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2 powerful and amazing plants : burnet/ sanguisorba minor & officinalis

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I hope you are doing well.

2 plants today of same family with amazing and powerful medicinal properties and interesting use in cosmetology, skin care and food.

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LITTLE BURNET Sanguisorba minor Rosaceae family.

In the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, we can read: "It is often found in meadows, roadsides, rockeries; the leaves cut into many leaflets have a slightly bitter cucumber taste and are rich in vitamins c.

the little burnet has pharmaceutical uses (against irritation skin) and food: it can replace parsley in cooking, only fresh. ​

It is a hardy plant, which grows in Europe and Asia, it has the advantage of growing even on poor and dry soils, in particular limestone, with purple fluffy flowering spikes. ​

It owes its Latin botanical name Sanguisorba to its medicinal virtues: saguis (blood) and sorbere (to absorb) since since Antiquity its rhizome has been recognized as having a powerful haemostatic and healing capacity, thanks to its high tannin content.

Thus, it relieves hemorrhoids and heals burns, sunburns and small wounds. ​

The astringent properties of the roots allow it to stop diarrhea, calm intestinal disorders, and be digestive. It also acts against cough and lowers fever.


BURNET Sanguisorba officinalis

Burnet or great burnet has harder leaves than the small burnet, and is mainly grown in Asia for the same virtues as the previous one, but with less aromatic aromas.

It prefers rich, not too dry soils. Its height is 30cm to 1 meter, with a dark red calyx.

It is also selected for its ornamental attributes.

Burnet Root is able to stop or slow bleeding, both internally and externally.

In China, recent research has shown that it has exceptional dermatological and cosmetic principles: astringent, anti-aging (anti-free radicals), anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial...

Externally, the strong infusion of leaves or the decoction of roots can be applied to wounds, sunburn, skin irritations, patches of eczema (be careful, plant lotions can only be kept for 24 hours in the refrigerator). For internal use, the root decoction is tonic, digestive and aperitif. It is also recommended to relieve diarrhea.



Each day going by, i am amazed by the generosity of nature, of Mother Earth and of the other living species.

Each day, i am amazed by the might of nature, and plants, which are transmuting sun light into vital energy.

Many medicinal plants have so many different active principles that they act as polytherapy with high curing and healing potential.

On my site, more than 200 different plants are described in french alphabetical order, in bilingual french english text. You are welcome to discover these files and share together.

Thanks. Namaste

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