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Vianney Lopez " opening the connection within yourself, with Nature and the Divine"

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I have discovered and been inspired by the beautiful and peaceful music of Vianney Lopez, during a spotify relaxing massage music playlist a few months ago, and happy to share about her during the current "Divine portal" since the solar eclipse.

« Opening the connection »

Embracing the Medicine that is within

No wonder. When i realized her roots and very strong shamanic connection to Mother earth, guides, ancestors and traditional medicine. She is creating and showing on her site some beautiful ceramics.

On spotify we can read :

"Vianney López brings in the deep reverence of the sacred medicines of her ancestors and the allies of Mother Earth.

She works along side with her guides + guardians along with sacred instruments, voice activation prayer with her artistic + music expression.

All of her creations are reflections/visions within dream spaces + waking life, connecting daily within her practices + service to Mother Earth.

The inspiration of the artwork are in reflections of reconnecting to the origin of nature and the ancestrality. Going into the essence of being in our remembrance of nature, the ancestors and elders before us, and bringing in the medicine within each and every one of us to flourish on this earth.

Since childhood there was always an organic connection to the arts, from music, to dance, to the endless ways of art mediums.

Listening in to the dream realms and connection of nature, it began to connect more.

Attending university opened more layers of study as the journey of life started to unfold more. Later on, there was a calling to bring in a deeper understanding of the arts, Vianney began to sit with the plant medicines. This opened an ancient memory of creation and the study of the plants.

A life journey of remembering, connecting, to the ancient ways of the earth.

In the journey of understanding the ancestry, Vianney came across an open ended history of the origins. As growing up detribalized, it opened an invitation of understanding history and the studies of the dna + genealogy. She was able to begin her studies of understanding the nomadic journey of her ancestors; Her Father’s lineages stretching across Central/South Turtle Island and continue to go South as well as the Iberian peninsula. And within her Mother from Boriken from the Caribbeans, intermixed in different subgroups (Arawak Taino, North African + Iberian).

Outside of Art + Music, Vianney is of service to Nature, learning from Nature; the Plants, the Trees, the Elements, as they all carry sacred knowledge, healing + wisdom. "

Divine portal

Peaceful flow

Roots of the tree spirits

Nature’s ancient heart

Divine gates

album origin of nature

album: Spirit medecine

Album light within

Some links related in french and english.

First one is bilingual .



« Y gwir erbyn y byd « « La Vérité au dessus de tout"

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