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some artwork by Mael Boutin about satya yuga

Dernière mise à jour : 30 avr. 2022

hello, namaste, I hope you are doing well. I have just come to know the artworks of Mael Boutin. I also invite you to discover some of them. They radiate the beautiful vibes that we really need these days.

Those related to the spirituality of the Hindu golden age rediscovered, the Satya Yuga, obviously particularly resonate with me.

So let's visualize them together in harmony, peace, this sacred and divine beauty. thank you and congratulations to her.

"Sitting in the middle of the room, ready to meditate, you can make out temples, pyramids, mountains and forests in the nocturnal horizon... Translated into Sanskrit by Satya Yuga, literally Age of Truth, the Hindu Golden Age is the period when humanity lives in harmony on Mother Earth and with the cosmos.

Mountains, rivers are considered living beings. Animals talk and reason. The deities incarnated on earth teach us the Truth, the Knowledge, the Consciousness, this Gold in us.

They invite us to follow the path of this inner and benevolent divine essence that we all carry. Shiva Nataraja “dances bliss”. Sarasvati enlightens artists. Ganesh helps us push back the obstacles in our initiations, our projects, on the way to awakening.

According to Hindu astronomy, the era that precedes the Golden Age which we are currently living through is the Kali Yuga (Dark Age). In this temporal phase, most people are extremely far and disconnected from spirituality, in suffering, fear, lies and with little morality, waiting for this golden age,- which is slow to return and which cannot be truly established, unless visualized in our dreaming, thoughts, in our conscience. Let's all focus our intention, will and our actions on this better world..."

Thanks to Mael and congratulations . sat nam

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