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Sequana, goddesses, lioness portal, spirituality, reconnection and synchronicities.

Hello I hope you're doing well. A small moment of grace and connection, yesterday afternoon, which I am happy to share with you. For the full moon i wish you all the best. Take care and may the faith and innér peace be with you. Keep strong . I went out to sunbathe for a while towards the western tip of the island of Saint Louis where I go regularly because it is a privileged place of calm, with a bit of nature and a garden nearby. On the quays there are even tamarisks and a fig tree which have managed to establish themselves there. I was listening to Deva Premal. At one point, the breeze picked up, I straightened up and watched the hundreds of poplar leaves twirl in the wind. On the Seine, I saw that the rays of light created on the ripples pushed by the wind, hundreds of golden and silver sparkles. I said to myself that it didn't take much to feel the beauty and spirituality of nature, including in the heart of Paris. At that moment, I laughed because Deva premal was singing: "I am the river man, the river is my teacher..."


And a barge passed called "Sequana"! One of the goddesses that I pray to every day with Amon-Ra, the sun god and many others from the community of Goddesses and gods of polytheistic universal spirituality. 😇💫 For the past few days, I have been surprised to see the synchronicities multiply and I invite those who still believe in chance to read the following links. The first is related to what the mediums call the portal of the Lion or the Lioness-great goddess. We can think here of other goddesses like the warriors and protectors Bastet and Sekhmet, who were so revered in ancient Egypt. Or to Isis-Aset, of which this medium therapist that I like very much, partly bears the name ( in french)

Probably the same goddess to whom the ancient name of this island referred. The enigmatic White Goddess. If you are doubtful about the powers of magnetic and spiritual energies in the invisible, in the same spirit, I invite you to see this video which influenced me a lot last summer.

( in french)

The shaman geobiologist Frederic Buisson speaks there in particular of the many high cosmo-telluric places which are still active in Paris and its region and of the two powerful networks of telluric magnetic energies which cross in Paris …… near the island of the city and Saint Louis Island. !! Meanwhile, a few months ago, I discovered the information according to which an arm of the Seine had been created, and artificial islands built on what was apparently, several centuries before our era, the Lonk Teih lake.

Knowing that at the time the druids perfectly mastered geobiology and knowledge of underground energy networks. We can deduce that these islands were not established there by chance, but to take advantage of the exceptional crossing of these 2 flows. Everything makes sense. Especially since the Gauls-Kelt venerated the lakes, the confluences of rivers, the springs, the bridges around a river island as sacred places of passage and communication with the goddesses, the Gods and the ancestors. Different sanctuaries were built, and replaced over time, by different places of worship, according to the dominant religion, but always in the same place.

The site took a national place, when the Roman emperor himself made it a military stronghold and one of his main residences, also to take advantage of the natural defenses by the Seine, which at the time was still in its extremely natural state, powerful and "overflowing". For those who want to delve into ancient shamanic mythology, I also remind you of this fascinating book which traces the shamanic myths and legends from antiquity to the first industrial revolution and that we all became, collectively, in largely amnesiac of all this knowledge.

However, they remained central to the daily life of the inhabitants for several millennia and then erased by the Inquisition among others.

( in french)

For my part, I am convinced that one day soon, these spiritual roots and vibrations, all these natural places where they are still present although sometimes dormant, will end up being reactivated.

They will change again, in the good direction this time, the aspect and life of this region, this city, and this country, at a time when humanity needs so much to find this life in positive osmosis and in interaction with Mother Earth and all her benevolent energies.

In nature, nothing is linear, everything is cyclical and moves according to the universal law of the pendulum. And a new cycle is finally under way. The sixth sun, the new golden age, Satya Yuga, whatever you call it, it will be a much needed liberation and upliftment.

history, era of sixth sun - all files of my website are in french and english


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