summer at its zenith.

Fire was considered a bridge with the divine world.

Among the Celts, in particular, it was Beltane: "the festival of the brilliant fire of Bel", the most important festival of the year after the winter solstice Yule, and Samonios the new year. In honor, among others, of Belenos the solar god.

Some trace it back to primordial spirituality, around the sun, the sacred masculine, Enki, and Enlil. the God celebrated among others in the periods around the sign and the symbol of the bull.

But, it is also an important celebration, of Nature, of the Earth, of the Moon, of the Sacred Feminine, of fertility, of fecundity. Indeed, seeds planted in the descending moon are reputed to take root more easily.

Similar celebrations are found in Native American and Odinic Wotan cultures around may trees. With some traditions that have been maintained until today.

The Celts apparently braided grids prepared with 8 sacred trees: mountain ash, oak, hazel, birch, hawthorn, elder, yew, juniper

They tied colored ribbons to the branches of the Maypole while making wishes. ribbons which were then untied when the wish came true.

Names vary from one culture, spirituality to the other. but the bases, energies, symbols, spirits are the same.

I wish you the best energies on this special night.

Let us honor these beautiful traditions, spiritualities and our ancestors.






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