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Moxibustion heat therapies with artemisia moxas: some treasures of the ancestral Asian cultures




In recent weeks, I have accelerated my publications and sharing on the Linkedin network and I would first of all like to thank all the groups and members who accepted me and those who also joined my network of contacts.

Until today, I have mainly shared about some of my passions: photography, poetry, spirituality, esotericism, history…

In the coming days, I will increase the number of more “professional” publications, particularly regarding energetics from T.C.M. Traditional Chinese medicine, that I have been practicing since 2012, vibrational sciences, wellness techniques...

I'm sure it will be interesting for you, whether privately or for your business.

Because everything is vibrational, everything is energy.

Let's share at best .

As a matter of fact, I'm going to start highlighting, here and now, the most powerful technique that I have practiced and experienced, both on my clients and on myself: moxas and moxibustion.

Because this technique has the advantage of being simple and being able to be practiced by the patient himself. For my part, I generally do a moxibustion-acupressure protocol once a season for self-care.

The origin of moxibustion therapy is very old.

Its principles are simple: they consist of stimulating the acupuncture points with heat, in order to restore and balance the body's vital internal energy, "chasing out cold and humidity from the body", warming and unclogging the meridians of the body. acupuncture, the name of the body's main energy networks, according to TCM.

"If needle acupuncture is now known throughout the world, moxa therapy is less widespread in the "West". While it has been very common in China and Japan since ancient times and appreciated for its success of his treatments.

"In Pen Tsao, the oldest Chinese pharmacopoeia, mugwort moxa is presented as a true panacea and also powerful as a preventive measure.

Its use would be even older than acupuncture, for example for the treatment of disorders of stomach, diarrhea, irregular periods, female and male sterility, scapulo-humeral periarthritis, cervicarthrosis, rheumatoid neuralgia, low back pain and chronic skelalgia of any origin.

Tomorrow I will make another publication about the properties of the extraordinary plant from which moxas are composed: mugwort, Artemisia, which is linked to the name of the Goddess Artemis for good reasons.

“The heat from burning mugwort warms the meridians, activates and improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and can treat a large number of illnesses.

Li Ting, a great physician of the Ming dynasty, wrote: "If medicine and acupuncture do not work, moxibustion should be used."

"More recent studies, carried out by Dr. S. Hara and Aochi in Japan, have studied the effects of mugwort and moxa on the blood, and how they multiply the number of white blood cells several times, during sessions of moxibustion.

However, white blood cells, leukocytes, destroy bacteria when they enter the body. They therefore contribute to the defense against microbial attacks. "

Furthermore, TCM doctors say that fire is the most powerful magnetism on Earth.

And if in mythology, Prometheus transmitted fire to humans, perhaps this is also and above all why.

Today, some modern quantum scientists like Philippe Bobola are analyzing its “infra-red” vibrational effects.

“The Chinese have always used moxibustion to treat tumors and bacterial infections. Under the effect of moxibustion, the hypodermal protein is transformed, through heat, into histotoxin.

Thus this chemical substance and the essential oils contained in moxa contribute to the increase in the number of white blood cells and allow a slight alkalization of the blood which promotes good health and strength of the body.

The protocol that I learned at the Shen school in Paris also combines moxibustion with acupressure.

This corresponds to option 4 in what I am proposing. This allows the magnetism to be boosted and circulated at around thirty points stimulated by pressure and friction.

This is the method created by Guy Monjo, its creator, and taught to the practitioners who were trained there. I have no right to disclose it.

There is also option 11 which combines moxibustion and massage. The massage has the advantages of unblocking and circulating the vital energy increased by moxibustion. And option 1 of the complete holistic protocol.

However, regarding the moxibustion part, you will find some additional bases, to locate 5 acupuncture points among the powerful ones and how to use moxas on my site in the inner fire section. Its bilingual in french-english.

For information, I buy my moxas (without conflict of interest) at Phu-Xuan, Paris 7th district, Rue Mr le prince. But you can also find them for sale on many websites.

It is a store for TCM and well-being professionals which also offers initiatory books.

Some of the "more scientific" remarks here are taken from one of them, published in 1990, by a certain Hospital Doctor Li, in Shanghai.

Artemisia moxas and moxibustion are a treasure of multi-millennial Chinese and Asian cultures that I invite you to discover and practice. As always, everyone is free to experiment, possibly complementing other tools of modern allopathic medicine.

As always, we are required by the french regulations to specify that "information, recommendations and successful experiences are shared here, which do not call for interrupting another treatment, without prior medical advice."


I wish you all to cultivate the best energies as best you can and to radiate them.


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