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For you, for the Kelt Celebration of Imbolc 2024: prayer, purification, cleaning, strengthening...

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Many demonstrations happen these days throughout Europe, but how many of us are aware that these events happen a few days before one of the main celebration in the antique Kelt calender, kown under different names :

"Imbolc-Imolk- Imelk "

"Imbiuolcaia" in Gaul.

"Deiz ar goulou", in Brittany.

It used to happen at the end of winter, équivalent of the beginning of February , in the half month of anagantios. Between winter solstice and spring equinox.

A celebration around the sacred Light to awaken the Mother Earth, in honor of Goddesses Brigit or Brid : multiple Goddess of fire, light, healing, poetry and magic.

With some spiritual events organized by women Druidesses and Sacred Feminine organisations.

It s indeed a period of rebirth of Nature, of rising again of the sun and light, of organization and planification of the coming spring. also a celebration to the fecondity of the seeds which will soon germinate.

It was a cleaning, purification and blessing time, both outside and inside, of the homes and of the bodies, for humans, cattle and soils.

A period during which one gives up the unnecessary, the « bad energies » accumulated during winter.

More or less consciously, we also feel the need to regenerate and be stimulated at the end of the « dark and cold season ».


First an invocation, a prayer to the healing Light, particularly adapted for all of you, who are active in care, with their hands, but actually these are powerful words and thoughts, which any human can get inspiration from.. Just adapt it to your words, faith and belief system.

You can also keep it on the energetics level, whether vibes and energies come from the Mother Earth, the stones, sacred fire or your inner fire, water, rivers, ocean, the sacred energy of Qi-Prana-Ether around and inside of us all.

Everything is energy, everything is vibe, as usual.

We are also vibes, same inside as in the outside world.

Starting from the vibes from our emotions and heart chakra, from out thoughts, from our words.

Thanks to the holistic healer Michael Bradford which is sharing these words of wisdom and empowerment in the book

"Hands-on spiritual healing". 1994.

One of the best book i' ve red about energetics and shamanism.

« Mother-Father God,

Mother Earth,

Holly fire,

Holly Divine,

"I, XXXXXXX, now ask you to bless me and to bless my hands that i may be, become, remain a pure channel for your healing Energy.

I pray so that, as this healing energy flows through me it blesses, cleanses and purifies both me and everyone i work with.

Please continue to guide and direct me each and every day of my life that i may be of service.

I authorize you to interfere, as often as necessary, so that all that occurs in my life to be in the highest and best interest of all living beings concerned, in alignment with you «

Thanks thanks thanks

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

It s done, it s done, it s done ».


It is also a good time, to do a fasting, regenerate, clean one's body.

For those, who would like to go on this path, i am happy to share other links for you here below. They describe the most powerful energetics tools i've experimented until now : increase of inner fire with moxibustion/ artemisia moxas, grounding, meditation, liver's cleaning, sacred breathing, hormesis law....

I 'am happy to share, it is my modest taking part to the current mobilizations.

May the energies of the Mother earth, of the Goddesses and Gods, protect, accompany and guide them and us all.

This is a long lasting period of changing which is starting and we all need to optimize our strengths and connexions.

Also in french english here about spirituality.

I particularly recommend, Andreas Moritz's protocol to clean the gallbladder and the liver, It is one of the most powerful natural protocols that I know and have experienced ten times, to stimulate one's vital energy, in a few weeks.

Sacred Tibetan breaths


Inner fire



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